InsideLine: 2013 BMW 3 Series – Early Look

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Without a doubt one of the most challenging products to redesign in the BMW family, is the high-volume seller and moneymaker 3 Series. The model …

Without a doubt one of the most challenging products to redesign in the BMW family, is the high-volume seller and moneymaker 3 Series. The model with the most fans around the world and several times awards winner is due for a refresh in 2013. While the details are sketchy at this stage in the game, several automotive publications are joining the prediction and assumption game.

InsideLine offers an early look at what we might see in 2013, but keep in mind, these assumptions could be misleading. According to IL, the new 2013 3 Series is styled after the F10 5 Series, which debuted last November.

First information that we can attest to is that the new 3 Series will go once again through a wheelbase increase. Second one, the 3 Series will come in five different flavors: sedan, coupe, convertible, touring and Gran Turismo.

2013 bmw 3 series front ns 32210 717 655x436

Know internally as the Progressive Activity Coupe, the 3 GT has a higher roof when compared to the existing 3 Series Wagon and of course, a longer wheelbase as well. Following the steps of its “bigger brother”, 5 Series Gran Turismo, the 3 GT will be available in a smaller segment and will share some personalization features such as optional bench or individual seating . It will bring a personal approach to luxury and will differentiate itself from the Wagon model.

Although the 3 Series convertible just received a retractable hardtop for its last major redesign in 2007, InsideLine speculates that BMW is now considering reverting to a fabric soft top in place of the heavier steel roof. The new 6 Series will also continue to use a soft top.

Since efficiency seems to be the law within BMW these days, we expect to see a wide range of four-cylinder turbocharged engine, but don’t sweat quite yet, the six-cylinder powerplant will remain in this new model.

2013 bmw 3 series rear ns 32210 7171 655x436

To continue down the same path of EfficientDynamics seen in the recent models, all variations of the new 3 Series will have stop-start technology and Valvetronic variable valve timing.

With increasing pressure from Audi, BMW has no room for mistakes and without a doubt, the pressure within the Munich-based company is quite high. We’re fairly confident that Adrian Van Hooydonk and his team of designers will give us one more time the Ultimate Driving Machine, the sport luxury automobile we all got accustomed to.

We wouldn’t want to be in the shoes of the designers that will win the internal design competition, but if the end-result is a success, they will become quite the stars.


31 responses to “InsideLine: 2013 BMW 3 Series – Early Look”

  1. Carlos Perez says:

    i would expect that the grills will be biggers

  2. Bryce says:

    I agree… the grills will be bigger and there will be some sort of detail between the grill and the headlights (some sort of line to break up the sheer roundedness of this rendering). I don’t think I care for this rendering, this is probably not a car I would go out and buy. Usually, I love renderings, but this one makes me cringe.

  3. Giom says:

    If it would look like these renders… I’d be happy. That first head-on shot is stunning. It looks very agressive purposefull. The smooth surface around the kidney grill, in my opinion, looks great.

    I also like the small headlights – not too crazy about the lower bumper, but it is interesting. The back is very CS like, but nice. Please BMW, pull something out of the bag for us!

  4. M6 fan says:

    there should be larger headlights

  5. LMendez says:

    It’s “face” looks too chubby for my tastes.

  6. tiM3 says:

    Way too much Acura influence IMO

  7. paul says:

    the current bmw board does not have the balls to aprove such a great looking car like that on bmw´s bread and butter

  8. Billy says:

    Inside line obviously has no sense of design- the rendering shown bears no resemblance whatsoever to the styling of the 5 series. No offence or anything, but that last picture is clearly a Photoshop. you can see light coming through a sunroof when clearly, there isn’t a sunroof. There is also no reflection for the car on the ground, whereas there is a reflection for the walls and lighting around it. You’d have to be an idiot to not see that.

    The continuous line that goes from the front to the back is too angled- the BMW 5 and 7 series have demonstrated that this line is going to be much more horizontal than previous ones. The front of the headlights- which angles upwards- I can guarantee will not be there. For those of you smart enough, you will have noticed the the headlights only angle upwards for GT models and will most probably stay that way pertaining to the whole BMW lineup. As for the size of the lights- well, they’re obviously way too small for a BMW. BMW’s are best known for their well-kept proportions and, looking at it right away, you can notice something odd about the way it looks, entirely attributed to it’s warped proportions.
    It looks plausible as maybe a design study, but I have high doubts that the 3 series sedan will look anything like this.

