BMW Group with sales growth of 13.8% in first quarter

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4 12 2010 7 31 00 AM

The BMW Group increased sales by 13.8% percent in the first quarter: A total of 315,614 (prev. yr. 277,264) BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce brand automobiles …

The BMW Group increased sales by 13.8% percent in the first quarter: A total of 315,614 (prev. yr. 277,264) BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce brand automobiles were delivered to customers worldwide.

The company’s sales volumes rose 12.1% in March to reach a total of 141,701 (prev. yr. 126,381) vehicles. All three brands made strong gains: Sales of BMW brand vehicles climbed 12.7% to 117,696 (prev. yr. 104,423) units in the month under review. MINI delivered 23,880 vehicles in March (prev. yr. 21,888 / +9.1%), while Rolls-Royce automobiles were presented to 125 customers (prev. yr. 70 /+78.6%) last month.

Ian Robertson, member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, responsible for Sales and Marketing: “We are back on our growth track in nearly all the automobile markets. We had a good first quarter with a sales increase of 13.8%. We intend to continue improving on last year’s figures throughout the second quarter – thanks not least to the new BMW 5 Series Sedan and new models such as the 3 Series Coupé and Convertible.” Robertson added: “For 2010 as a whole, we are aiming for healthy growth in the single-digit percent range to reach more than 1.3 million vehicles.”

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The BMW Group made gains in almost all automobile markets in the first quarter. The company achieved new quarterly records not only in the emerging BRIC countries of Brazil (1,658 / +131.2%), Russia (4,668 / +11.6%), India (1,314 / +32.5%) and China (34,179 / +106.1%), but also in Austria (3,589 / +23.1%), South Korea (3,517 / +65.8%) and Malaysia (967 / +14.0%), as well as in the Latin American markets (4,173 / +71.0% – including Brazil) and the Middle East (3,908 / +13.1%).

Despite the overall downward market trend, the BMW Group was the only German manufacturer to also make gains in its largest single market, Germany, where it expanded its market share. With a total of 56,617 (prev. yr. 55,837) vehicles sold in the country in the first three months of the year, there were 1.4% more new BMW and MINI registrations than in the same period last year.
In the United States, the company posted a 7.4% increase in volumes, with sales of 55,051 (prev. yr. 51,244) vehicles between January and March. Substantial increases were also seen in other key markets: For instance, in the United Kingdom sales climbed 13.8% to 34,327 (prev. yr. 30,165) units; in France sales were up 5.2% to 14,462 (prev. yr. 13,745) units; and in Spain sales were 37.4% higher at 10,374 (prev. yr. 7,549) units.

Once again the BMW brand’s larger model series – the BMW 7 Series with 14,245 (prev. yr. 9,246 /+54.1%) deliveries and the BMW X5 and X6 models with combined total deliveries of 33,723 (prev. yr. 30,784 /+9.5%) vehicles – contributed to first-quarter sales gains. Another key growth driver in the first three months of the year was the BMW Z4 Roadster with 6,461(prev. yr. 1,563 / +313.4%) deliveries. All three model series remained the clear global market leaders in their respective segments.
With a million units produced since its launch in 2004, the BMW 1 Series is another driving force behind the growth of the world’s leading manufacturer of premium automobiles. In the first quarter of 2010, this compact model series with four body variants reported an increase in sales of 2.4% to reach a total of 47,909 (prev. yr. 46,798) units. What is traditionally BMW’s highest-volume series, the BMW 3 Series, recorded 91,619 (prev. yr. 89,468 / +2.4%) sales in the period under review.

Ian Robertson: “New orders for the two newly launched X1 and 5 Series Sedan models are looking very good – easily exceeding our already high expectations. We are also very pleased with the market response to the new BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo.” No fewer than 19,657 BMW X1 and 4,484 BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo were delivered to customers during the first three months of the year. The new BMW 5 Series Sedan has been available in Europe since late March and will launch in the US in June. Initial deliveries of the new BMW 5 Series Touring and the new MINI Countryman will begin in the autumn of 2010 – hence sales are expected to further increase in the second half of the year in particular. Revised models of the BMW 3 Series Coupé and Convertible, available to customers since late March, will provide additional momentum.

