And another rendering of the 2011 BMW X3

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According to our sources, the new 2011 BMW X3 is less than a month away from its internet debut and just few months away from …

According to our sources, the new 2011 BMW X3 is less than a month away from its internet debut and just few months away from the official unveiling at the Paris Motor Show. The photoshoot sessions continue on three different continents and marketing material is being prepared, but in the mean time, German magazines continue to enjoy this rendering game.

This time, Autobild resurfaces with an improved rendering, most likely based on the latest, quite revealing spy photos. The 2011 BMW X3 is built under the codename F25 and it runs on the next 3 Series platform. As we mentioned several times in the past and confirmed by sources close to the brand, the F25 is moving up in size with dimensions closer to the first generation BMW X5, and also, with more rounded corners and a more dynamic look.

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The “blend” look of the current model is being replaced with a similar design approach as seen on the X1 and with some design cues inherited from other BMW models, especially around the front-grille and headlights.

The “kicked-up” window line that first saw the daylight in the X3 will be again evident and it will be seen as an X3 characteristic, a design element that will be associated with the model.

While sitting higher than the X1, the new X3 seems to have inherited some of the features from the new entry-level compact SAV, mostly around the front-fascia.

The kidneys are sitting lower than in the current model and below them, there is another air opening as seen on the X5.

While the first generation X3 was assembled in Austria by Magna Steyr automaker, the new F25 model joins the X-family at their Spartanburg plant in South Carolina.

The North American market will most likely receive the xDrive28i and xDrive35i models, but many BMW consumers are hoping to see a diesel powerplant as well.

10 responses to “And another rendering of the 2011 BMW X3”

  1. Bryce says:

    I would really like to get one of the new X3’s when they hit the market. Unfortunately, I’m extremely disappointed with the design. If the headlights really look like this rendering, then I’ll probably look elsewhere.

  2. Laszlo says:

    …. the new x3 is new and …. and still ugly… why can’t they just make it a shirnked X5 ?

  3. Alan says:

    OMG c’mon its good looking especially the tires . if you dont belive it then compare it to the Rivals ..

    • Bryce says:

      Yeah, don’t worry, if the X3 looks like this then I’ll definitely compare it to the rivals. I know it wouldn’t drive the same, but I’ll probably go with the competition and a less expensive option if the final product looks like this boring design.

      I don’t really see this as a step forward for the X3. The headlights were bad on the last one, so this time they played it WAY too safe.

  4. GJR says:

    If the final product looks anything like this rendering, it’ll be a major disappointment to me. What’s with those boring, incongruous headlights? And who sponsored the contest to see how many creases and character lines/curves the designers could throw on the body?

  5. Jl328i says:

    lol How do mistakes like “anothe” make it online, don’t you guys proof read?
    The headlights are extremely boring, hopefully theres a better shape hidden beneath all the camo…

  6. wazon8 says:

    Hope that it gonna look more interesting than this rendering.

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