One Lap of America Day 6: Mid Ohio Sportscar Course

Racing | May 7th, 2010 by 0

Things are coming down to the wire for the BMW X6 M Team after their day at Mid Ohio Sportcar Course. After yesterday, the X6 …

Things are coming down to the wire for the BMW X6 M Team after their day at Mid Ohio Sportcar Course. After yesterday, the X6 M team had managed a well-deserved victory over the tuned Mazda 5 that they’ve been dueling with all week. This result placed the X6 M squarely into 18th place overall – not a bad result considering it’s a 5,000+ lbs vehicle and that an M3 managed just a few places higher during the 2009 One Lap of America. After the duel at Mid Ohio, it looks like the X6 M Team will duke it out with the Mazda 5 as the week begins to draw to a close for dominance in their class.

Reality set in at Mid Ohio today with our BMW Performance Center Driving School / United BMW Roswell BMW
X6 M team in our battle for first in class.

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Mid Ohio was the track we believed would prove the hardest to score maximum points on the 2010 One Lap of America. Though Mike had been to Mid Ohio a few times to watch races, he’d never had an opportunity to race circuit. So as has become our routine, he set out to study the course, but this time snagged a bike from another competitor and set out to for a few laps. However, moments later he was back at the garage – as it turns out management frowns on anyone riding bikes on track, so he had to resign himself to walking the 15 turn, 2.5 mile course.

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Our first run went well, and though we finished second to the Mazda 5, Mike felt he’d left some on the table and hoped he could squeeze out a little more in the afternoon session.

However the reality was the Mazda with its modified engine and race suspension, together with Jason Sani driving with his local track knowledge would certainly be a difficult mountain to climb. Keeping up the momentum of a 5,000 lb X6 M and extracting the maximum from the Dunlop Sport Max tires on this track was just too much. Mike did his best, but in the end, had to take another second best to the Mazda and all credit to them for some terrific driving.


We now move on to New Jersey Motorsports Park, Lightning Course where hopefully we can stage a comeback and keep this back and forth battle down to the wire.

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