The main growth driver for the MINI brand in the first quarter was the MINI Convertible, which delivered the strongest growth with 5,954 (prev. yr. 1,878) sales worldwide (+217.0%). Considerably more customers chose the MINI One’s Hatch and Clubman variants than in the same period last year, with a total of 12,302 units (prev. yr. 6,889 / +78.6%) sold.

The BMW Motorcycle segment clearly exceeded last year’s sales in the first three months of this year: Sales were 20.9% higher at 20,840 units (17,232). In March 2010, 11,541 motorcycles – an increase of 26.8% – were delivered to customers (prev. yr . 9,100).

28 responses to “BMW Group with sales growth of 13.8% in first quarter”

    • Simba says:

      Sorry, but this is nothing to rejoice about! in fact, this is danger for BMW. A few years ago, Audi was selling half the volume of BMW, last year, it’s 80% and this quarter, Audi is just 1790 off BMW!

      This official statement obviously sounds all nice and rosy as it is official statement mainly aimed at its shareholders. They have clearly FAILED as they are drastically and dramatically losing market share to Audi.

      With the current trends, they will not be the no.1 premium car company in the world for very long. This report also has many coverups and omissions that are not dealt with. They report to you all the goods and none of the bads.

      This current sales report is a bad news for BMW if you look relative to the industry. This should be the summary:

      – BMW continously lose market share to Audi at a drastic rate and there is nothing the company can do as we are engaging in a cost cutting strategy.
      – BMW only managed to increase sales by 13% despite higher than 13% market growth many regions.
      – BMW is about to hand over the crown to Audi depite our product competitive advantage and superiority.

      • bob says:

        1. “A few years ago, Audi was selling half the volume of BMW,”

        Absolutely false!

        2. “last year, it’s 80%”

        False, but getting closer.

        3. “and this quarter, Audi is just 1790 off BMW!”

        Not accurate but close enough.

        4. “…as they are drastically and dramatically losing market share to Audi.”

        What precisely is the difference between losing market share “drastically” as opposed to “dramatically”?

        5. “This should be the summary:…”

        Unreasonable forecast, based upon weak analysis. One major problem — beyond the blatant factual errors — is that BMW’s and Audi’s respective product cycles aren’t considered…This can have a huge impact shorter-term.

        • Simba says:

          1, 2, 3 are rounded figures, and they are in that range.

          4. my “drastic” points to the period of time, i.e. short in this case, “dramatically” refers to the magnitude in the fall of market share, lost to VW’s Audi.

          5. Just you watch, I predict that BMW will lose its crown by the end of this year or next.

          No matter what the cycles are, BMW should be well ahead of Audi if we look at last year and most certainly the years before. It has never been this close where you rely on the cycles to differentiate between the two. Audi was way behind – 3rd brand and they have done something right for the customers and the public while BMW were and is still busy with self destruction over the recent few years.

          • bob says:

            1. “A few years ago, Audi was selling half the volume of BMW,”

            Which year was that? What were the EXACT figures for both BMW & Audi for that year?

  1. Giom says:

    Oh glorious! Music to my ears.

    Now lets hear some comments from you-know-who, and get it over with.

    This is proof – to all the nay sayers – that BMW is doing their job – which is growing the brand while still delivering quality sporty cars.

    Well done to all at BMW!

  2. Babken says:

    BMW RULES THE PREMIUM SEGMENT AS ALWAYS! I’m looking forward to the new 5 Series enter to the market. And then bye-bye E-Class.

    • Simba says:

      The real competitor is Audi. With the current trend, BMW is detined to hand over the crown to VW’s Audi (can you believe it! Audi’s with VW parts outselling exclusive BMWs)

      a few years ago Audi sales were at 50% BMW’s, last year 80%, this quarter, Audi is just 1790 off.

      If I was management at BMW, I would be very worried. As a shareholder, I’d consider pulling out. As mentioned before in the article about BMW FWD cars, management is saying all the right stuff to please shareholders in the short term, but they are pissing off their customers and supporters and that would piss off the shareholders as well in the medium to long term.

      Wait for the sad moment where we will have a new King disguised in premium outfit to rule the premium market.

