Autocar drives the new BMW 530d

5-series | April 8th, 2010 by 20
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A new BMW 5 Series review has just popped up on our radar. The UK folks over at Autocar spent some time testing the 2011 …

A new BMW 5 Series review has just popped up on our radar. The UK folks over at Autocar spent some time testing the 2011 BMW 530d, one of the most popular 5 Series model in the British market. While not scoring a full glorious review, the F10 5er is being praised for some of the things we’ve heard before, driving experience, interior design and handling, but according to them, it also lacks some things.

Let’s have a look.

“Whatever you think of the way a new BMW looks and feels, there’s one thing that is virtually guaranteed to impress: the way it goes.

The 530d is no exception. The 3.0-litre diesel’s headline figure of 242bhp is impressive enough on its own but when it’s coupled to nigh on 400lb ft of torque, flat-lining from 1750 through to 3000rpm, one can realistically expect fireworks.

BMW 5Series 3031010117532051600x1060

They arrive in the order of a 0-60mph time of 6.5sec, which is the ballpark of those we’ve recorded in Jaguar’s XF ‘S’ diesel and the Mercedes-Benz E350 CDI, and would be faster still were it not for a slippery test surface.

Once away from the line, the turbocharged unit pulls strongly through each gear. Left to its own devices with a strong throttle input, the eight-speed auto will allow the engine to rev out to 4500rpm before slipping through another shift that drops the engine right back into the meat of its ample powerband.

So, strong on performance, but what about refinement? BMW’s preference for straight-six cylinder engines allows it to harness the intrinsic smoothness of a layout whose primary and secondary moments are all in balance, resulting in a motor which spins freely and quietly. The hushed cabin tones are not just down to fine soundproofing, they’re engineered at source.

BMW 5Series 3031010117552361600x1060

BMW claims that the 5-series is the most overtly sporting car in this class, and while it does hold an agility advantage over the E-class, it lacks the centre-pivoted, fleet-footed feel of the Jaguar XF.

In this SE spec and without the active chassis, it also rolls more and has looser body control – surprisingly so for anyone coming from the old model. The BMW’s electrically assisted power steering is fine in its own regard (avoid the artificial-feeling Active Steer), but lacks the XF’s fluidity.


Be in no doubt, the F10 5-series is a very accomplished car. Arguably more for the breadth of its abilities than a strength in any single area. Which is saying something, given the margin by which this 530d’s powertrain betters its rivals. But the new 5-series is also refined, spacious, economical and (for the most part) comfortable. If you are looking for an all-rounder, it would be hard not to recommend it.”

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20 responses to “Autocar drives the new BMW 530d”

  1. Giom says:

    Yea yea, same old, same old. The typical Autocar BMW review…

    ‘The car is doing everything better than the others… but it just doesn’t feel special…’ mumbo jumbo. I don’t even know why BMW gives them cars to test – they allready know what the verdict will be.

  2. viper says:

    the rear looks terrible because of the twin tailpipes , it would be better if they were not visible at all or if it had one on each side , bmw is in serious design CRISIS.

    • wazon8 says:

      Wow, you’ve created new phrase “BMW is in serious design CRISIS”, which appear in almost each of your post. But setting jokes aside, MB is in serious design crisis since they made from E-class corean look-like car. I spent some time in and drive, but only in traffic :(, brand new 530d and car is brilliant, both as a driving machine (however, I didn’t have an opportunity to fully enjoy it) and in terms of design style. It looks really modern and profile of its front has a little bit more shark-like look (kindneys are protruding bit more than I expected), which is hard to notice from photos alone, but which really look great.
      BTW, viper, BMW made Z4 2009 an year ago and has been awarded for it, so talking about crisis is huge exaggeration. If you find another reason to dislike BMW, why do you still care so much about their cars? You are not a guy who misses e30 M3-like cars and still cannot reconcile himself with modern era cars, because you’ve never had even top 3-er and you allegedly have W211 with 3.0 litre diesel, which actually is far from being sportive. The last fact gives good explanation why you don’t appreciate good handling and don’t understand what BMW fans are looking for in their cars. You like boring drive, good for you, I respect that. I don’t like such kind of driving, why you don’t respect that and still write your craps here. I don’t know.

    • Jordan says:

      if you want the exhaust pipes not to be visible… please go buy a Nissan Leaf, it doesn’t have any!!

      • viper says:

        better nothing than two on one side , doesnt look simetric and by the way
        wazon: you are serious right? I dont care what bmw people want from their cars , all I know is that whoever drove a bmw now drives a MB , its just that simple,period. either a old man with 60 or 35year old or a 25year old it doesnt matter , some sooner some later , but mostly later , why? dont ask me , sl , slk , cl , slr do not fit old men in my opinion , a younger guy in E class….hmm , could be , a 22year old in an S class , wow! I respect ur bmw serious , but nowdays they just make ugly cars , its not just a matter of taste , most people will agree with me , except maybe here , the truth hurts at bmwblog.

        • Hossein says:

          “whoever drove a bmw now drives a MB”
          Unbelievably ignorant comments. Then tell me why BMW, and recently even Audi are outselling MB!

  3. billmilo says:

    It sounded like they were hard pressed to find something negative about it, because you can’t have a review and not say something negative about it.

  4. Ansel says:

    550I al black with white interior. nothing else is needed.

  5. Doug says:

    What’s this about Active Steering feeling artificial? AFAIK it varies the steering assist with speed so that you have better feel at lower speeds. Can someone describe this “artificiality”, because I’m doubt I’ve driven one with AS.

  6. milberg says:

    when will be sold the 35d on the 5 serie F10?

  7. Jatin Shah says:

    Hi guys .. m planning on the latest 530d….wanted to know if the engine is noisy at high speeds of 180 …. or silent …and moreover was planning on a white with cinamon brown interiors ….and what other interiors would look best to make it look very luxurious …how would oyster look or a venetian beige on a white car …..if u plzz help…one more thing it comes with a music system with 12 speakers …is it possible to upgrade the music system with a better sound if yes then plz suggest how how to go about it

  8. Jatin Shah says:

    hi guys ..if could suggest as i will be driving in mumbai India …what kinda wheels would u suggest which would look very attractive on the latest 530d in white colour m confused between wheel style 237 and wheel style 332 …lemme know if u hve anythin better…. or guys ..suggest which one is better…should i have side skirts in this car to make it a little sportyy…cheers

  9. Jatin Shah says:

    i had booked an audi a4 2.0tfsi.. and …sooon after seeing this…car…i just loved the features…and the power of this car ….isnt it a better choice …wt sayyy…..

  10. milberg says:

    I want a 535d, not a 530d!!!^

    • jatin shah says:

      dude there is no 535d in the offering for the latest 5 s besides the the 530d is very much faster then the outgoing model doing 0-100 6.3 secs …..thtssss fastttt

  11. milberg says:

    yeah i know.

    Do you know when the 535d will be sold?

    • Arash says:

      I suppose you should be expecting the 540d instead. The 306 bhp turbo! That’ll be a hell of a lot of a car!

  12. milberg says:

    yes exactly and i don’t find when it will be available!

  13. Amios says:

    Which is the best colour for the 530 d

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