Speculation or Truth: BMW will not sell next-gen 5 Series Wagon in U.S.

Rumors | April 5th, 2010 by 15
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In what it’s meant to be a breaking news article, LeftLaneNews “officially” announces that the new F11 BMW 5 Series Touring is not coming to …

In what it’s meant to be a breaking news article, LeftLaneNews “officially” announces that the new F11 BMW 5 Series Touring is not coming to the U.S.

Without quoting a credible source or a BMW official, LeftLaneNews goes on, in our opinion, speculating that the North American market is being the “step-brother” of the 5 Series Touring, or Sports Wagon, as we referred to it here on this side of the ocean.

If the news are indeed coming from BMW, then this is a decision that doesn’t really surprise us, nor many BMW consumers. Ever since the BMW 5 Series GT launched last year, the speculations around a 5 Series Touring retirement from the U.S. market have been amplifying every month. With sales that have been labeled as disappointing compared to a few years ago, the 5 Series Sports Wagon seemed to have lost its momentum in North America.

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Last year, BMW of North America sold 878 E61 5 Series Wagons. In comparison, the 5 GT sales exceeded 390 units, in the short period it was available in the marketplace. (Thanks for the numbers Bob).

If these news indeed become official, then this is a sad day for the BMW fans and also for one of the most classic vehicles in U.S. BMW line-up.

The first 5 Series Touring was launched in the late 1980s under the E34 platform. It was followed by the E39 and E60 models.

European customers will continue to enjoy the 5 Series Touring and the competition with Audi continues in this space.

15 responses to “Speculation or Truth: BMW will not sell next-gen 5 Series Wagon in U.S.”

  1. Andrew says:

    That’s disappointing if true – the F11 is a gorgeous car. If it looks as good as the F10 does in person then this car will be a huge hit…for those lucky markets who will receive it.

  2. Bryce says:

    For a select few, this will be a huge disappointment

  3. Peter says:

    Sales of a model that’s not advertised and rarly present on a dealer lot is in the slump, who would have thought?

  4. Laszlo says:

    So we get the butt ugly 5GT and not the pretty wagon ? shame on you BMW… advertise the wagon, put the wagon in the paper and TV ads and you will see an increase. When was the last time anybody ever saw a BMW Wagon Ad ? Also offer them in a non-AWD version and with a better engine. I for one would buy one, but not with AWD and not with the 2.5/2.8 engines. Give me a RWD 3.0 TT wagon with 300HP in the E60 form and I sign that lease/buy paper in a hurry.

    • VirginiaValley says:

      I have owned a 740i, a 540i, a 3 series convertible, a 530i and now have a 2008 535 xi. This is the BEST car have ever owned. I had two Mercedes 320 wagons and this car makes them feel like a grandma’s Buick. While the car looks great, driving it is an amazing experience. I was hesitant about the all wheel drive, not living in a cold climate, but have found that on winding mountain roads and during the occasional downpours, it has proven very valuable. This is one of the most underrated cars on the road. Shame on BMW for not promoting it more in the States.

  5. Ted Spahr says:

    I’d buy the wagon over the 5GT in a heart beat! The wagon is GORGEOUS!! So sleek, modern, proportionate, and just overall an amazing looking car… Sadly the GT doesn’t hold a candle to the wagon… But alas, the US market’s perception of wagon’s is the old GM and Ford offering’s with wood siding, disgusting interiors and horrid exterior…. So the tally of US automakers ruining great products that could be thriving over here by now….2 (diesels and wagons…) Stupid automakers.

  6. Paul says:

    I must agree. The 5GT is like a modern day Pontiac Astek, and the wagon is a gorgeous car. Tragic if true.

  7. Andrew says:

    All I can say from experience is that the 5 GT isn’t what I thought it would be. Initially, I hated it. I drove it and spent some time in one and it’s a nice car. My first choice of vehicle? No, but it does have its merits.

  8. Doug says:

    This has to be true because: having developed the 5GT they need to make it a success, so remove any model that will compete with it. It’s political.

  9. efoza says:

    The 5 GT is a must have for all BMW fans who like BMW for its modernity and bravery. It is a fab car to drive and own. I have noticed that a large number of VIP stars are now owning and driving them around Europe and USA. It really reminds me of how the X5 was born. It was initially hated by the mainstream BMW fans but then it caught on and look at it now. Anyone who really knows BMW knows that the 5 GT is the start of a new era in driving. Just look, Benz and Audi are now rushing to bring in their own GT style cars to compete.

    • Doug says:

      You’re framing this decision in terms of the qualities attributed to the owner, not the qualities of the car itself.

  10. Martin says:

    Looks like I might end up with the A6 Avant then. I’m not interested in SUVs or crossovers. Bad decision BMW; speaking of product drift, how soon before we get a pick up truck to compete with the Ford F150? I’m sure a celebrity somewhere will drive it.

  11. Harald says:

    I own an E61 in North America and other BMW vehicles both in North America and in Germany. I am extremely disappointed in BMW’s decision. I was looking forward to a F11 for a newer version. I dislike the 5GT. North American’s need to realize that the wagon is sportier and has a huge amount of space. It out performs the X5 and is not your grandfather’s vehicle. I am under 35.

  12. The GT is butt ugly and certainly doesn’t replace the wagon! It’s almost as useless as the x6 that they’ve been promoting! You buy a wagon for the practicality and the space it provides. We love our 5 series wagon and it saddens me that we’ll most likely have to get an E class Mercedes as a replacement.

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