      • Babken says:

        Personally I don’t consider Audi a competitor for BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Both BMW and Mercedes-Benz give thorough details about each of their models sold. The same can’t be said with respect to Audi. Why? Just because the vast majority of the cars sold are USD30000 cars like A3. This fact alone puts Audi far lower BMW and Mercedes-Benz. How can I put an automaker on the same level with BMW and Mercedes-Benz when its cars are made on Volkswagen platform?

        • Simba says:

          That’s exactly what the rest of the world should realise. Especially with the A1 that is coming up, which is based on a VW POLO and SEAT – can you believe this! The sad truth is that becasue of the badge, and some other factors at Mini (like the dating shape, which they have said, will not change), the A1 will steal many sales from Mini. It will also be priced under the Mini.

          In many countries, BMW and Audi sales and almost the same, despite Audi being inferior. I think BMW’s marketing and brand building (or the lack thereof) is to blame. Audi also followed BMW footseps to gain success and decrease the competitive advantage gap between the two. Well, at least their cars (Audi) won’t be associated with terms like YUCK, FUGLY, HIDEOUS, etc. This is the sad reality.

  3. 100$ GUY says:

    Yeah, Audi outsells MB for the first time
    But could not surpass BMW.

  4. 100$ GUY says:

    Well well
    Look, it seems that in reality,

    Automotive News Europe — April 12, 2010 13:46 CET

    MUNICH — BMW brand outsold Audi by 1,709 units globally in the first quarter to maintain its place as the world’s No. 1 premium brand.

    BMW brand’s global sales increased 13.8 percent to 265,809 in the quarter compared with 264,100 for Audi.

  5. Toro says:

    Audi sells a lot more in the lower end of the spectrum (e.g. A3) and BMW sells more in the upper end of the spectrum (7er, 5er, M cars) than Audi. The average transaction for a BMW is a lot higher than Audi. Most Audis sold are lower end FWD A3s and A4s. Once you go above that, BMW dominates.

    So in that sense the only true competitor is Merc.

    • Simba says:

      Why then is Audi’s average profit per car higher than BMW’s if what BMW is selling is suppose to be more profitable as it is selling more higher end market products? You are wrong.

  6. 100$ GUY says:

    Toro, u have links with that data?

  7. CoCo says:

    So what if Audi exceeds BMW in sales? What’s important is that BMW continue to make cars that are great to drive. Likewise, profitability of BMW is more important in the long run then market share alone. Not much good if you are no.1 when you are losing money like GM was. Being no.1 is only for bragging rights, I rather have BMW make great cars and profit which at the end of the day is what really counts.

    • Simba says:

      Well then BMW can not pride themseves with being No.1 if they lose that spot. If BMW is making superior cars, seen to be making superior cars and marketing them correcty, there is no reason why a superior product is not No.1. Why then do we have a situation where a clearly lower than premium car like Audi beating BMW in sales when they sell for more or less the same price? Clearly, more and more people find Audi more desirable, could be becasue BMW is doing something to destroy it own brand and desirability of their own products lately: Colud be:

      them insisting on Run Flats when many customers want a choice
      Audi seem to be more sporty as BMW embark on their efficient dynamics campign too much, which is not the brand’s core values BTW, it is a nice add on though.
      Designs that shock the public in a bad way – lack of elegance maybe

      • Simba says:

        Forgot to add:

        FWD cars coming up
        Lack of R8 competitor in the sports car line up – most people will say: How can BMW (as a brand) be sportier than Audi…. they don’t even have something like the R8, all they have is normal sedans like M5… R8 really did a lot to th Audi brand, BMW should learn more from that instead of just banning products based on idividual product decisions with no considerations to what it can do to the brand.

  8. Toro says:

    This for the U.S.:

    In Europe Audi does better than in the U.S. in their sales mix. But still 5er > A6 (not now because the F10 is just coming online) and 7er > A8, M > RS (no doubt – look at production numbers.

    Audi has been getting a huge boost from the Q5 which is destroying the X3 in sales. That party will soon be over with the double punch of X1 + new X3.

  9. CoCo says:

    Simba, you got anything to back up your claims? I guess not.

