2011 BMW 6 Series Coupe rendered….again

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2011 bmw 6 series convertible 750x500

Another day and a new rendering of the next generation BMW 6 Series Coupe. The silly rendering game started months back, but latest iterations of …

Another day and a new rendering of the next generation BMW 6 Series Coupe. The silly rendering game started months back, but latest iterations of these computer generated images are starting to impress us even more. While the key to the actual design lines remain in the hands of the BMW folks in Munich, it is still interesting to see what the community and graphic artists portray the 6er to be.

As mentioned several times before, the new 6 Series is looking to regain its status as an iconic car in the BMW line-up and not only. The new super sleek sports car will once again sit at the top of BMW’s offerings and will bring more fire to the competition.

While the rendering below might be on the right track, there are still plenty of elements from the CS Concept left in it. Certainly we enjoy this, but the actual product might take a different route. Based on the last spy photos the headlights design seem to be on the right track, following the same lines as the newly revealed BMW models.

bmw760li20101280x960wal 655x540

According to reports, the front-grille dimensions will increase, both in height and width, a trend that we have also seen recently from BMW. A more muscular look is much expected and needed, so shorter overhangs and wider fender flares will give the new 6er that aggressive look we crave for.

As we approach the unveiling date (Fall 2010), expect to see more revealing photos and more information “leaked” by BMW.

Update:  Here is another approach by a different artist, this time illustrating the Convertible model.

2011 bmw 6 series convertible 655x441

[Rendering by Alpine325ci at E90Post ]

19 responses to “2011 BMW 6 Series Coupe rendered….again”

  1. Joe says:

    The top shot is amazing.

  2. ys says:

    The bottom picture looks like a 5 series. Sigh, BMW is becoming like Audi. Every model looks about the same. =( Some how, I miss Chris Bangle with his distinctive touch on every different model!

  3. dave says:

    This doesn’t look sleek at all… Not a real good rendering in my opinion.

  4. Brookside says:

    Pretty safe chops.. they’re somewhat appealing but so predictable.

    The 6-er is for the person who’s made it in life and doesn’t mind letting the world know it. These designs muzzle that impulse. In spite of the low slung appearance and adoption of the new design language it just feels not-so-new and not so special. I know these are speculative renderings but essentially they are taken from BMW’s hints to the press as to what it’ll look like.

    This is the perfect segment for BMW to take a chance and go balls out- has anyone met a 6-er owner who’s shy and retiring? I haven’t. It’s not that kind of car and so far these predictive sketches are giving us more of the BMW me-too look.

    If it turns out this way and at this price… hate to say it……I’d go for an Audi S5.

    • Josh B says:

      Couldnt agree with you more Brookside well put. The 6 series needs to stand out. Wether you love or loath the current 6-er its a stand out unique car, (i love it). My mum has a convertible 6-er and loves its design. Its what makes it so special and desirable. My friends have mixed views on the appearance of the car but they all respect it and its boldness. Merc CL/CLK/E-class coup all relativly boring car in design and dont demand respect on the road (CL might).
      BMW needs to make a car with a wow factor to it. Thats what the current 6 series owners want because now their are other options for around the same money. (Masarati Grandtorismo…)

      • bob says:

        Guys. One thing that can safely be said of renderings, particularly of upcoming BMWs, is that we know what they WON’T look like; they’re always wrong.

        As with every Bangle BMW, it’s not wise to pass judgement without having seen in 3D.

        Until then, let’s keep in mind this quote from Jim O’Donnell: “in my opinon, the next 6 Series is the best-looking car that BMW has done in years. It’s really stunning.”

        I’m curious to see what he means…

        • Brookside says:

          Bob your counsel is always wise and informed-but are you quoting the Jim O’Donnell who is President of BMW North America? Ask yourself if you wouldn’t expect a BMW uber-honcho relatively new to the job- to be 100% out there touting the new 6-er even if it looked liked dog food? You know like “where’s my big paycheck and bennies – I only said the car was dog doo?”

          The general consensus in this thread is that the chops (and now we know at least one of them is from spy photos) don’t seem daring enuff- you said in an earlier thread that BMW design is in a refinement rather than a revolutionary mode. Or words to that effect. These chops seem to confirm your incredible prescience.

          • bob says:

            You had me until “general consensus”. “General consensus” & “artists’ renderings” are synonymous, IMO.

            Speaking of opnions, please read O’Donnell’s again. He made it a point that he was speaking personally, not in a corporate capacity. Further, the “…in years” part is bascically a jab at every other BMW car. Not something Tom ‘never nervous’ Purves would say. For two fellow Scots, one immediately after the other, they couldn’t seem more different.

            And, since you seem to feel that your opinion represents the general consensus, why the ‘predicably safe’ chatter? To your credit, you’ve confirmed that the current generation is of *evolution* not *revolution* So, why expect anything more?

            O’Donnell has seen the new 6 Series; we haven’t. I’m still curious what precisely he meant. I believe he also said something about the lack of a Bangle Butt; b-b-b-but, how would that per se make it “stunning” vis-a-vis every other BMW car “in years”?

  5. Laszlo says:

    the 2nd picture is downright ugly. That fender thingy which intrudes into the door panel is horrific.
    The top picture is a 5 series coupe. Not bad but not special either. I agree that BMW should finally create a really nice large coupe again. Like the M1 or the 8 series… something that people would dream of. Nobody dreams of a 5 series coupe, does it ?

    • Gerald Alvarez says:

      FYI that is not a 5 series coupe there is no such thing. i rendered this car using the latest spy photos of the new 6 series. the bottom convertiblewasnt done by me i have no idea who rendered that car.

  6. Doug says:

    the facial expression on the car is a little goofy

  7. BMW Reviews says:

    Yes, I also agree, if BMW wants to be able to sell a lot of the 6 series they have to make it pop with design! Thanks for posting! Click my name or my link below to see my reviews on BMWs! Thanks! Please click!


  8. X7 says:

    OMG, So Hot

  9. Charlie Crocker says:

    ok vast improvement from the present version – however guess anything would look better than that monstrosity. This car looks too boring and sensible – and will not go down in history as an iconic model like the shark nose design – Thankyou BMW for creating more ugly ducklings. Anyone for McBangle – because if they did it would probably be the most foul looking burger on the planet.

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