One Lap of America Final Day: Return to Tire Rack

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It came down to a near photo finish for the X6 M crew after a full week of competitive racing on the cross-country time trials …

It came down to a near photo finish for the X6 M crew after a full week of competitive racing on the cross-country time trials that are the One Lap of America. The team, consisting of Mike Renner, Tom Lappin and Steve Maguire found themselves ultimately in 2nd in class but an astonishing 18th overall – beating out the likes of Porsches, Corvettes and Vipers!

Most important of all, the heavy, 5,000 lbs SUV that is the X6 M performed flawlessly – the only alterations being heavier, track-duty brake pads, high temperature brake fluid and a fresh set of Dunlop Sport Maxx tires. To see the full, final results for the One Lap of America – you can visit the event website here.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank the BMW Performance Driving School/United BMW of Roswell team of Steve, Tom and Mike for providing us with a steady stream of excellent content and trackside commentary as the event has progressed across the country. Without them and their tireless efforts, our coverage for you, the readers, wouldn’t be possible!

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When we awoke it appeared we had gone back in time; well at least 12 months. This time last year it was less than 40 degrees and this year it was the same, the only difference being the winds were stronger and no snowflakes. Today was the first time in 10 days we had the luxury of sleeping in until 7:30am as the skid pad competition would not be
starting until 9:00am.

For the final event we were lined up in reverse order, so we had an opportunity to watch cars from the other end of the field take to the track first, while we stood in the freezing conditions before it was our turn.


The final event was the dry skid pad, with the goal of circulating the concrete in the fastest time and pulling the largest number of G’s. Believe it or not our Dunlop Sport Maxx tires looked to be in the same condition as we left South Carolina 10 days ago. As Mike has stated during in the last few days, that was the good news, the bad news was the tires looked the same as we started! This event really turns out to be a formality unless someone really screws up, but that rarely
happens. In the end we didn’t gain a position, nor did we lose out to anyone else.

As soon as this event was over the fun begin and I think this is what the spectators turnout for; the Tire Rack Smoke Show. As in past years any competitor who wishes to have fun on the skid pad is encouraged to do so and burn off as much rubber as they wish. First off was Brian Hair in Robin Sparrow’s BMW 335i Coupe followed by a Mustang, then
Mike Renner, not in the X6 M, but in Neil Simons supercharged M Z Coupe, and finally Lee Keane in the event winning Porsche 911 GT2. You can see their showman ship below.

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As soon as the smoke had cleared we were ushered into the Tire Rack warehouse for the awards banquet. Every year Tire Rack organize a wonderful buffet for the competitors, it make such a nice change to some of the fast food we’ve consumed on the road. This year the theme was local dishes from the states we visited during the week.

As the buffet wound down Brock Jr. started to offer thank to all a people that made the event possible, then introduced the founding father of the event Brock Sr. After a few words from the elder statesman, the awards were handed out for each class, followed by the top 10 overall trophies.


It was soon time to say our goodbyes and exchange contact information and begin our journeys home. One couple had to leave immediately for the their hometown in Texas, and on their return load up their other car and be in Utah for a SCCA event next weekend!

We thoroughly enjoyed our time together as a team and left the event very impressed with the capabilities of the X6 M, both from the exploits on track and the comfort it provided on the transit sections. During the event, the only time we lifted the hood was for inquisitive bystanders, and all we did at each event was check the tire pressures and check the toque of the wheel nuts. It also appears that a number of competitors also recognized how much fun we had with this BMW as during the event, a number of them approached us regarding the potential purchase of this amazing BMW.


Over the last week, if we have peaked your interest in an X6 or any other BMW product contact me, Steve Maguire 678.832.4600 to arrange your purchase or lease and we’ll arrange delivery of your new BMW at the BMW Performance Center with Mike Renner. An experience not to be missed!

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