BMW replaces Toyota as most valuable global car brand

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According to a report by Automotive News quoting a survey compiled by the market research company Millward Brown, BMW Group has overtaken Toyota as the …

According to a report by Automotive News quoting a survey compiled by the market research company Millward Brown, BMW Group has overtaken Toyota as the world’s most valuable automotive brand.

Compared to 2009 ranking, BMW brand’s brand value declined 9 percent to just over $21.8 billion, according to the study. Toyota’s brand value dropped 27 percent to just under $21.8 billion due to the automaker’s massive recall campaign just a few months back.

According to the same survey, Ford and Volkswagen AG improved their brand value. Ford boosted its brand value by 19 percent to $7 billion while Volkswagen increased its brand value by 20 percent to just under $7 billion. The VW-owned premium brand Audi, improved 2 percent to $3.6 billion.

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“Both carmakers are viewed as trustworthy brands with style, global distribution, German engineering and lower prices than prestige makes such as BMW and Mercedes,” Millward Brown said in a statement.

BMW’s classic competitor Mercedes-Benz was ranked the world’s No. 4 most valuable brand according to the study, shy of the third-placed held by Honda. Mercedes saw its brand value decline 11 percent to $13.7 billion. Porsche’s brand value fell 31 percent to $12 billion.

Worthy brands
World’s most valuable car brands in $ billion; rank in top 100

1. BMW $21.82– (25)
2. Toyota $21.77 — (26)
3. Honda $14.30 — (46)
4. Mercedes $13.74 — (53)
5. Porsche $12.02 — (65)
6. Nissan $8.61 — (86)
7. Ford $7.04 — *
8. VW $6.99 —
9. Audi $3.62 —
10. Renault $3.26 —

[Source: Automotive News ]

51 responses to “BMW replaces Toyota as most valuable global car brand”

  1. Brookside says:

    It’s great news…but it confirms what so many BMW owners already know.
    BMW is the best in that it fulfills so many criteria better than any other brand.

    I own a BMW now. And my next car will be a BMW.

  2. billmilo says:

    A few interesting facts:
    1. Despite the safety issues, Toyota stayed in the top 2. BMW clearly profited from that crisis.

    2. The rise of BMW has been fueled by cars of the Bangle era, and cars which enthusiasts have disliked.

    3. It’s evident that BMW researches and knows the market very well. So when people criticize cars like the X1, all BMW has to do is show them the sales numbers.

  3. Chanter says:

    So the rest of the world is finally catching on to the fact we have known all along, BMW is the best car company in the world! Period.

  4. Giom says:

    Just tell me why… why does the naysayers have these loud voices? Just read the comments on any car website concerning any BMW, and it will be negative. One can only assume, these are non BMW owners.

    My goodness…

    • aaron says:

      It all goes back to the 80’s and yuppies driving bimmers. Many Gen Y have listened and followed in their fathers opinions when it comes to hating the brand with a passion. But you need to read the comments on the Gran Coupe…the vast majority love it and many that don’t like BMW love the way it came out.

    • wazon8 says:

      I would go for stronger claim: most of negative comments come from people who have never driven any decent BMW and who base their assessment on some kinds of prejudices about the brand as a whole, which in number of cases don’t apply to any particular car made by BMW. Moreover, number of them are stated by people who would never have enough money to buy at few years old BMW and such opinions can be read as expression of frustration. I guess that in this case hate come from being jealousy. I simply don’t believe that people who drive 335i, 335d, 535d, 550i, 135i, not mentioning about M cars, can still see only cons in BMWs.

      • plaxico says:

        almost everybody now can afford bmw…..mercs,porsche,jag are /will stay prestige brand -What a nice bubble fantasy world you guys live in ……..
        replacing toyota? jesus what an honor!!…this yet another example what kinda mediocre brand bmw is…..replacing toyota ..haha funny staff man

        • wazon8 says:

          It wouldn’t be a honor, if BMW sold as cheap cars as Toyota, but they sell cars in MB’s price range and they didn’t gain the success by cutting price of their cars. If you don’t see a success here, something have to be wrong with you. The lesson to learn here is that BMW proved to customers that their cars are worth money they cost, not that BMW starts to produce Toyota like cars! If you suggested that BMWs started to be like Toyotas, I have to ask: have you ever driven any decent BMW? My answer is: No! Otherwise, you would understand how big success it is and that any other brand – including MB – dreams about something like this.

        • wazon8 says:

          Instead of writing craps here, take a boring drive in your rosty MB. BTW, which one is it?

