BMW Gran Coupe vs. Audi Sportback vs. Mercedes CLS vs. Porsche Panamera

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Vergleich BMW Gran Coupe Audi Sportback Porsche Panamera Mercedes CLS 2 750x500

Earlier today, BMW unveiled their latest concept: Gran Coupe. Sharing similarities with the CS Concept and the next generation 6 Series, BMW Concept Gran Coupe …

Earlier today, BMW unveiled their latest concept: Gran Coupe. Sharing similarities with the CS Concept and the next generation 6 Series, BMW Concept Gran Coupe is shaping up to be one of the most exciting and intriguing bimmer to be launched in the next few year.

Judging by the first photos, BMW Gran Coupe is an emotional concept, one that will please even the core enthusiasts. While the 5 Gran Turismo was considered to be an innovator in its segment, the new Gran Coupe joins an already well established and competitive premium segment  where currently, Mercedes, Audi and Porsche have the reign.

Without a doubt, BMW Gran Coupe will go head-to-head with the Audi Sportback Concept (the future Audi A7), the Mercedes Benz CLS and the controversial Porsche Panamera. From this bunch, the Panamera could also fall in line with the S-Class, 7 Series and A8, but for comparison purposes, we decided to include it in our photo carousel.

Vergleich BMW Gran Coupe Audi Sportback Porsche Panamera Mercedes CLS 655x470

The demographic target for these vehicles is clear as well: four-door coupe buyers looking for an elegant, sort of extravagant design, luxurious interior and driving performance.

While the Audi A7 and Porsche Panamera are in their first generation of design, the Mercedes CLS will go through a design iteration soon.

As always, our focus will be on the exterior design, a very subjective but much needed approach since engine options and interior design have yet to be revealed by BMW.

And to stay true to our photo comparison type of articles, we will include the usual poll at the end, yes, another highly subjective matter.

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92 responses to “BMW Gran Coupe vs. Audi Sportback vs. Mercedes CLS vs. Porsche Panamera”

  1. JoeDoe says:

    Win for BMW. Audi is second, Porsche and Mercedes just don’t cut the mustard..

    • Totally agree. Gran Coupe looks agressive and sleek from all angles. Audi looks agressive up front, but the rear end looks frowning and grumpy. MB and Porsche are just boring.

      • valdizan says:

        agree. Audi has a good and aggressive look in the front but from the back it looks all grandpa-like lol. BMW keeps its aggressive look from all angles and just thinking about what it will have under the hood is exiting, porsche looks nice but dosnt do the work, mercedes… just.. get out the way. BMW #1, Audi #2, Porsche #3 and Mercedes far far behind from them lol.

    • Otto says:

      Voters got confused. They though it was about voting for the newest instead of the best looking car…
      Let’s see : the MB is the closest to the 4 door coupe concept – also the oldest of the four but still the best looking imho – the A7 looks more like a A6 hatchback, the Porsche is the ugliest and the BMW is a plain 7 series lowrider, closer to the Maserati quattroporte than the CLS.
      Now, how could people vote for best looking cars they never saw but in pictures, moreover when one of them in featured only in a dark colour?
      I’ve seen plenty of CLS and some Panamera and the CLS is still the best looking car out there so far.
      Oh, and if the 5 Series GT is a soccer mom’s car, then the 5 Gran Coupe is a soccer dad’s car.
      One last tip :stick a BMW badge on the CLS and the upcoming CLS Shooting Brake, it will certainly improve your objectivity.

      • Shincai says:

        Yes if you compare the CLS and the Panamera which are “out there”, then the CLS is the best looking.
        But the thing with the CLS is that it’s got old, boring.
        And yea we can’t judge the cars we didn’t even see, but I bet the Gran Coupe will be hotter and sexier than the CLS.
        And the CLS Shooting Brake is a little funny. It won’t be as succesfull as the 5 GT.

        • Otto says:

          Interesting point : the older, the uglier …
          You missed two things though : The Aston Martin Rapide and the new 2010 CLS to be introduced next October.
          No doubt the Gran Coupe will then look the most boring of them all.

      • j.bavarian says:

        CLS is the best looking? Your not supposed to drink the bong water. Mercedes is trailing in fourth, been there for years now….those cars are the new old mans Cadillac now. Audi left them behind and started a war with BMW. Porsche is off doing its own thing, like always.

    • godfrey says:

      well, mercedes was the first to introduce this sedan category in the market a few years back already. v-dub came second with the CC, designed by the same designer. it is also the only car within the photos that are not “studio” taken and is not the latest version of it either.

      don’t get me wrong here.. i’m a big admirer, but bmw is JUST catching up now. while the cls will come up with its second generation soon. still.. tsk tsk.. unfair comparison.

