We’ve had the opportunity to revisit the CS and update it….”

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said BMW Chief Designer Adrian Van Hooydonk in an interview for Autocar UK straight from the Beijing Motor Show. According to Van Hooydonk, the BMW …

said BMW Chief Designer Adrian Van Hooydonk in an interview for Autocar UK straight from the Beijing Motor Show. According to Van Hooydonk, the BMW Gran Coupe picks up on the work started four years ago with the CS Concept: “We all liked the idea of a more dynamic flagship four-door back then,” explains van Hooydonk, “but we put the car ‘on ice’ while working on ‘Project I’ [BMW’s new Megacity electric-only brand], which has been a bigger priority.”

Furthermore, the Gran Coupe inspiration came from classic BMWs, like the 3.0 Csi. “We drew inspiration from classic BMWs like the 3.0 Csi. Our intention was to create a car with a distinct character: I’m hoping you can tell that it’s not a 7-series replacement. The Gran Coupe is much lower, and a little wider than a 7, and has a much more fluid roofline.”, said Van Hooydonk for Autocar.

Despite the initial rumors, the car will most likely not going to be marketed as an 8 Series, but rather being part of the 6 Series group, 6 GT is one name that comes to mind.

We’ve had the opportunity to revisit the CS and update it....

It’s not my decision to make,” says Van Hooydonk. “I don’t think of this car as an 8-series, but our marketing department may think differently. Either way, their work is just beginning, and I know that often it can take longer than our design work!”

The production ready model will be launched in 2012 and the Gran Coupe Concept will make its European debut at the Paris Motor Show this fall. Underneath it will use the same ‘backbone’ platform that underpins the current 5-series, 7-series and 5 GT. The car will offer the same mix of six- and eight-cylinder petrol and diesel engines as those cars, and an eight-speed automatic gearbox.

The Gran Coupe is a bit over 16 feet long (5 meters) and its height is measured at 1.4 meters, sitting lower than the new 5 and 7 Series. It also features frameless windows as seen in the 5 GT.

Gran Coupe joins a car segment where the stars at the moment appear to the Audi A7, Mercedes-Benz CLS and even Porsche Panamera.

  • Malberto

    Oh Great! Another beautiful concept car that BMW wont make. Does Concept CS ring a bell? The M1 Homage Concept, or hows about Vision Efficient Dynamics? I really hope that this car makes it to production. I love BMW but I hate to be let down when they present amazing concepts but don’t produce it. They need a car that stands out and wows the crowd. Audi has the R8, Mercedes has the SLS, But BMW Doesn’t have a really compelling car. I know that the Focus of BMW is on Efficient Dynamics, but why don’t they produce an Eff. Dyn. sports car (Ehem, Vision Efficient Dynamics) that looks great, any embodies they’re philosophy.

    • Malberto

      Oh Its going into production? Good!

  • Lariv

    Considering the CS concept made made production, this better be made.

    • Lariv

      Considering the CS concept never made it to production, this better be made.

  • plaxico

    he probably sad ”we had opportunity to copy cls……and we took it”

    • viper

      no worries , this thing is so good it will never make it.(into production)(we all know bmw)

  • Elio

    I know I received negative comments for using expletives when expressing my love for the M1 rendering but I can’t keep it in if BMW makes cars looking this good. Absolutely beautiful – stunning even.

  • Elio

    Oh and it looks very close to production, I think we could possibly see it mid-to-late 2011.

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  • brassneck

    Mercs fire well and truly pissed on LOL

  • vladimir

    hey guys!i created simple sketch of two door version.cuz i hope this is new 6 serie :)

    • Doug

      wow… not bad. Is this based on the existing image, with just the doors details altered?

      You’re probably right, although I do not understand what the heck BMW is doing with a 4-door 6. I thought the 6 was supposed to be a coupe version of the 5. These guys are all over the place. How do they intend to recoup all the money spent manufacturing all these different models?

      • vladimir

        Yes it is based on the existing image,just a little bit of basic photoshop work :).

  • mehran

    just amazing