Rumor: BMW considering new ‘X4’

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Huge rumor coming from Autocar UK today. According to sources close to the brand and to the magazine, based on the high success of the BMW …

Huge rumor coming from Autocar UK today. According to sources close to the brand and to the magazine, based on the high success of the BMW X6 has raised the possibility of an X4 at BMW.

BMW sold more than double the X6 units predicted and has recently surpassed the 80,000 units worldwide since its launch.

The BMW source revealed to Autocar that a smaller car in the same mold as the X6, likely to take the X4 name, was under consideration, but it had yet to be given the green light for production.

“We haven’t made any firm decision,” said our source, “however, the X6’s success shows there is a continued demand for sporty off-roaders.”

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BMW X4 Past Renderings

The rumor and assumptions continue with the platform the X4 could be based one. The X4 could be spun off the new X3’s platform which in fact it’s buil on the next generation 3 Series platform. The exterior design could be based on the 2001’s X Coupe Concept, as well as the X6. This in our opinion can simply be not be true since the latest models indicate a new design language for BMW as they move forward in the Adrian Van Hooydonk era.

For now, we are taking this rumor with a big grain of salt, but we will continue to do our due dillegence and find out more about this potential new X product.

20 responses to “Rumor: BMW considering new ‘X4’”

  1. Doug says:

    Is it in any way related to the other 4, the Z4? I have no idea what their nomenclature means anymore; the number series’ have lost all identity.

  2. plaxico says:

    well considering x1 sux,considering x3 is ugly as hell ,considering x6 has poor interior quality…considering all that rendering looks nice,but we all know thats never gonna happened

    • Shincai says:

      Yeah sure dumass.
      That’s why people buy them….
      That’s why BMW sells more cars than Mercedes or Audi.
      The X3 and X6 are very succesfull and the X1 will be too.

  3. Giom says:

    Hi Doug!

    I don’t think you should read too much into the nomenclature. They need to call them something, and personally, I think it makes a lot of sence. All numbers are directly linked to size and hierarchy of the model.

    Sure, it’s not as clear as 3, 5 and 7 anymore, but it’s pretty self explanatory.

    You have to admit… it’s a lot clearer than Mercs CLS, SLC, CLC, SLS, SLR… etc.

    Even more confusing, to me, is manufacturers that give their cars names – thats got nothing to do with the car or the manufaturer. In time, you learn that a Tucson is a Hyundai, but at first, when you see the name popping up, you have no clue what car, what make, what catagory…

    • Doug says:

      Giom! That’s true, and merc is a good example. You’re right, actually — BMW’s numbering convention accomplished a number of things other brands/namings don’t. But they’re confusing it a bit with all these inconsistencies (z4, x4, 5, x5, 5gt, m5, x5-m).

      I keep feeling like BMW is losing some direction, they’ve got so many model trying to hit so many target customers, many of which overlap. What does this mean for BMW brand identity?

  4. BMfan says:

    Am sure the new viper is plaxico. X6 is a beautiful car, with a beautiful performance to match and is selling as if its going out of fashion soon. So when some of these BMW-haters on bmwblog-a contradiction really-say the X6 is ugly, I dont understand or may be the new spelling of beautiful is ‘ugly’.

  5. Alan says:

    I hope BMW will make the highest number of models like 2 er , 4er , 8er , 9er …. and make a car that can be the best off-roader like the LandCruiser which is the best off-road car that is why it is used in middle east and australia for off-roading cause i rather buy BMW cars and the X models dont off-road very much . and of course something to compete with SLS and R8 . and I hope that they take a little more effort on the X3 …. But i dont quite understand the point of this X4 ? anyone ?

  6. L1ndja says:

    I dont know why but i like the style bmw is going through.Yes i like the idea of a lot of bmw’s.Bmw should rename the 1 series to 2 series ,ofcourse when the new 1series is unvield and then make a smaller car and not a 22k car and name it 1series so that youll have this lineup : 1series,2,3,5,6,7 maybe even a 4dour coupe ,7gt or 8 what so ever,and mos imporantly a supercar (8 or 9 series).
    If they can make something like the x6 just smaller and more affordable then i think its a good idea.A Z2 is also needed.
    1 series : 14K car, 2series : 22K car, 3series 27K car … something like this would be a huge succes.But this is just my opinion. The X4 should be in the region of 35-40K (euros).

  7. bunker says:

    UTTER CRAP. In 10 years, we will have a BMW Pickup Truck. Shoot me in the face.

  8. XC says:

    I’m okay with BMW targeting every single minuscule niche market, but what I don’t like is that if they have (the management) such versatility and capacity (and resources) to design and build such a high number of different vehicules, why hasn’t BMW built a supercar car to rival R8s and SLSs? I simply don’t get why they don’t please long time BMW enthusiasts. It’s a major blow to every self respecting BMW fan when an Audi nouveau-riche throws that in your face. I simply hate that.

    • Doug says:

      In this market, building a supercar is a risky proposition. Sure, people would buy them, but is it profitable and strategically sound?

      I’d actually like them to do that too. I was driving behind a gallardo yesterday (albeit in stuck traffic) and the little boy rocket ship fantasy came alive again. Yes…. it may be a bad idea, but we have to do it :)

      • XC says:

        I agree, it’s risky. But the market is there, otherwise no Bugattis, Porsches, Lamborghinis, Maseratis, Ferraris, Aston-Martins, Callaways, R8s, SLSs, Paganis, etc. would exist. Sure that market is suffering, as everybody in this economy, but the truth is that it is definitely less affected (rich people, you know, suffer less). It would make sense as an allure car to attract more costumers to the less expensive models in the lineup, and sure, every boy with a BMW supercar poster in his wall is a potential customer for the future. BMW just doesn`t want to build it.

        • Doug says:

          AFAIK, most of the limited production cars actually lose money. A smaller company might shut down, or a larger one like VW might decide to lose $2m on each car just for engineering prestige. I’ve never understood how this helps your brand though… VW then did it again with the Phaeton, which should have been the A10 or RS8.

          I think if you don’t have the volume it’s impossible to make the price competitive with companies that do this for a living, like lambo. Plus, if the volume is too small, it also limits you to very fickle customers that are heavily dependent on market stability. Rich people suffer less, sure, because they still have money, but that just means they hold onto their 7 or A8 or E rather than buy an R8 or lambo.

        • wazon8 says:

          XC, you should remember that Porsche lost its independence during this financial crisis, although before it they were supposed to buy some significant share in VW. At the end, whole situation turned and VW bought Porsche shares. Making supercars is usually unprofitable enterprice and all brands you’ve mentioned are no logner indepedent brands. BMW is on their own and they have to consider giving green light for supercar more carefully. I’m sure that it will appear in appropriate time, but financial crisis is the worst time for producing such things. I prefer idenpendent BMW without supercar over dependent BMW with supercar.

          • XC says:

            Agree. My point is that there is one more micro niche market there. Would it be so wrong to put a supersleek wrapping over an M3, M6 or even an upcoming ‘M1’ chassis? (That’s what BMW say when confronted with the R8; they say R8 is made by parts of other cars). Nevertheless I fully understand the economic reasons behind this decisions, and I’m perfectly happy with BMW. But what BMW fan wouldn’t like that? The only hope we have is a road-ready BMW Vision version…

  9. Steven Bertz says:

    this looks so bad no matter what motor they give it

  10. H_A_R_T says:

    last times BMW shootin’ themselves in knies out of freakin’ uzi… that kind of concept is aint nothin’ than another clip…

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