    • Francy fimiani says:

      I Have to agree i love the bmw but the panamera isn’t bad either

    • Santiago says:

      HEY THE CLS IS 2005 VS 2012 STUPID CARS? THE CLS IS THE BEST COMFORT CAR EVER AND THIS IS INCREDIBLE BECAUSE A 2005 CAR VS 2012 CARS? this means that the cls is beautifull!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. LMendez says:

    BMW wins by a far margin. I’d say it is a massacre. It looks, feels classic. It feels old school BMW. I dunno why.

    lol and I’m an Audi fan.

    • King says:

      Same here Sir I was in love with the A7 until this GC came out now I know who has the win I dont see a better car being deisgned any time soon. My world was rocked yester day when I saw this design I cant stop thinking about her.

  3. LMendez says:

    Just for the record, I agree with Joe: Audi is second, Mercedes and Porsche are just meh.

  4. bmwm6 says:

    the bmw still looks like a sedan that why i like it

  5. BMfan says:

    Cant think of driving a four-door Porsche-front it looks fantastic but once I look it by the side it becomes almost ‘obscene’. As ‘beautiful’ as it looks I’ve never admired the CLS as much as I desire the CL65 AMG for example. As for Audi sportback, its not under consideration for me and if the BMW Grand Coupe is going to be as long as the 7series then I wont it even think of it as I detest big cars until am old enough not to drive and I’ve to be driven. But IMO its a fine car.

    • FreudeKing says:

      CLS I ONE UGLY THING, LOOK AT THOSE UGLY HEADLIGHTS! It is extremely difficult to compare cars in different colours, esp when this GC is black and the Audi is light. One thing I can say is that the GC lost quite a lot of nice design elements that were present on the CS, esp the front, bonnet, and rear …. it’s gone soft, reverting back to the old 6 Series styling.

      • valdizan says:

        actually i think they put them in different colors since every car has its “best looking color” like for exaple, ferrari looks orgasmic in red (for me) but a red BMW looks just.. not right. and i do agree that CLS is very.. very disappointing. Audi is closing up to BMW but it still has a long way to go.

  6. Tom says:

    the mercedes looks old
    i hope they produce this bimmer just as it is here. its remarkable.
    i feel like were gonna be seeing a different and exciting side from bmw for the years to come. bmw is defintiely here to stay, and ill be driving on til the day i die.
    cant wait to see some interior pics!

  7. Carlos Perez says:

    i like the BM Gran Coupe a lottt, but i think it a safe design and that i will look old very quickly, hope i’m wrong because its a pretty nice looking car

  8. Lawrence Smith says:


  9. Sander Schouten says:

    BMW by far. Audi is a good second. I never liked the Mercedes CLS and Porsche need to get some new, fresh designers. Like Jeremy Clarkson once said:”Porsche has got the most lazy designers in the world.”

    From the side it just looks awful, there’s no harmony. The front is like any other Porsche front, so that’s just not good enough.

    And the BMW, what can you say. I think it’s one of the most beautiful cars I’ve ever seen. And I really mean that. Hope they don’t change to much but they always do unfortunately.

  10. Great job on the comparison. BMW is by far the best looking!

  11. Stevie says:

    Trust me, the front end of BMW 6 series is going to be similar to this gran coupe.

  12. waled says:

    i love bmw for evre

  13. badger says:

    I think the audi and the bmw are the best. I like design features from both cars. Absolutely gorgeous.

  14. BMW wins hands down. The Audi looks cool from the front only. I’ve seen the Panamera in real life a couple times before and it doesn’t look that bad. I like the CLS though, but only in the AMG trims. Everything else just looks bland and unexciting.

  15. plaxico says:

    and yet another example of what kinda ”quack journalist’ H.B. really is….

    comparing some concept what-will-be-if-its-maybe-gonna-be-rendering bmw car thats gonna go in production when Detroit wins SB and when Jamarcus Russell becomes MVP or when freezes over with almighty merc and audi that A C T U A L L Y H A V E their cars in official starting line up.BTW.that mercs photo is 1st generation ,and today almost 9 yeas old……which again goes to show you that bmw is DECADE AND MORE behind merc and 5 years behind audi

    • Horatiu B. says:

      It’s getting boring already.

      • Beach says:

        I have to agree, although the upcoming new CLS looks better. Am I the only one who likes the Panamera? I mean, it’s distinctive, and shouts “Porsche”, and, frankly, the big butt has room for “junk in the trunk”(I couldn’t resist) and two decent size seats, as opposed to the two child seats in the Rapide.

