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At the recent 2010 Geneva Motor Show, BMW unveiled the third hybrid in their line-up: BMW Concept 5 Series ActiveHybrid. The 5 ActiveHybrid shares the …

At the recent 2010 Geneva Motor Show, BMW unveiled the third hybrid in their line-up: BMW Concept 5 Series ActiveHybrid. The 5 ActiveHybrid shares the same design as the regular 5 Series, but with minor cosmetic touches: distinct front-bumper, specific paint and aerodynamics wheels.

Due to launch in 2011, BMW 5 Series Hybrid was spotted recently during some test trials, most likely focusing on the new drivetrain and hybrid system. The drive system featured in the BMW Concept 5 Series ActiveHybrid consists of a straight-six gasoline engine with TwinPower Turbo technology, eight-speed automatic transmission, and electric drive. Integration of BMW ActiveHybrid technology in a sedan already extremely efficient with its “conventional” combustion engine reduces both fuel consumption and emissions once again by more than 10 per cent. A small number some may say, but a necessary step into this direction of premium sporty, yet fuel friendly vehicles.

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The electric motor offers a boost function, supporting the gasoline engine in generating particularly dynamic drive power for an even more sporting driving experience in the car.

The drivetrain technology featured in the BMW Concept 5 Series ActiveHybrid allows all-electric, zero-emission motoring in city traffic. At the same time a special hybrid-based Auto Start Stop function offers additional efficiency by consistently switching off the combustion engine when stopping at the traffic lights, a road junction, or in congested traffic.

The combustion engine is supported in the BMW Concept 5 Series ActiveHybrid by an electrical drive system developed specifically for this model and arranged in compact dimensions between the straight-six combustion engine and the automatic transmission. Drawing its energy from a high-voltage battery at the back of the car, the electric motor develops maximum output of 40 kW.

In overrun and when applying the brakes, the electric drive systems acts as a generator developing electric power fed into the high-voltage battery. This converts kinetic energy otherwise wasted as heat in the brake system into electric power saved for subsequent use.

Nonetheless, this is an exciting technology developed by BMW and will certainly be implemented in other future hybrid models, another one being considered is the upcoming 6 Series.

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3 responses to “Spy Photos: BMW 5 Series ActiveHybrid”

  1. Doug says:

    Horatiu, any idea of the specs of this new configuration? Power, torque, mpg? Does it have AWD? Are they using a diesel or gas N55?

    In theory, 40kw will translate to a maximum of 53hp (minus inefficiency). Following the Vision’s example of electric power-torque ratios, this might mean 205 ft-lbs of torque; the overall output specs for N55+E could be something like:

    335 + 53 = 388 hp
    332 + 205 = 537 ft-lbs

    Of course, that’s the maximum that could come out. Also, this is getting close to 550 / M5 territory.

  2. Jl328i says:

    What the point of the camo? Obviously its a F10 5er, its been released, we know what it looks like. Seems like they could be a lot sneakier if they made test cars look like normal bimmers.

  3. dt says:

    BMW is missing the point. Theiy are pricing the hybrids way too high. People who want hybrids don’t really want BMW peformance, they want odd looking (“look at me”) vehicles that get great mileage. Good for them. BMW should stick to diesels which offer the best of both worlds, and leave the hybrids to Toyota/Lexus.

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