Mercedes unveils BMW 5 Series GT competitor: CLS Shooting Break Concept

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A year after BMW has unveiled their Gran Tourer, 5 Series GT, the Stuttgart-based automaker Mercedes-Benz, reveals ahead of the Beijing Motor Show, their latest …

A year after BMW has unveiled their Gran Tourer, 5 Series GT, the Stuttgart-based automaker Mercedes-Benz, reveals ahead of the Beijing Motor Show, their latest Concept. Dubbed CLS Shooting Break, different from the usual “shooting brake” labeling, the new vehicle will enter the same segment as BMW’s highly controversial, but later somewhat accepted 5 Series Gran Turismo.

The Concept certainly brings out an attractive look, carrying forward the next generation CLS language previewed in the Mercedes F800 Style. The rear end offers a more pronounced coupe look than seen on the 5 GT, with a tall roof.

While the car introduced is at a Concept level, the expectations are the final product will be close to this prototype. Engine wise, the expectations are that we will see a turbocharged and direct injected 3.5-liter V6 engine with over 300 horsepower along with an uplevel turbocharged 4.6-liter V8 that puts out around 435 horsepower and over 400 pound-feet of torque. Those engines will reportedly provide a 25-percent improvement in fuel efficiency over the mills they replace and will route power to the rear wheels through a seven-speed automatic transmission.

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The Mercedes SLS AMG will feature a 5.5-liter V8 turbocharging and direct injection engine that outputs 563 horsepower and 664 lb-ft of torque.

Clearly this unique, but highly profitable car segment will get crowded in time and offerings from other premium automakers are expected soon. The BMW 5 Series GT sales in North America have already exceeded the initial expectations and reports coming from Europe are just as encouraging.

Is this a winner takes all segment? Most likely not, so we expect the two German automakers to retain their customer base without much crossing over.

Mercedes Benz CLS Shooting Break Concept

BMW 5 Series GT

45 responses to “Mercedes unveils BMW 5 Series GT competitor: CLS Shooting Break Concept”

  1. Adnan says:

    isnt the mercedes r-class the bmw 5 gt competitor?

  2. Giom says:

    The R-class was Mercs first try into the mpv-for-premium-brands segment.

    The BMW 5 GT was more the result of BMW listening to their customers and shaping a car that they wanted. Now that they’ve pioneerd this new segment, the others will follow… and here’s the first.

    To be honest, I think this CLS SBC is beautifull. They’ve styled it really nicely with a more wider appeal than what the GT has. This, in my opinion, will get them in favour with the motor press and the public alike.

    But, BMW will always be the company to have found this niche and will be improving quicker than the others.

    My money is still with the GT!

    • Simba says:

      Too bad that they always don’t seem to have enouh time to earn some cash before someone else comes in with a “more appealing” version to invade its market share.

  3. v1p3r says:

    I think the CLS Shooting Break is a very incohesive design. The SLS front end, (also affected by pedestrian safety legislation), the droopy Audi-esque rear lights, failed attempt at flame surfacing with overlapping lines all over the flanks, small loading bay entrance…and the length makes it look ungainly. I think the 5er is more practical and actually has a generally more cohesive design. And I’m not just saying this because I’m a BMW fan. It’s ok looking, but not better then the 5GT and not a beautiful car in my eyes

  4. paul says:

    good luck mercedes…bmw GT has been soooo sucessful that most dealers are already giving cashback and free options on it….i wonder if audi is doing the same with its R8???

    • Jordan says:

      that doesn’t make sense at all…. if something is selling super well they wouldn’t give free options and cashback, they’d do that if it wasn’t selling at all

      • Simba says:

        You missed his point…i.e. it’s not selling well…. what did they expect, it is so damn expensive!

        • Jordan says:

          well i think the 5GT is a pretty good car… i have no idea if it is selling or not right now.

          im a BMW fan but being unbiased, this Mercedes concept is pretty sweet indeed. but the real telling thing will be how much of this they will be able to put into the production verison.

  5. wazon8 says:

    CLS SBC has really nice looking exterior, better looking than of 5 GT, but I still think that for number of people driving characteristic of these cars will be deciding and it will go in favour of 5 GT. Moreover, I like 5GT’s interior much more, which can be taken as another reason to choose 5GT, especially that both cars are supposed to be cars in which driver will spend a lot of time.