      • King says:

        Whats getting boring already

    • Doug says:

      Really? I thought his rant was quite exciting. I mean, if you’re going to say something ridiculously hyperbolic, go all-out.

      • Billy says:

        I think he meant how all these mercedes fans are here just to argue that ‘bmw is a decade behind mercedes..ect.’ Truth is, there is no validity to the point. Horatiu was comparing the cars to show the different qualities of body styles of 4 door coupes, not to show who was first or who was second to the idea.
        Plaxico, if you really have to argue that point, you must be really ashamed by mercedes’ cls to have to go to that.

        • plaxico says:

          No.He took 2004 mercs cls and compared it with 2014 bmw concept-maybe-will-maybe not go in production.I think H.B. did a great job ,excellent idea,……so please in the future lets have a buncha comparisons with some mercs that ACTUALLY EXISTS and some rendering-concept projects that bmws gonna doodle on paper 10 years later .

          So please H.B. give us some comparisons among 2010 sls amg and some concept-rendering models that bmws gonna maybe-maybe not make in 2022.TNX mate

        • Doug says:

          Oh, I know. I just think that some of these statements are entertaining in how ridiculous and dysfunctional they are. Horatiu probably feels differently, having put a lot of work into this.

          I mean, it’s not like they’re making valid arguments why BMWBlog is “bad”, they’re just silly interruptions from internet “trolls”. IRL, they’re probably the kind of people that vent negativity randomly and inappropriately, creeping out people around them. Hmm… that just ruined it for me.

  16. efoza says:

    I just love the 5GT look. The 5 GT is now the real success story for BMW all around. It looks like all new models will have a GT range which is great news for the top end of the market.

  17. Simon Bobik says:

    That rear shot to me has similarities in both the audi and the bmw. from the front the audi is a bit harsh for me, but the beamer is just beautiful

  18. alex says:

    merc cls is a success due to it’s sloping roofline way back to the boot itself. This is how it makes people confident of the 4 door coupe moniker. If bmw were to use the moniker, it could had gone more daring, adventurous design rather than a smooth out 5 series. for the record, cls doesn’t even resembles the e-class. For Porshe, they just wanna convince ppl of buying a saloon version of 911 and that’s fine while for A7, another safe design which would not make it, just like it’s little cousin before it, the passat cc.

  19. BMW X6 says:

    Bravo BMW. Finally the car that looks better than Audi.

  20. viper says:

    it all comes down to a personal taste.
    if this GC gets built by that time there will be a new CLS.
    now? from the front bmw wins here.

  21. Michael says:

    I think it’s unfair to compare the 4 cars at the same time.
    The Mercedes CLS is the last generation production, and also the style.
    Rembering when it’s just revealed, it’s still amazing!
    The Audi is only the concept, far from in production, however the BMW Gran Coupe Concept could be sait the prototype of something just look how sophiscate it is.
    The Paramera….Only I could say it’s easy to be recognised as a Porsche, even you never touch the automobile…..but the style…..yuk! I worried about the future of the stylist….XD

  22. wazon8 says:

    I really cannot get the point of some of you who complaining that Horatiu has compared existing cars with non-existing ones. What actually is the problem with it? This is the thing we all would do, even if there was no photo comparision here. I am actually indebt to Horatiu since he did pretty good work that I would have to do by myself. Especially that he spent some time on finding photos taking from the same angles (which explains why these cars in different colors). When the new concept appears, ppl usually compare it with actually existing cars in this segment in order to assess its potential market success and so on. Moreover, if the concept appear along with the info that it’s going into the production, as it is in this case, such a comparision seems to be even more justified. IMO, the case of BMW GC is pretty different than that with BMW CS, the first one is buildt at actually avaible platform (which is great step toward production car), whereas the letter wasn’t. You can talk that there is still no new CLS. Well, I’ve seen concepts or rederings of CLS before and they shared numbers of features with CLS breaking concept revealed few days ago. Were this concepts or renderings better than BMW GC? My answer is “NO”!!!

    And the final point. It’s funny how hypocrite are MB fans as plaxico. They find nothing unfair in comparing CLS Breaking Concept with 5GT, despite the fact that the first one was only digitally modelled, non-existing car, which hasn’t even appeared in 1-1 scale model. Backing to BMW GC we can ask: Why then comparing concept car with existing one is wrong in this particular case? I think I know the answer! Whereas in the first case MB fans found opportunity to celebrate the success that MB – in their opinion – achieved with CLS breaking concept over 5GT, this time they felt that BMW delivered heavy blow against MB CLS, no matter whether you will take the old one or the upcoming one, this BMW just looks better. Period.

