Automotive sales in April 2010: BMW vs. the others

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Automakers reported mixed sales results for April 2010 in the U.S., but overall, automakers enjoyed a better month than a year ago. Overall industry sales …

Automakers reported mixed sales results for April 2010 in the U.S., but overall, automakers enjoyed a better month than a year ago. Overall industry sales totaled 982,131 cars and trucks last month. That was a 19.8 percent increase over last April, but a 7.9 percent decline over March.

BMW Group reported a 9 percent sales increased in April. The BMW brand reported an 10 percent increase when compared to a year ago, followed by the MINI brand with 5.1 percent.

BMW sold 21,111 vehicles, 3843 being MINIs. According to a report by Greenville Online, quoting Jim O’Donnell, president of BMW of North America, “April’s positive results are an achievement keeping in mind we have two high-volume models in short supply due to the end of their lifecycles.” “Both the X3 and 5 Series are in transition. The all-new X3 arrives at the end of this year, and we anticipate strong demand.”

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Sales of the X3 soared 64.5 percent in April, while X5 sales were up 1.6 percent and X6 sales dropped 9.2 percent.

Chrysler and Dodge posting the best performances by brand, and not very surprising we might add. Heading into bankruptcy in 2009, Chrysler Group sales in April 2009 had lots of room for growth, 61.35 percent. Overall, Chrysler Group’s sales were up 25 percent last month, its first double-digit increase in nearly five years.

The PR troubled Toyota, Toyota sold 157,439 cars and trucks, an increase of 24.4 percent. That translated into 16 percent of the market, up from 15.4 percent a year ago.

BMW’s competitors showed bigger numbers. Audi reported a 33 percent increase in April 2010 with a total of 9,319 units sold. Mercedes Benz reported strong sales as well, 21 percent with 17,628 units sold.

The Japanese automaker Lexus saw sales increase of 29 percent with 18,359 total units sold.

With new models going on sale in May-June (335is, Z4is, 5 Series, 7 Hybrid, 3 Series Coupe/Convertible Facelift, 550i GT xDrive), BMW expects stronger numbers as we entered the summer.

April 2010 Sales Chart by Autoblog

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7 responses to “Automotive sales in April 2010: BMW vs. the others”

  1. Plamen says:

    Yes that’s right and let’s do not forget that the 3rd series and 1st also are the top selling models and they both received the facelifts already …it means end of production soon and the new models will be released

  2. FreudeKing says:

    I hate to say it, but here it is: I TOLD YOU SO! BMW is losing market share in huge chunks day by day. Let’s not forget BMW introduced the following new cars: Z4, X5 facelift, 3 Series Coupe and Convert facelifts, X5 and X6 M, etc. It is very convenient for management to blame it on model cycles when things look bad and claim all the credits when they are good. The fact is that BMW is losing appeal. Stop the excuses and start doing somthing of value.

    BTW, Audi’s A4, A6, A8 are also due for a facelift / new model in less than a year. What happens when they come out? BMW’s going to lose even more market share.

    • kcsnayud says:

      Have you noticed? Do you know how much the 5 series and the x3 sell a year? Do you know that bmw reported a increase in sales even without them? And do you know that the 7er is best selling car in its class and that a8 has no chance against it? BMW has been the benchmark and audi and merc benz have been aspiring to beat bmw since Ancient Greece?

      People just like audi for their crap commercials. Shut your face and read the facts again.

      • FreudeKing says:

        Why don’t you shut your pie hole before you start talking trash! Have you noticed that the 5 Series and the X3 together only accounts for between est. 20 and 30% of the total sales of the BMW Group for the past 5 years? Do you know that BMW failed to even reach half the sales growth of other premium manufacturers in this segment. This is despite numerous new models being launched by BMW in the past few months.

        Yes currently the 7 Series is the best selling vehicle in its class but have you failed to notice that this trend does not persist for a long period as the S Class always trash the 7 and A8 for the vast majority of the normal life cycle of the 7 Series.

        Where do you come with the fact that BMW has been the benchmark since ancient greece? In terms of sales, BMW only became the no.1 premium car company in the world a few years ago by taking the crown from Merc under the leadership of Panke. By the looks of it, VW’s Audi is ready to take that crown from BMW.

        So go back and check your facts before you tell someone to shut his face!

  3. rolren says:

    BMW rocks while others suck.

    BMW Power

  4. cebuano says:

    What a bunch of insecure morons you people here on this BMW forum. You keep having comparisons between your beloved brand and Audi and you continually preach to the choir about how BMW is the ultimate crap and all. I troll for a reason and I already mentioned why. Get a life you people!

  5. Bjohnson2637 says:

     but here… ive researched that the Audi S4 beat the BMW 335i. and from wat ive heard, BMW isnt that good when it comes to reliability… and when u do have to re-pare it, it costs a lot of money  

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