  6. Jag says:

    what is the different between this and the e-class estate?

    • gerald says:

      This one is pretty
      the E-Class isn’t at all

      • Jag says:

        So they change the look of a 5er Touring’s competitor and call it a 5er GT’s competitor? I mean this doesn’t have the command driving position as the 5er GT – its driving seat is at normal height; it doesn’t have the coupe-ish look like the 5er GT – its rear end looks like an ordinary hatchback or wagon; its rear door opens in a normal way; and it has 2 rear seats (oh, big difference). Without being a little prettier and having less seat, what seperate this and the E-class Estate? IMO, nothing!

  7. yilmaz says:

    no you worng….this is not real 5gt competitor…..cls is looks more sportive and sexy and young people have buy too…but the 5 gt looks for rich and sapless customer

  8. plaxico says:

    1.its not 5gt competitor doesn’t have a car like cls
    3.its cls estate named shooting break
    4.and its light years ahead of any 5gt gizmo
    5.its 5gt competitor the same way z4 is to sls amg
    6.oh and bmw doesnt have nor will ever have a car like sls amg

    its really funny and sad to read your comments whenever merc brings the game to a whoooooole nother level.

    • wazon8 says:

      BMW needn’t have to something like SLS AMG, since their M3 GTS is as fast as SLS AMG at Nurburgring. Nevertheless they gave green light for M1, so there will be another opportunity to turn SLS AMG into the dust. But you should start to talk about things related to the topic, instead of confessing your love to MB, especially that we all know here how blind it is.

      This is 5GT competitor. At least, I recognize more similarities between these two cars than difference and most probably these cars will be adressed to similar niche of customers. Or to put it in other words, I would consider both cars, if I were interesting in buying something like 5GT. This is because both have a little bit heigher roof line, both have specious interior, both have hatchback-like functional trunk. If you think otherwise, give some reasons instead of throwing statement that it’s not a competitor.

      Despite similar name to CLS, this car has number of features that makes it different from CLS similarily to 5GT having features differing it from 5-er.

  9. Laszlo says:

    Wow , major blow to BMW. The Mercedes is light years ahead. Makes the ugly duckling 5GT look like an afterthought or a model that was released ages ago. WOW! I knew MB designs were good lately but this car blows the BMW away.

    Yes, it is a 5GT competitor. Don’t be in denial. You don’t have to copy an another brand to be in competition. Its a large hatchback based on a sedan – exactly like the 5GT which is essentially a 5 series with an ugly outside.
    This MB model is a DIRECT competition to the ugly 5GT and will win hands down.
    If BMW needed rebates and free upgrades to move the 5GT, they might as well start packing that model or give a free 1 series with it to get any number of sales.

    The 5GT might runs better (although most tests resulted in a very bad finish for drive/runs) and might handle better but the MB won the outside and inside design by a far margin.

    • plaxico says:

      agree with 90 percent….
      but pease lets not get our self into ”handling” issue ,and start debating the meaning because if you put in paper everything that goes into the term ”handling” bmw doesnt win in that category either.So there….whats left?
      But ur right …….major blow to BMW.Mercs light years ahead!

      • wazon8 says:

        What your talking about? BMW made the best handling car on the word in its class – M3 e92. It’s has only 0,1 mph lower slalom speed than 2010 Porsche 911 GT3.

        Backing to the topic, 550i GT achieved 65 mph slalom speed at Edmund’s track test. Not bad result at all. The femous from great handling 550i e60 achieved 64,9 mph (550i GT had a bit better skidpad’s result than 550i e60 eighter), whereas brand E550 had 62.8 mph slalom speed. It’s hard to believe than a car with higher centre of gravity and built on the platform achieve better result in terms of handling. So, it’s pretty safe to say that 5GT will stay better handling car than its nice looking competitor from MB stable.

      • Babken says:

        Yes, Mercs light years ahead… in terms of being inferior.

      • viper says:

        hey you do know where we are? if your not an asskisser your not welocme here. they will hide ur post. but on topic this MERCEDES beats bmw anytime anywhere I see it in the future. this car looks incredible and you simply have to major class dickhead to say other than THAT

    • Babken says:

      Only in your dreams, kid. Mercedes-Benz was, is and will always be one step behind BMW.