  23. godfrey says:

    well, mercedes was the first to introduce this sedan category in the market a few years back already. v-dub came second with the CC, designed by the same designer. it is also the only car within the photos that are not “studio” taken and is not the latest version of it either.

    don’t get me wrong here.. i’m a big admirer, but bmw is JUST catching up now. while the cls will come up with its second generation soon. still.. tsk tsk.. unfair comparison.

  24. Ray says:

    I think the BMW compares favorably here, even against the next-gen CLS, which to me looks bulky. BTW, the GC’s side view reminds me of the AM Rapide, and its front end is definitely very strong and coupe-like.

    I also don’t think the Audi shield grille, while suitable for a stately, luxury sedan like the A8, doesn’t really work for sports-coupe types unless it’s visually divided in two sections. I think the A4 and A5 front ends look good because of this, and the grille on the R8 is flattened and divided as well. On this possible A7, however, it looks too much like a locomotive, even if they chamfered the edges and relieved the surfaces framing the grille.

    The Porsche front end looks nice, but the body offers nothing new to me, so I’m kind of neutral on the car.

  25. Nelesh Mohan says:

    Is it just me or did anyone notice the extra dark tint on the BMW ? Its going to look like a normal BMW had it been shot in a public place with normal tint and without the photoshopping.

  26. Merc boy says:

    How do you compare concept with available cars?
    And you show the old CLS and not the restyled 2008 version!
    The panamera first and CLS second the aston RAPIDE rules and rest sucks!
    We are talking about real cars not sketchs and 3D studio models!
    The A7 Will never be born!

  27. Batboy says:

    1.Rapide: God of 4 door coupes!

    2.BMW: if this is it(not really a chance) would be a hell of a car!!!

    3.Panomera: Perfection in everything, but ugliest rear of them all :(

    4.CLS: Not fair too compare! its too old and doesn’t have what it takes next to these badboys; infront of them, it looks like a Golfer-Only car :P

    5.Audi: Should be named “Samsung Special” because it’s still an Audi; An AIr-Conditioner!

  28. ammar says:

    audi is very good car in the world that s why i like this car

  29. ///M Power says:

    Mercedes look best of all, thats unnfair why didnt the use offisiell mercedes picture?

    U cant compare these cars on bmwblog, bmwblog most of members will vote for bmw.

  30. Laszlo says:

    too bad the BMW is an illusion only. Compare the 5GT ugly duckling to these and BMW will sure loose like it has been in a past few years.

    Bungle legacy still lives and destroys the style. This BMW would make up for those ugly cars but sadly this is the one that got the can… it was sure a looker.

    The panamera almost as bad as the bungle cars… are we sure he didn’t depart to porsche ? oh, no he is still designing pig sty’s nowdays …

  31. piecaa says:

    i love agrand cope its amazing car

  32. pakiso says:

    bmw all the way baby

  33. tibi says:

    #1. BMW,……………looks as its were staring at you,sooo alive,…..after,…….long time nothing,…….than #2.Porsche,…..

  34. Bobby says:

    This post should be updated with the F800 concept, then we’ll have a fair comparison since the new CLS is on the horizon as well.

    As for the comparison, the least ‘coupe-like’ car here is actually the BMW Grand Coupe. Besides the marketing term, I fail to see how ‘coupe’ the profile is. The current 5ser LWB and the 7ser LWB already sports such ‘sporty’ profiles as you can see from these links.×768/wallpaper_0d.htm×768/wallpaper_08.htm

    The Grand Coupe looks good, but all BMWs have this near perfect profile, therefore rendering this ‘concept’ bland and not so much of a breakthrough compared to others, further making the marketing part of this car the most obvious ‘crap talk’ amongst.

    If the F800 was included, then that would seem like the most stunning amongst.

    The Panamera shouldn’t even be in this category, as supposed a pseudo-filled-with-marketing-bullshit-four-door-coupe, it is a true four seater, four door supercar, no doubt about that. The comparison would actually be more suited for the three german trios only. :)

    Thou i’m more incline to Audi most of the time, the A7 and the new LED thingy since the new A8 really has gone too far, as opposed to looking smart and aggressive on the A4 and R8, the A8 and this A7 concept looked sad and grumpy. IMO, bad execution and different for the sake of being different.

  35. JMLBMW says:

    I can only hope that the 6 series coupe will look as good. Especially the M6.
    As for the Panamera… ugly. The Mercedes… looks old. The Audi… too flashy.