  10. rlk says:

    Aside from being BMW fans and making ignorant comments that Audi is somehow “inferior” to BMW shows lack of knowledge of the premium car market (do you have somekind engineering proof of this? Seriously!). Aside from discussing engineering and other technical reasons, professional comparisons, etc. which debunk many bias opinions here, and the simple fact that Audi platforms are not shared and that Audi operates independently with its own technology, Audi has simply managed its business much better than BMW basically not selling the farm for short volume gains which have eroded the BMW brand. It is no surprise that that Audi has higher residual values and higher profit per unit than BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Furthermore, the A6 outsells the E-Class and the 5-Series globally and overall Audi’s sales mix of it premium high end cars is quite compartive to BMW and MB globally. Yes, Audi lags in the US, but that is changing quickly. So, instead of making negative unfounded comments against Audi which are not based in fact like Audi sells tons of A3 (well, BMW depends heavily on the 1-Series and the 3-Series for th bulk of its global sales) you should focus your attention to what BMW is doing right or wrong as a business and not make up excuses by negating the competition. Audi is not a lower premium brand than BMW or MB. No expert in the automotive business and enthusiast community would agree with that statement if they wanted to be taken seriously. Also, Audi has proved itself remarkably better at motor sports than BMW or MB. Its Le Mans wins speak for themselves as does their DTM wins. Audi’s success in motor sports in the past decaded has propelled its image as a cutting edge technological manufacturer of premium cars, much more than BMW or MB has done. So let’s drop the old tired bias and address the real of issues of BMW’s problems, if they actually have any. Also, Audi has been relentless in its pursuit of BMW and MB from a competitive stand point, and one can see this strategy paying off. The new A8L will likely dipose of the 7-Series in all future comparisions as the the previous A8. Audi is also launching not only an A1, but an A7, Q1, S8, RS5, and a new A6. So don’t assume BMW will remain ahead. So the party will not be over as Toro claims. BMW is going to have to compete as it looses its competitive edge to Audi. Audi is buliding some amazing and stunning automobiles right now so acknowledge the fact rather than use outdated thinking. Unfortunately, BMW executives have the same arrogant mentality as those on this blog and that in itself will do you in. Never underestimate your competition. The RS5 will blow by the M3, or one might be eating the dust of the RS5.

    • Giom says:

      Wow dude…!

      BMW builds front engine – rear drive cars… their engines sit behind the front axle!

      YES!, Audi is inferior.

      Nuf said!

      • Simba says:

        I have been trying to say that the problem lies with BMW and that bunch of people who is sitting in the HQ building. Furthermore, what do you call an Audi that is using almost all the parts of the VW Polo??? Engineering excellence? I DON’T THINK SO. Do you want to compare a VW Polo to a BMW 1 Series or Mini and say there is no gap between them? Are you telling me that FWD is better than RWD? btw, you know they do that because they want to save costs making their VW and Audi brothers and sisters. Open your bonnet and see the VW and Seat badges printed on all those parts! I feel sorry for you and all Audi owners, paying premium prices for below premium products (covered up)

        The only thing that Audi is doing right is marketing, manipulating (see those movies with A6’s wheel spinning and smoke coming out of the rear wheels!), good exterior designs that are seen to be elegant and brand building with top end products like the R8. The rest is just not up to scratch. This is the reason why I call BMW’s strategy to be one of self destruction. I think the BMW design team has too much autonomy. These are not art paintings that you put up in a gallery, this is a company that is suppose to try make desirable products!

        • bob says:


          I posted this above. I guess you didn’t see it.

          Simba: “A few years ago, Audi was selling half the volume of BMW,”

          Which year was that? What were the EXACT figures for both BMW & Audi for that year?

    • Babken says:

      Pure nonsense. First, the A6 doesn’t outsell the 5 Series and the E-Class. Second, as I said, the vast majority of Audi sales is the cheap A3, so it’s not serious to compare that four-circle shit to Mercedes-Benz and especially BMW. Then, try to find the breakdown of Audi’s sales globally. I bet you won’t. Instead BMW and Mercedes-Benz give detailed data on each model sales. So why doesn’t Audi publish detailed data on each model sales? Just because the world will see that Audi is in the same league as Volkswagen. That’s the bitter truth for you, kid.

  11. BMW says:

    Excellent site, keep up the good work. I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks.

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