  9. Andrew says:

    I think the heavy CS Concept design cues look pretty good. I actually like this rendering alot

  10. I think it Looks Evil. I can see the Hatred in it’s eyes:D,..
    I LOVE the CAR!!!!!!!!Woooowwwwwww if they make it agressive as it looks. it will be a car that will be remembered for the next 20 yrs.

    But Sadly BMW has a way of making the 3 series Dull.

    The E46 looked the best. I loved the chunky interior. and the beautiful headlights.and the body design still looks fresh to my eyes. but I just hope to God that they make it more aggressive and challenges the other Auto’s when standing in the Red light waiting for it to turn Green:)

    Quote for BMW manufacture people that are in there mid 30’s they’ll buy a 5 eries or X5 or 7 series if the budget allows. but people that go for a 3 series they want JOY and HAPPINESS and LOOKS every morning when they are bout to get in the car they should love to take it for a rid even for midnight cruise.

    • Doug says:

      Agree with you on all counts. They may come up with a great design and save it for the midway facelift or M bodywork. The E46 was the best design, especially that wrap-around interior.

  11. n8n says:

    Gross, I bet it will look much much different than this crappy renderings… :D …I hope so…. :D

  12. etuoyo says:

    No way on earth would the new 3 series look as good as this. It would be a million times more dull looking. Will still sell like mad though.

  13. efoza says:

    Given the mass success of the new 5 GT I would not be surprised if the 3 GT will also be the number one choice in 2013.

  14. Julien says:


  15. viper says:

    a little bit of E60 on the back there , but overall the best 3er ever , looking fresh mean aggressive and newish 2010ish , the front kicks ass.
    too bad bmw will never build this , screw you bmw

  16. Doug says:

    I like this design and many of its touches, like the splitter sculpting. However, I think the headlights are too small for such an important design element. The tail lights are… kind of ugly and someone is assuming they’ll be based on the shape of those of the current 3.

    As for 3 GT….. WHY does it need a higher roof line??? I don’t understand BMW’s fascination with crossovers. All people need is the utility of a hatchback, preferably a subtly designed one. Why is this simple need so strongly coupled with the need for chunky crossover design???

    • efoza says:

      you need to drive the 5 GT to understand why. In Germany and many other countries in Europe the GT’s selling point is the drive and its absolutely wonderful comfort zone inside. I think it is an experience which really needs to be undertaken by all BMW fans who have doubts about the GT. It is a 100% fab car.

      The GT is most likely the grand design of this decade from BMW; like the X5 was in the year 2000. Try it and enjoy!

      • Doug says:

        They all have wonderful drive and comfort zone, and I’m sure the 5GT is superb.

        However, if I want the utility of a hatchback, I am forced to choose a crossover. This is an artificial association by their marketing dept which literally stereotypes the target customer.

        Moreover, it means that they *won’t* offer a simple hatchback because it would erode the distinction of the GT.

        Say I manufactured hats. Some people want feathers in their hats, I notice. My marketing department then draws up a profile of the feather-hat people and the ideal product to hit that niche, a fedora with a feather in it. Now, statistically, it may make sense and do well, but the hidden arithmetic are all the would-be customers who think fedoras are idiotic.

  17. Adam says:

    Those renderings are gorgeous, but I think BMW is going to play it safe and make the car less aggressive-looking.

  18. p.wong says:

    no running daylights leds, leave that mess to audi and trend follower mb…

    • sam says:

      bmw has the perfect most natural daylight running lights in the form of the corona rings unlike its competitors with those tacky, me too ones (yes im talking about you audi and mercedes)

  19. korede roberts says:

    looks quite aggresive lets see what the interior looks like this time around. quite nice

  20. Oracle11 says:

    Front doesn’t look good..Bit bulky..

  21. Anonymous says:

    Way too much like a Jap car – I see Acura with a different logo.   I love my beamer and was hoping they would do better than that.  The 2013 should raise the value of the 2011.  Who wants an Acura with a four-banger?

  22. Anonymous says:

    Maybe even close to a Mitsubishi?

  23. Mimo says:

    i love it

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