          • Beach says:

            He owns a Kia, probably.

          • plaxico says:

            i wasnt gonna react but Mr Beach ,owner of Toyota Prius that his Missis selceted for him ,push me to it…

            Like any other normal young lawyer in his prime i own a Merc thats personification of M.Strahan meets M.Corleone meets W.Sapp……

          • wazon8 says:

            plaxico, I’m shocked, you have never sounded like a lawyer and you still don’t. If you really were a lawyer, you would have to be one of the worst lawyers one can ever get, namely one belonging to the class of lawyers who don’t control their emotions and language. Things would be even worse for you as lawyer, since you haven’t shown any rethorical proficiency in arguing in favour of false statement yet. You generated only poor statements supported by so weak arguments that it’s obvious that they are unsound and usually even senseless from a point of view of statement you were supposed to argue for. To take one funny example from you, there was your argument in favour of MB’s priority from the alleged fact that their cars are driven by most powerful man on the world. (Actually, it would be an “arguement” in favour of Cadillac). But there was a time when it wasn’t senseless to say about Stalin that he was most powerful man on the world, should I infer from this that ZiS-110 (his limusine) was the best car on the world at the moment?! Even despite the fact that it was lower quality copy of Packard 180?! If you disagree that ZiS-110 was the best car at the moment, your argument is simply question begging. You’re another attempts of arguing for your favour statement are really close to above example. If you’re lawyer, I sympathize with your customers.

            And one small thing at the end, not every lawyer own MB, but perhaps, in real world, you meet them too rare to know that.

          • Doug says:

            well said, wazon8 :)

            what do lawyers drive? if lawyers have lives, probably all sorts of cars, because they have families, sports+hobbies, own houses with mortgages, debt from law school, etc. If – on the other hand – the status of their job is their life, then they’ll likely buy a car to express that to its fullest, especially cars driven by people they feel inferior to.

        • juan says:

          Well well mr lawyer mb driver,maybe u should try making an edjucated informative
          Comment before makin urself look like an idiot.well now if bmw are so mediocure in first place
          Ahead of toyota,then how way below mediocure I.e pathetic must merc be lagging behind
          Toyota in 4th place almost a full 7% behind? In my opinion the table never lies.

          P.S. From the owner of many bmw’s mercs vw’s and a few other top marque cars.nothin in its price range touches the
          Excitement of a well balanced bmw chassis with a sweet high revving the
          M3 an over priced its a supercar at a bargain price!!!!

          • plaxico says:

            im disappointed mercs even on that list…merc i shouldnt be on that list
            Almighty Merc is not for everybody like bmw is…merc is not for ”everyday joe” like bmw is…
            Do you get it know buddy boy?
            I can see only a frustrated kid or 57 year old geezer in the midlife crisis being impressed with bimmers……
            Top dogs drive Merc!

          • wazon8 says:

            What does it mean “MB is not for everybody as BMW is”? First of all, everyone who has enough money to buy BMW, has also money to buy its rival MB. MB’s cars are not limited edtions of some models that one has to fulfil additional conditions in order to buy them. The only interesting condition is whether it’s financialy possible for potential customer to buy a given car. Second, it’s rather true about BMW that they don’t make cars for everyone and I don’t refer to the fact that the significant number of BMW’s drivers are people who love driving. They don’t have nothing like A-class which is adressed rather only to women, they don’t have R-class, i.e. 7 seat car with poor ride quality for family, they don’t have a Vito counterpart, and finally they don’t make from hearses from their cars such as E-class or CLS. Indeed, MBs are for almost everyone, no matter whether you are driver in passanger transport, gravedigger, family guy, woman who doesn’t care about cars, MB will have something for you in their offer, if you have enough money. And on the other hand, MB is not for some people – if you are searching sheer driving pleasure in your car, MB wouldn’t offer you something more interesting than BMW’s rival.

          • wazon8 says:

            plaxico, where do you live, since only kids and geezers drive BMW there?

          • plaxico says:

            waz ,dude……. seriously man…..keep it short.You and your assay posts.Jesus…..
   seem kinda obsessed with me,get a pet bro,fishtank,dog or something……i would say get a girl but than you would probably talked her to death so hahahahahahaha

          • Doug says:

            so… anything more than an insult is wasted on you?

