One Lap of America Day 8: Nelsons Ledge

Racing | May 9th, 2010 by 3

It is coming down to the home stretch for the One Lap of America with Nelsons Ledge as the penultimate event before the 2010 One …

It is coming down to the home stretch for the One Lap of America with Nelsons Ledge as the penultimate event before the 2010 One Lap of America winds down back at the Tire Rack Facility in South Bend, Indiana. Over the week and through the previous seven days of competition, the X6 M has held its own – both in class and overall. The primary rival, the Mazda 5 in the SUV/Truck class, and the X6 M have been dueling back and forth for dominance in class. Most impressive is that the X6 M has held position overall in the top 20 vehicles – sharing the spotlight with Porsche GT2’s, M3’s, Corvette’s, Turbos and GT3’s.

Check out Steve’s full report from Day 8 below and Mike’s interview with the Brian Hair/Robin Sparrow 335i interview trackside!

Our last track event before returning to the Tire Rack skid-pad was Nelson Ledges, which is a fast and flowing track with minimal evaluation change and loved by club racers. From the stories we’d heard before arrival, we were a little concerned about just how rough the track would be.

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Arriving early, we were fortunate to score shelter in the tech shed as rain had been forecasted to arrive at some point in the day. Mike set off on his customary track walk; leaving us to unload our baggage, check tire pressures and wheel nuts one more time. We also setup the laptop and found video of Nelson Ledges so Mike could gain additional familiarity with the layout after his walk. On his return Mike indicated that the track surface was not as bad as had been reported, at least for our X6 M, but he did think the configuration and Nelson Ledges which used to be Jason Sani’s home track (at the security gate, a sign displayed “Welcome home Jason”), would favor the Mazda.

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As has been the norm for the week, the Mazda ran in the group prior to us and recorded a 3:51.458, good enough for 9th O/A. Our turn soon came and Mike ran his session recording a 4:09.567. On returning to the paddock Mike was pleased with his run, though felt he could certainly do better in the afternoon session, recognizing a few places where he lost a little time. Finishing second to the Mazda meant we were now level on points for the class.


The afternoon session was a pretty much a repeat of the morning, but Mike did improve his time by 5 seconds to record a time of 4:04.461, good for 19th overall for today.

Leaving Nelson Ledges we had a short drive of 290 miles back to South Bend to close out the One Lap of America and determine who would take victory in our class!