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BMW is well known for dynamic and premium driving pleasure, but how many of you know that BMW cars also fulfill international safety standards? BMW …

BMW is well known for dynamic and premium driving pleasure, but how many of you know that BMW cars also fulfill international safety standards? BMW also develops very special vehicles, which may save lives in a complete different way.

In 2008, BMW announced their latest gimmick- a custom made X5 with protection against criminal attacks or other dangerous situations. The model was named BMW X5 Security. The car has been armored by the factory to protect its passengers against firearms, ranging from .44 and .357 Magnums, to 9mm Luger. The X5 comes with a
VR4 safety class, a high-level of protection according to European standards.

Last year, BMW continue to introduce Security vehicles in their fleet and the X5 received an upgrade: Security Plus. The vehicle now complies with the requirements of bullet resistance class 6. For those of you not familiar with these standards, the BMW X5 Security Plus will stand between an AK-47 and its passengers.

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Same as the previous model, the windows are upgraded to laminated 22-mm thick security glass and the car makes use of high-performance steel molded components and panels. The body features sealed joints providing support between doors and frames as well as between side panels and pillars.
An intercom system and around the car camera system can assist the passengers in extreme cases when stranded inside the car.

The last model to join the Security line-up was the all new F01/F02 BMW 7 Series. Both the BMW 760Li High Security and the BMW 750Li High Security are the first models in the world to be certified to BRV 2009 and both vehicles meet the requirements of the new ballistic protection level VR7. Due to their highly effective protective armour, the non-transparent body areas of the BMW 760Li High Security and the BMW 750Li High Security meet the requirements of the ballistic protection level VR9.

To bring more awareness to these type of vehicles, BMW released a new video on Youtube.

18 responses to “Video: BMW High Security Vehicles”

  1. Alan says:

    BMW is the best car ever , I mean they are like your Mom or something they do all these things that I never heard of Plus all that security and stuff adds weight and can have effect on performance , other manufactrers make their cars from papers .. to make their cars faster and …… this video shows a lot to me

  2. Marco says:

    Anyway… Mass increase = Handing decrease

    • Babken says:

      I agree. But put any armoured automobile against an armoured BMW, and the result will be:

  3. Fyl says:

    Either a joke or a VERY SHODDILY MADE AD. C’mon, seriously – you advertise armour, but show multiple penetrations on tests? You advertise manoeuvrability, yet you show the car knocking over cones on the course?

    If I were driving around an armoured BMW, for actual security reasons, I’d be concerned by this ad. If I were driving around in an armoured BMW for show, I’d be feeling like my bragging rights were diminished after my friends saw this.

    Also, the whole thing about the first 2 classes of armour not protecting against much more than some punk kid with a handgun – VEEEERY reassuring. Way to go, marketing department! Meanwhile, for the 3rd class, if you’re going to claim explosives protection and you’re messing up the car with gunfire in a demo anyway, why not blow it up a bit – maybe that’d actually be, you know, CONVINCING??

    On a side note, why is security only offered on the largest of vehicles? The best-suited recipients for the lower armour grades would appear to be the 335 and/or M3, which would actually have the power and manoeuvrability to escape from a threat, even with the extra mass of armour, and whose low profile is harder to hit, while the X5’s only hope is that the attacker runs out of ammunition before the armour gives.

    Oh, and PS? What’s with the shifty-looking narrator? He’s giving off the worst kind of “used car dealer” vibe and makes for an absolutely untrustworthy impression.

  4. Chintanmahant2012 says:

    note a good car

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