Spied again: The 2011 BMW M car based on 1 Series Coupe

14 04 2010 Spyshots020 750x500

The controversy around the name of the new M vehicle based on the 1 Series Coupe has reached the highest level among BMW fans, and  …

The controversy around the name of the new M vehicle based on the 1 Series Coupe has reached the highest level among BMW fans, and  the opinions are split between the “right” naming convention. While many of us refer to the new M as the M1, there are others that take a different approach: 1M and even M135i.

As of now, based on our inside sources, BMW has not reached an unanimous decision and while focus groups have leaned towards the M1 name, the final decision is yet to be finalized. According to our sources, votes have been received from several BMW entities around the globe, including North America, but the branding label continues to stir up some controversy among BMW executives.

With that being clarified, at least for now, let’s recap some of the important information we know about this new M car and also enjoy these latest spy photos that show the car around the ‘Ring, but also closer than ever.

14 04 2010 Spyshots023 655x436

The new M is powered by an updated/upgraded N55 engine by the M Division. The 1,500 kg M1 also features a high performance intercooler and the output is said to be measured at 345 horsepower.

At the front-end, the front bumper will be larger and more massive than any M-Package we have seen so far, and the usual fog lights are gone. The massive front bumper will allow air to flow for the High Performance Intercooler.

Brake air ducts will provide cooling for the six piston ceramic brake discs and the M1 showcases two ducts on the bonnet, one for air flow and the other purely for cosmetic reasons.

13 04 2010 spyshots046 655x436

As seen on all the other M models, the BMW M1 will also sport wider fenders and wheels, plenty of carbon fiber elements and a visual appealing bootlid.

Inside, an M branded, sporty design is included.

The car will go on sale in mid 2011 and is rumored to cost about 10,000 euros more than the current 135i Coupe, and the production cycle will last 12 months.


More photos at PistonSpy

23 responses to “Spied again: The 2011 BMW M car based on 1 Series Coupe”

  1. Z3 says:

    Some features that usually make the M-car exterior are still missing… unique bumpers, sills and mirrors, modified front fender with turn signal light, 4 exhaust pipes, or proper carbon roof…

  2. Z3 says:

    Here we have regular 135i witch larger wheels and perhaps more hp uder the hood… so 135si or tii

  3. Bryce says:

    Yeah, this doesn’t look like an ‘M’ to me. It also seems like the same car is always caught in pictures, which makes me wonder if maybe a 1-series owner just bolted on a wide-body kit, taped over the Roundel, and bought some really large wheels.

  4. Laszlo says:

    this is just a guy with a 135i trying to look funny and sporty. thats a normal 135i with ugly rear wide fenders and huge 20″ wheels and probably not much else.
    because of the tapes on the roundel the person thought it was a BMW prototype.

  5. Simon Bobik says:

    I think the car may not actually become an M car.. but maybe a more performance orientated IS car… maybe moreso than the new 335is..
    Now i know most of the body panels aren’t fitted to this car, but the previous photos just posted showed that the front half of the roof is camoflauged, but the rear half isn’t.. I personally think BMW is doing a number of testing things at once on this car to keep us guessing.. carbon roof? i doubt it.. I think BMW would leave it out to keep costs down.. Considering it’s only the front half covered.. could mean a panoramic sunroof for an update of the 1er?
    I’m trying to stay positive but i’m really trying to avoid from hyping myself up about this car.. considering BMW aren’t tryin to exactly make this an M3 killer, considering it will be a lot cheaper… apparently around 335i money i’m guessing. Hopefully it’ll still be good value for money.. however i think because of the price it will be set at, things like the carbon roof and all of the driving controls that the M3/5 and 6 have won’t be available… This will probably be the replacement of the M roadster.. the stripped out, hardcore driver’s car from BMW.. more about essence than technology.

  6. Mike says:

    The forward portion of the roof has rivets in it cleary seen In other spy shots. I believe it is that a sunroof was removed and temp piece of sheet metal was intstalled for that 40lb, high center of gravity area, savings. If you look closely the rear fenders are riveted on as well.

    This is starting to look like an 135is similar to the Z4is, look at the two front-ends together.

    Also, “six piston ceramic brake discs,” Really?????

    • Simon Bobik says:

      The fact that the rear track is so wide could also mean that there could be a widening of the whole rear, not just a more aggresive sport pack (skirts and bumpers).. which is really only used in M models.. the IS Z4 and 335 don’t have widened fenders as far as i know.. they also probably didn’t want to give it away so they just made the fenders on this current 1er large enough to take the rear axel

  7. Auday says:

    All 3 photos look like photoshop work to me.

  8. Steven Bertz says:

    if the only argument against this being an m is “it doesnt look like an m” thats a lousy argument. the m5 spy pics for the 2012 dont have carbon roof or vents in the early pics either so find something else to disagree about

    • Simon Bobik says:

      If you’re referring to my comment you’ll notice that i said that i knew that it only has the M sport body kit, but i didn’t say that it wouldn’t be an M car because of that. If the 1er did become an M car i’m thinking it would be a very raw M car, with limited technological equipment such as the gear ferocity options and so forth.

  9. e46 says:

    my vote…. M135CSi

  10. EMPOWER says:

    What ever it is, it should not be called the M1. I know BMW has an 328 the same name as the car that gave birth to jaugar. But the M1 was the birth of M cars and should not share its name with the chepest developed m car ever. Thats go back to the 70s or 80s and call it the 1m turbo

    • Simon Bobik says:

      I can understand the whole heritage about the M1 and not using that name… what about M coupe?
      just like the M version of the Z4 was called the M roadster… might be their best bet

  11. Steven Bertz says:

    ok guys this is obviously the rebirth of the orig. cause there clearly a rear mid mount i6 …..not really……. so if it is called 1m m1 whatevs it doesnt matter bc it is very apparent that this is a front mount motor so this is not an exact rebirth if a rebirth at all. there are inside and unofficial confirmations from motorsport that the m1 will be back but this is probably not it.

  12. Tony says:

    I vote for 1M. It kind of follows along with the current crop of adding an M to new M models (i.e. X5M and X6M, but lets not debate those models….lol).

    I have seen numerous articles discussing the potential M model of the 1 Series, so I don’t doubt that it is coming.

    To some of you that point out the missing visual elements from these pics, i.e. side vents. Those are purely cosmetic elements that can be added later. Early pics of the M5 and M6 were missing those as well, yet they showed up on the production model. If you are that concerned about them, the aftermarket already produces M fenders and hoods for 1 Series. As far as quad exhaust, it would be wasted on an I-6 motor. Another thing that can be purchased from the aftermarket, Remus currently sells one.

    I am axcited to see this happen. As soon as they start producing them, I am trading in my 08 135i for one!

  13. Charlie Crocker says:

    This will not be an m car – Calling it the M1 is an insult to injury to the M1 moniker which has motoring heritage. Legends have to be left as they are rather than resurrecting them as fake wannabes

    I agree calling it m135csi would be a better option and bmw get rid of those fairy headlights and get twin bezels like the dodge challenger or even better one large round headlight like the BMW 2002. May be using the lower headlights from the rolls royce phantom as a suggestion. Quad exhaust is a must to distinctively put it apart from the standard bmw 135i. Iconic cars remain in vaults, however this one is in question.

    Keep up the good work BMW

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