          • wazon8 says:

            plaxico, obsessed with you? Sorry for having ability to build composite speech, the one that you obviously lack. Maybe you need few hours to write something, I don’t. Believe me, most of interesting (in my terms) women prefer men with abiliity to talk about various topics over crappy minded child in man’s body with ability to throwing stupid statement. But of course, it heavily depends on subjective preference, so if you prefer women you cannot talk with, I am ok with it. And the funny thing here is that I don’t spend a time at forums which concern topics that I’m not interested in or topics that I consider as craps. You do it. If someone doesn’t have his own life here, it’s you.

          • plaxico says:

            waz,mate……its ability not abiliity

          • wazon8 says:

            In which language was the sentence “waz,mate……its ability not abiliity” supposed to be expressed? If that was English, you should write ‘Waz(on), mate, it’s “ability”, not “abiliity”‘. There is a general rule that whenever you are aiming to talk about types of words, you should use quatation marks. Moreover, “its” is a pronoun, not an expression compound from noun “it” and verb “is”. Not mentioning about rules for capital letters, full stops, commas and similar about which you seem to know nothing. And that’s really stragne since they are pretty the same in each language which has its origins in Latin.

          • plaxico says:

            waz ,mate….again ,its quotation not quatation , its strange not stragne..).) )…..

          • Doug says:

            this is hillarious.

            btw, spaces go after the comma,. not before

          • wazon8 says:

            Plaxico, you’re getting to be really pathetic and once again boring. By changing the topic on spelling issues, you only proved that you have nothing interesting to say about cars. And the way you’re pointing out my mistakes is really inapt. Guess why!

          • plaxico says:

            dougie, man….. its hilarious not hillarious….

          • XC says:

            There are somethings called ‘Linguistic Registers’ which basically are varieties of a language used for a particular purpose or in a particular social setting. Generally speaking, there are three main levels: Formal, Colloquial and Vulgar. According to this, Mr Plaxico IS NOT a lawyer since the language he uses do not reflect the one (normally educated) lexicon people from that profession tend to use. SO this guy’s lexicon is probably the one used by high school teens. The fact is that he’s not just an annoying person but a LIAR too… bet that’s not the demographics MB intends to reach.

      • Auday says:

        Wazon8 … Are you serious? aside from the classism fueled nature of your comment, I dont think it makes any sense. You are basically saying that if someone can’t afford a car they should not criticize it, otherwise they are just jealous bitter people. This is very wrong in so many aspects.
        If we take your theory seriously then we would put most of Motoring Journalists in this category, … most of them can’t afford a Mclaren or a Veyron yet they might say something bad about them.
        I can’t afford an Aston DBS yet I can’t find anything in that car to criticize (probably just the little extra pounds), I can afford an M5E60 and I have a long list of things I don’t like about this car.
        Anyway my advice to you is to judge the argument objectively not the person or his motivation. If the argument is all logical then you could agree with it, if you see something that the argument is missing then bring it up.

        • wazon8 says:

          I think you don’t get my point. I referred to posters on blogs in first place and I suspect that most of them have never driven decent BMW, because otherwise I cannot understand where their opinions come from. Weren’t even here people who were ready to compare Mazda with BMW? About these people I claimed only that they are not in position to assess some aspects of cars they are talking about. You can dislike their design, you can argue against their track times, some of their parameters, but one who has never driven – say – M5e60 is surely not in position to say that it rides worse that E63AMG, that driving experience in second is better than in first and so on. So,my claim seems to be pretty timid, if someone who has never driven M5E60 and has only negative opinion on all aspects of this cars, the only explanation is that eighter he is BMW-hater or he is jealous (and it’s open question for me whether you can explain car-hating in terms of being jealous. How one can become particular brand hater at all? To hate it, you have to care about it first. But why do you care about it, if you allegedly think that it’s crap?).

          My claim about ppl who are familiar with top BMW cars was a way more timid eighter. I said only that it’s hard to imagine for me that someone who has driven – for example – 335i can find only cons in it, since this car manage really well in its segment and even people known from their cold attitude to BMW can appreciate some aspects of this car, mostly connected with driving experience. Similarily, one can dislike Veyron as a whole car, since he can consider other cars as fulfulling the tasks for supercar better, but independly of it, everyone appreciate the straight line acceleration of this car. Is this senseless?

          • plaxico says:

            waz buddy ….seriously man, learn to spell, its either not eighter, similarly not similarily , fulfilling not fulfulling and i dont even know what ” independly” was supposed to be…..independently?

          • wazon8 says:

            And that was said by man who rarely uses capital letters, full stops, commas and perhaps doesn’t even know the rules governing their use. Remember that “its” has a different meaning from “it’s” and it would be nice, if you spell difference between these words properly.

