New Renderings: 2012 BMW 6 Series

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The renderings guessing game continues with some new computer generated images of the upcoming, redesigned, 2012 BMW 6 Series. GermanCarForum member Andy Valencia illustrates the …

The renderings guessing game continues with some new computer generated images of the upcoming, redesigned, 2012 BMW 6 Series. GermanCarForum member Andy Valencia illustrates the next 6 Series based on the recent spy photos and while the final result may vastly vary, it is still quite interesting to see different variations of one of the sportiest BMWs ever built.

Moving away from the CS Concept influenced renderings we have seen so far, these new images take some cues from another sporty and highly praised BMW, the new E89 Z4.

According to previous reports and inside sources, the next 6-series coupe and convertible will be radically different from the current cars’ styling. The current 6 Series is very polarizing due to the “Bangle butt” it carries, but the redesigned 6er, is rumored to be a “super sleek” vehicle, as seen in these latest spy shots as well.

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The 2011 6 Series is slightly longer and wider than the current generation. It will have shorter overhangs and a lower roofline which implicitly gives the car a more muscular look.

Despite some initial reports on a hardtop 6er, trustworthy sources mention the softop as remaining the only offering for the convertible.

While not officially confirmed, sources around the Munich-based automaker mention a November revealing of the new BMW 6 Series.

Here are more variations of the same rendering.

bimmedrf1d3 655x419


30 responses to “New Renderings: 2012 BMW 6 Series”

  1. X7 says:

    this car is so pretty

  2. Bryce says:

    I love the headlights, the hood, the wide kidney grills, the proportions, and the red interior. However, I seriously hope that spoiler looks different. I don’t like this rendering because my attention is drawn down from the kidney grills and not up. The first thing I see is the long horizontal ‘grille’ beneath the kidney grills and I think it swallows up the front end.

  3. Doug says:

    This looks like it should be a 3 series. It’s too sporty. The 6 should convey more refinement and authority.

    It’s a great design, though. It’s hard to tell them apart, aside from subtle difference in the kidney grille (the bottom picture being the best fit with the headlight flow).

    • Bryce says:

      I would think the 6 series should look even sportier than the 3 series. The 3 series is meant to be a daily-driver that is both sporty and refined, so as to reach the broadest market available since it’s the flagship model. The 6 series however needs to be significantly more sporty to compete with the likes of Porsche, Mercedes, Audi, and the like. A 6 series is worth twice as much as a 3 series, and it’s target market is people looking for a high-class sports car. If you want refinement and authority then by a 7 series for the same amount of money! This is the $80,000 sports car, not the $80,000 sedan!!

      • Doug says:

        Yes, well….. sort of. I agree the 6 should be better than the 3, maybe the question is in what respects. All BMWs should be refined, but as you go up the line they become more mature and conservative. The current 6 is an odd car IMO, because it’s a higher end sports car but it’s design (and clientele) says “luxury coupe” and that’s not at all what the M3 says with its all-business wheels, vents and bodywork. So these are really 3 different “dimensions” of aesthetic better-ness.

        So it depends on what qualities they wish to attribute to each, and I don’t think this fits with the 6 unless they intend to change marketing strategy for the car.

  4. viper says:

    bmw is in a SERIOUS CRISIS

    • Ansel says:

      I must painfully agree Sir.,

      • viper says:

        they dont like the truth! haha

        • Doug says:

          I think people are just tired of seeing your posts. I mean, essentially the rating system is being used as a grassroots nuisance filter.

          • X5SoB says:

            Hear hear! viper should be banned entirely.

          • X5SoB says:

            Actually Doug, That seems like a really good idea. If Horatiu won’t ban viper, why don’t we go ahead and rating system him out of this blog? What do you say guys? Go through the posts and VOTE.

          • Doug says:

            :). Well… actually… it depends on whether he gets a kick out of people voting him down or not.

            Banning seems hard to make work, and if it does, it’s likely to antagonize them further. Of course, you have to wonder what about bmwblog twisted his panties to begin with.

  5. M6 fan says:

    that looks good already

  6. M6 fan says:

    and it doesn’t look too sporty,all BMW-s should look sporty not only 3. series

  7. JL says:

    Bryce i salute you.

  8. Alex says:

    It will look nothing like the rendering, so why even waste your time typing what i think….

  9. Frederico Silva says:

    I don’t like to be a killjoy but if you see the latest spy video you will clarely see that the change direction lights are under the lights and not above, just clarify some things. Here is the spy video and a rendering more accurate if you concide me some permission, the rendering is in the comments area(it’s the second comment), it was made by the bimmerpost’s member Alpine325ci, enjoy and evaluate if you want:

  10. X5SoB says:

    Horatiu does say in the text that renderings are a guessing game. These are nice, however inaccurate they may be. Honestly, though, I can’t see any difference between the three pictures other than someone fooled with the contrast.

  11. rob says:

    i had an 07 650i convertible and am waiting for the new car to come down under and i will be one of the first orders. the problem with most idiots making stupid comments is you have never owned such a great car and never will.

  12. Artmic says:

    looks like a 3 series? huh?

  13. RayS says:

    This is better than the one designed in Muchen!

  14. Gmack says:

    When the 8 Series took the place of the 6 Series in 1990, It was a true example of a flagship coupe and stood out from any other BMW which is what it was suppose to do like the Benz SL. This 6 looks nice but the design is to close to the 3 series. It may be different in person I hope.

  15. tom says:

    They should make an all wheel drive version. if they do, im buying it.

  16. olumide says:

    Seriously am a true bmw fan but we need to be frank..dis design doesn’t have d sportiness of a 6 series.even my e60 does beta in bryce said ‘this is a 80k sports car’ can do bera for dis 6 if dey don’t want it to be outclassed by d carrera,cls and r6

  17. Sandeshbhalekar2007 says:

         I Like this Car 

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