  36. porschefan says:

    panamera and bmw are direct competitors cls looks like a piece of crap and the audi is too flashy

  37. cc-US-UK says:

    can i just highlight the obvious:
    1.) MB to be redesigned imminently – an improvement but still pedestrian now in a class it spawned and once dominated – nice enough though and will always be ‘1st’
    2.) Porsche pastice is a HATCH, not coupe.. nice & practical tho, and great nose is instantly recognizable
    3.) BMW is NOT a coupe! certainly a sext ‘gran sedan’ – thats why everyone loves it – its a non threatening 4door to the eye! sexy, but safe.
    4.) The Audi fuses coupe, hatch, AND sedan – Winner in my book..
    just sayin.. ;)

    • FreudeKing says:

      Just to remind you that Audi is the copycat in this industry. They feed on other companies’ ideas and reproduce after they have seen others suceed. Based on looks, the Audi is one ugly mess at the front.

      As for whether to buy the A7 when it comes out (if): I disagree with the winner in your book. You see, the fact that it “fuses” VW technology, chassis, engines, and most VW and Seat parts with an Audi badge makes me want to vomit on your book taht marks this Audi as a winner. Sorry, but I don’t buy imitations and fakes, and I am most certainly not stupid enough to buy a VW with a Audi badge that tries to signal premium.

  38. Matt says:

    I was picking the Audi until I saw the side view. Sort of has an AMC look from that angle. Wheels too big and car is too tall. Hopefully it will look better in person. The Panamera sort of does.

  39. ray says:

    ami por muchas rasona no solo por el exterior q si ven un porsche panamera en persona es extrabagante,lujoso por dentro y por fuera y tiene un potente motor y ademas es porsche.ok

  40. ray says:

    to my I like the Porsche Panamera not only from the outside if not for the powerful engine and luxury on all sides and if they see a personal mind Porsche Panamera on the streets is something very beautiful and luxurious addition to carrying off the acclaimed Porsche shield that just I am satisfied that porsche.ok

  41. Amirtaraj says:

    Well all four cars shine in their own area like eventhough all 4 of them are 4 door coupe(s) but there are points that highlight them like
    BMW=great driveability
    Audi=best technology
    Porsche=excellent performance
    Benz=outstanding comfort
    So all put together is the one to have!

  42. CLS looks dated now compared to the 2 new models from Audi and BMW. The Panamera is nice but almost feels understated compared to the Audi and BMW. The BMW still has that new modern yet classic look and in comparison the Audi looks overdone with the sharp headlights and frowning rear end. The wheels in the Audi pic make it look bulky and a bit awkward too. The BMW may look like a large 335 but I think its the best looking car in this 4

  43. an acctual sane and understanding person says:

    most of you are idiots. for examle your “I’m gonna cry cuz some of the cars arent built yet” or the “This car is better that the other becuse i’m a fucking fanboy”. some of you should grow the fuck up already

  44. Quality is design? so BMW is winner………………

  45. BMWE39520 says:

    BMW is the best.
    Audi is suck! it looks like a crying face……

  46. Luca says:

    Sorry, the Porsche is not only the better of the bunch, but also a better budget. Luxury sedan, and sports car in one gorgeous package. The others are sedans, the Porsche, is well a Porsche.

    Enough said.

  47. Bill says:

    What a joke. This blog is comparing apples to oranges again. There showing an old MB CLS against new models ie concepts to say the least. The new 2012 CLS which is NOT a concept is scheduled for release early 2011. Check it out on motor trend then render an opinion

  48. RayS says:



  49. riad says:

    ya po mieu que ces marque mes moi je prefere audi c la haut gamme

  50. riad says:

    ya po mieu que l’audi jl’adore

  51. m00n says:

    This whole blog is the boring.. do any of you own and drive any of these?
    having driven them all and prefer sheer driving pleasure
    Welcome Home Mercedes, the looks are not even in the decision making process unless your a dreamer

  52. Kyle Silvers says:

    I’m a Bimmer fan and I think the CLS is the best looking out of all of them in terms of appearance. I think where it drops down back by the c pillar is incredibly sexy and very ‘German’ looking.

  53. besi says:

    THE Best car here it’s AUDI A7 no want to tookin for bmw, merced.., pershe auddi is the best buy one and you will bee see ??

  54. SANTIAGO-U says:


  55. Tomo90 says:

    gentleman who put this picture nevoli Mercedes, a big fan of BMW

  56. Santiago says:

    cls is 2005 vs 2012 cars, why don’t you put the new cls to see which one wins?

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