Running One Lap of America in an X6 M

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As we’ve been saying this whole week, BMW have promised and outrageous vehicle to run the epic One Lap of America and they’ve not disappointed …

As we’ve been saying this whole week, BMW have promised and outrageous vehicle to run the epic One Lap of America and they’ve not disappointed as they’ll be running a 2010 BMW X6 M in this year’s event. This proves to be quite a departure from the E90 M3 that’s been entered by the BMW Performance Driving School during the previous two years.

This year’s entry will be run by BMW Performance Center instructor Mike Renner and professionally-trained businessmen-turned-racers Steve Maguire and Tom Lappin. This year will also see the X6 M , sponsored by the BMW Performance Driving School, move BMW’s entry from the Luxury Sedan class to the Truck/SUV class. However, with the performance of the X6 M , we’re interested to see how the vehicle stacks up against not just competition in its class but other classes as well. Along with the X5 M , the X6 M is the most powerful BMW in production with its twin-turbocharged 4.4L V8 churning out an incredible 555HP at 6,000 RPMs.

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To put all of the power down on the tracks, the X6 M will call upon its xDrive all-wheel-drive platform to keep control of all 4 wheels. Rest assured that M GmbH have had a hand at tuning the xDrive System to cope with all 555HP. Additionally, to reign all of that power in, the X6 M makes use of composite brakes. As rules only permit one set of tires and that vehicles stay mostly stock, the only modifications made to the X6 M have been a swap out of brake fluid and a changing of brake pads. A special set of Dunlops have also been equipped to all four wheels to keep consistent grip both on and off the track through out the week. You can expect the X6 M to be sporting some new, yet-to-be released BMW Performance Parts – more on that later.

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In terms of the tracks, the X6 M will spend a week being piloted around the country from many notable tracks such as Mid-Ohio and Road America by the three man crew. While we will be covering as much of this as possible, you can also follow Steve Maguire’s Twitter profile(X6MOneLap) to get live updates. Continue to watch this space for coverage of the team’s progress through the entire week of One Lap of America as well as exclusive contests coming up revolving around the team’s progress.

Be sure to catch our coverage of the driver’s profiles and bio’s of the tracks for One Lap of America.

4 responses to “Running One Lap of America in an X6 M”

  1. Laszlo says:

    Wow, I was right !!! I had this idea w/o knowing this is what they will run… good choice. That truck will teach some people a lesson on the track !
    Now it got so much more interesting to watch them…. I had a chance to drive one of these trucks and I came away shocked. They handled and were faster then most supercars and performance cars.
    Plus this is made here in the good ol’ US of A , so it fits the bill. The Performance Center is also owned by the BMW Plant, so it is absolutely right to use a car they make.

    Good choice !!!

  2. Andrew says:

    You got it buddy! I watched an X6 M and E92 M3 duel a bit at Sebring a few months ago and came away impressed with what the X6 M could do compared to the M3 – they were able to go round for round with each other.

  3. Cliff says:

    Get it Mikey!!!!

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