BMW Premieres “The Ultimate BMW Experience”

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BMW, a longtime fixture in the Upstate of South Carolina, recently launched “The BMW Experience”. In leveraging BMW’s multiple assets in Spartanburg County, BMW hopes …

BMW, a longtime fixture in the Upstate of South Carolina, recently launched “The BMW Experience”. In leveraging BMW’s multiple assets in Spartanburg County, BMW hopes to create a fresh appreciation for the brand by giving individuals and groups more options to come experience The Ultimate Driving Machine firsthand.

Combining BMW’s resources along Highway 101 in Spartanburg, SC: The BMW Performance Center, The BMW Zentrum, as well as, BMW’s Manufacturing Plant, “The Ultimate BMW Experience” extends the ability to offer a more customizable, personal approach to all visitors and will become a destination for many enthusiasts and will give BMW a forum to tell BMW’s story in the US.

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Outside of Germany, The Ultimate BMW Experience is a unique opportunity that does not exist anywhere else.  In this one location, a visitor can experience the heritage, the performance, and the awe-inspiring engineering that BMW is known for worldwide.

“From extraordinary driving programs to guided tours into previously restricted areas of the plant all planned by a personal concierge, The Ultimate BMW Experience transcends a traditional interaction by engaging visitors and revealing the sheer driving pleasure of a BMW,” said Bobby Hitt, Department Manager, Corporate Affairs at BMW Manufacturing.

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Initially, the program will be offered for $99 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday with limited spaces for a visit to the Zentrum museum, an exclusive guided plant tour followed by a 2-hour driving program. In fairly short order, BMW plans to expand the experience to offer custom driving excursions, rare vehicle demonstrations and unique culinary events as well as many other spectacular opportunities. For more information on The BMW Experience or to schedule your own experience, call 1-877-9BMW-EXP (1-877-926-9397) or visit

And here is our own experience from Spartanburg while taking the X5 offroad.

3 responses to “BMW Premieres “The Ultimate BMW Experience””

  1. jkp says:

    So, it’s basically the Performance Center Delivery program without taking delivery of a new car?

  2. RDUncan says:

    If so, it appears that someone used up the term “The Ultimate BMW Experience” inappropriately.

    Racing across the closed loops of Performance Driving Center and across the mountains in SC was pretty great, by the way. Expert training on the skidpad, and practicing proper braking technique. Then to a spa, more great roads, more great meals, laughs, amazing panoramas … you get the idea. Now *that’s* an excellent BMW Experience.

  3. Rob Evans says:

    A few years ago I was driving my BMW 325iT that I had purched ( 5 years old) and my wife was happily reading beside me. We were on one of these four-lane roads with little traffic. Being bored, I ran the car up to 160 kph (100 mph) and there was no vibrations or “chatter” through the front wheels and steering wheel. Having fun, I ran the BMW up to 200 kph with no immediate reaction from my wife calmly reading her book. After about 20 seconds, she looked over and asked, “are we not going a TRIFLE fast? I pleaded guilty and told her I would drop it down a “bit”. Love the counterbalanced front hood where you do not need to find the iron rod and the tiny hole in the dark. Small point, but it shows that you are thinking. I will buy another BMW again. (335is coupe). I have purchased cars before because the the service was excellent and there was no pushy salesman and my questions were answered with respect. My wife actually told a salesman the ladiesroom was a mess and she was not coming back. Rob Evans, Toronto, Canada

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