Man Buried Under BMW Tombstone

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 Man Buried Under BMW Tombstone

Throughout our lives, many of us can be accused of loving cars just a bit too much at times. However, one English gentleman has managed …

Throughout our lives, many of us can be accused of loving cars just a bit too much at times. However, one English gentleman has managed to trump everyone – by having a E93 M3 Convertible similar to his own car designed as his tombstone. According to the family of the deceased man known affectionately as “BMW Steve,” he was quite the enthusiast having owned BMW’s throughout his life and ensuring that his family also drove BMW’s as well.

BMW Steve’s daughter was quoted as saying:

“He was a car enthusiast all his life, he loved cars from a child,” Steve’s daughter told the Daily Mail. “When Mum was in labour with me, my Dad was outside fixing the nurse’s car and got a page when it was time to come inside. He always drove BMWs, we’ve all got them. We couldn’t just give him a normal headstone.”

 Man Buried Under BMW Tombstone

While this isn’t necessarily something I would want for myself – to each there own and I respect BMW Steve’s dedication, even in the afterlife, for the Bavarian Motor Werks.

 Man Buried Under BMW Tombstone

Unfortunately, some of the relatives of the patrons of the same cemetery don’t necessarily agree with the choice of a black, 2,200 lbs M3 made of granite for a marker. Those outspoken few feel that the tombstone detracts from the nature of the cemetery and its intended use as a place . Tasteful or not, it was quite expensive a venture to have the English-designed, Chinese-manufactured tombstone placed with it coming to a grand total of $75,000 – the cost of a new, well-optioned M3 Convertible.

As we said, we respect BMW Steve’s enthusiasm for the brand and his unrelenting dedication to a marque which he loved so much. BMW Steve is proof that you can still take it with you!

Cheers to BMW Steve!

Steve Marsh

(Source: Daily Mail via Jalopnik)

9 responses to “Man Buried Under BMW Tombstone”

  1. Bryce says:

    Even a granite M3 looks better than the Mercedes in the background!

  2. John says:

    Heart touching Story. Cheers To “BMW Steve”

  3. Jeremy says:

    haha there’s a c-class in the background of the first picture

  4. David says:

    Cheerio Steve! May you forever drive the M3 hard on the highway to heaven. RIP.

  5. BMfan says:

    What a story. Can’t even believe it. Wishing the family all the best for the future. RIP BMW Steve.

  6. efoza says:

    This is so touching. I think BMW should contact the family and express its gratitude and sorrow for Steve’s departure from what seems to be a lovely family.

  7. Amit Chaudhari says:

    This is really a something very different which I saw still.

  8. s@sh says:

    @efoza +1

  9. pegz n lucy says:

    an excellent and fitting tribute, im sure he would be over the moon. i know i would be.

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