            BTW, I cannot find a place where I did use “either” or “similarly”. Others mainly come from typing mistakes.

  5. Beerman says:

    No matter if you have positive or negative comments about BMWs, at least the people are passionate about the brand and care about it. You will never hear such emotional comments about Toyotas, Audis or Mercedes. Brands should be emotional and BMW is exactly!

  6. /// says:

    hahahaha Audi vs BMW and Audi is 9. Only one car is in the world and It is BMW.

  7. atr_hugo says:

    One thing to keep in mind about this report. ‘Most valuable’ is defined as the company’s current market valuation. So in the case of BMW, take the 600 some odd million shares of stock times the current stock price and you get $24 B. One false move (such as Toyota’s problems), the stock price gets hammered, and the company is no longer perceived as being ‘most valuable’.

    A company’s stock price, after the IPO, has no bearing on the company’s true worth. Toyota can still build 4 to 5 times the number of cars BMW does. And the actual value of all that infrastructure is worth more in liquidation than the sum of BMW’s infrastructure.

    It’s nice to see, but in the grand scheme of things it’s pretty meaningless.

    • wazon8 says:

      I don’t know what you would like to infer from the fact that Toyota makes 4 times more cars than BMW? Toyota’s cars are few times more cheaper than BMWs eighter.
      Of course that in valuation of given company one has to take under consideration numbers of factors, including predictions concerning sele’s numbers in future, and, of course, any “false” move will affect these predictions and hence valuation will change. But the fact is that BMW is on right road here, they provide high-quality products with great ballance between performance and efficiency, is able to convince people that it makes sense to spend more money on car than they would spend, if they had chosen Toyota, makes great market research and creates new segments in order to meet customers demands unfulfilled by other brands and makes careful decisions about when giving green lights for projects, and in result they don’t have unpopular cars in their offer. Taking this and adding investments in infastracuture, it won’t be easy task to take advantage over BMW in this rank.

      • atr_hugo says:

        You need to keep in mind the limited nature of the term ‘Market Value’ (aka ‘Market Capitalization’). Market Value = Stock Price (current) * Outstanding Shares. It has no other meaning whatsoever. Yes BMW is doing a lot of neat things and Toyota makes dull cars, but that has no bearing on ‘Market Value’.

        This report, while entertaining, is essentially meaningless.

        • bob says:

          Please read the article. This particular market reseach study, “BrandZ Top 100”, has nothing to do with BMW AG’s Mkt Cap; clearly stated in the last sentence:

          “Millward Brown measures brand equity based on interviews with more than 1 million consumers globally and an analysis of the financial and business performance of each company using data from Bloomberg and Datamonitor.”

          • atr_hugo says:

            Then why is the last set of numbers in the article the market cap? ; -)

          • atr_hugo says:

            Opps, bob you’re correct – they ahppen to value BMW right at its mkt cap – Toyota actually has a current mkt cap of $120B. As Emily Litella used to say, ‘nevermind’ ; -)

          • bob says:

            To be specific, as mentioned in the article’s header, they are measuring car *brands* not car *companies*. Nor car companies’ common equity floats.

            One highlight to possibly note might be their separate treatment of VW and Audi. 2 *brands* 1 *company*. As we know, GM has mulitple *brands* – not as many as before, tho – but is one *company*. “GM” itself is also a *brand*, too, BTW.

            Further, *brands* can be/should be considered a coporate asset. The BMW *brand* is just one, a big one, of BMW AG’s assets.

            Mkt Cap is an assessment of the BMW enterprise as a whole, determined by a secondary market process, at a given point in time. It is also reflection of what’s not there…In BMW AG’s case, since the company is controlled by the Quandt family, what the investment community estimates the common shares to be would include the apparent lack of a ‘takeover premium’. Etc.

  8. Babken says:

    Another testimony to the established saying:
    Automobiles are divided into 2 groups:1.BMW, 2.The rest

  9. Dustin says:

    I love BMW and what they are doing. It makes me think of an article I read recently where a CEO of some car company said that independent car companies cannot survive without merging. BMW is proof that’s not at all true. They make such great products and have such a great history that they buck the trend of most carmakers. It is so easy to be enthusiastic about thier past, present, and future products. Way to go BMW!!!

  10. Mark says:

    BMW is simply “The Ultimate Driving Machine”. The best automaker(Period) !

  11. JL says:

    i know i should know this but what is brand value?

  12. Maruti Omni says:

    It’s great news. Both the car companies are big named and best automotive dealers in the world.

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