  10. Tom says:

    this is terrible looking. end of discussion.

  11. Axel Tallone says:

    this is like a 6er sportback, not like 5 GT.
    However, this concept is pretty, 5 GT isn’t…

  12. efoza says:

    The GT sale figures are amazing. Its design is amazing and above all its drive and comfort are amazing. I am therefore not surprised that Benz and soon to follow Audi and Lexus are all seeking to join in and copy BMW in this sector.

    More GTs are being sold that expected for reason that customers are discovering an ALL new feel to a modern car. Benz will have to work very hard to beat the achievements of 5 GT.

    Having said tha, it is nice to see Benz waking up and realising its once again lost place in the German premimum car sector.

    • plaxico says:

      my God …on what planet do u live on mate.What a joker lol

      • efoza says:

        I live on the real planet where man created designs challange the mankind’s thinking. The sales figures for the GT and the design awards it has already one speak for themselves,

        since you asked me, which planet do you live at? COL (cry out loud)

  13. brassneck says:

    Looks terrible, I know I’d get sick of the thing stopping working like all mercs do LOL

  14. Axel Tallone says:

    5 GT has NOT an amazing design. I love BMW, but the 5 GT isn’t a good looking car, it have an horrible rear end and a disputable front end… if you like it, it doesn’t mean that it’s beautiful…
    I hope that the new one will be better, and a little more sporty (well, it’s a BMW, not a Mercedes…).

    • Simba says:

      I think what BMW is lacking in its design is a certain level of elegance. Merc seems to be getting that right, so is Audi. Look at the X1 and note the lack of elegance in that car. Sorry but that car looks like some design elements just slapped onto a block.

      • gerald says:

        I agree.

        But have to say that CLS’s rear lights and front bumper ain’t elegant.

      • Doug says:

        Yes, this is one of the separating characteristics of bmw and mercedes — what elegance is. I personally think that all the chrome on mercs is really ostentatious and garish. I don’t think that a car needs to be that shiny and attention-grabbing to be attractive or elegant.

        I absolutely love the current c-class, and one reason is that they spent more time on the shape and less on the bling.

  15. 100$ GUY says:

    Astonishing design.
    Loved it a lot.
    Probably the only benz of late that I`ve liked.
    Well and the new S class.

  16. efoza says:

    Every one who is commenting negatively about the GT appears not to understand that the GT was not designed to be a normal car. I note that the comments and comparisons are artificial as they try and compare it with mainstream cars. This is a wrong approach to a design which has created a whole new sector.

    BMW is in the business of making mainstream and often boring cars for profit reasons but every once in a while it comes up with a grand new design so to challenge the industry with something different. The GT is one such move. So please understand the concept, try it and enjoy it but try not to compare it with mainstream cars.

    • FreudeKing says:

      What’s the problem with staring a new niche with good elegant sporty designs? I am sure it is possible to have both together. Why must they always make something that is hideous most of the time??? I am just saying they should have more flexibility in their design process so that there is more room for improvement. These people designing cars are artists, each artists have their own style, etc. They are in a business to please many people and not just the artist himself. So they should drop things that are of less value e.g. how close to the original sketches the final product is, etc. what’s the value in that? I would rather want to see how they improved from the original sketches through a wider band of inputs and suggestions. This whole thing about competition and one designer wins and carries on till the end is dangerous, esp during these competitive times. Also, people must start questioning some of their design language – what’s the value in a flat bonnet that doesn’t rise up to the windscreen? from the side, it just looks wierd – look at the ugly X1, yet they make as if it is a great achievement. The next thing they’ll do is to have a long rear overhang and we have to accept becasue the artists thinks it’s beautiful… ?

    • Doug says:

      Maybe people don’t like it, maybe they don’t agree with the philosophy and decisions behind it. I mean, it’s a fair point to say that they may not like it because they don’t understand it, but … that’s hardly the only reason.

  17. bmwfan says:

    is it just me but does the mercedes’s front console look abit similar to a bmws. with the satnav being postioned where it is in the same place. similar design.

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