Spy Photos: 2012 BMW 6 Series Coupe spotted for the first time

Spy Photos | March 31st, 2010 by 15
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After months of 6 Series Convertible spy photos, the next generation 6er Coupe makes its first appearance. Still sporting heavy camouflage – plastic fake body …

After months of 6 Series Convertible spy photos, the next generation 6er Coupe makes its first appearance. Still sporting heavy camouflage – plastic fake body parts underneath the psychedelic camouflage – the test mule brings some hope into our hearts.

At the front-end, despite the camo, we can sense an influence from the CS Concept, especially around the headlights design.

Looking from the side, a very sleek design is starting to shape up, in a way confirming a previous statement by BMW North American CEO, Jim O’Donnell, who expressed his enthusiasm for BMW’s new generation 6 Series due to launch in 2011 by calling it “Best-looking BMW in years”.

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Moving at the rear-end, the profile brings back the same CS Concept memories, mostly around the rear quarter. The bootlid is integrated into the body and it curves around the rear quarter.

If you look closely you can see the current car’s line that allows the bootlid to be placed on top as it curves towards the rear quarter.

Without a doubt, the new 6er has grown in size, larger and wider than the current generation.

A panoramic roof option will be offered for the new BMW 6 Series.

Engine wise, not surprising at all, an ActiveHybrid 6 Coupe is being considered, most likely featuring a similar setup as the X6 or 7 hybrids.

Two diesel powerplants are going to be offered as well, 640d and 650d. Petrol lovers will get to choose btween the six cylinder 640i and the high-end eight cylinder 650i, an upgraded engine based on the V8 twin-turbo.

The first model to be unveiled will be the 6 Series Convertible, followed shortly by the Coupe.

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15 responses to “Spy Photos: 2012 BMW 6 Series Coupe spotted for the first time”

  1. michael says:

    it’s interesting that the convertible is being unveiled first as it’s normally the coupe that gets unveiled first. Very interesting!
    Very much looking forward to seeing what the new 6er looks like :)

    • L1ndja says:

      Well its not that interesting if you think that there will probably never bee a cupe model because the convirtable will have a hardtop.Have you ever seen a test mule of a coupe 6er ? No ,i gues there wont be one.

  2. Nick says:

    This is a pic of the convertible NOT the coupe – look at where the roofline meets the top of the windshield – there is a distince line across including where the side windows meet the roof at the front. It’s a hardtop Convertible!

  3. Nick says:

    You can also see where the roof breaks in half where the front and back side windows meet a teh roof. It’s definitely the vert!

  4. billy says:

    It doesn’t look like there’s enough room in the headlight for an eyelid- but i think it’ll still look amazing.

  5. Thommas says:

    It is the Coupe , Cabrio models do not have extra wide B-Pillars, maintained so the car remains solid and provides extra rigidity for the dynamics.
    The Coupe will be announced in November with the World Premiere scheduled for the Geneva auto salon in under a years time.

    The disguise is evident on the roof to compare to it’s sister car the all-new Cabriolet.
    The Coupe will be launched first .BMW have never released a Coupe before a Cabriolet , Adrian Van Hooydunk says it best . “The best test for a Coupe design is to see if we can make a good Convertible”

    BMW always test cabrio models first it is primarily to do with the added weight over the rear axle and work on the packaging of the roof when it is to be stored.
    Dont be surprised if the F33 is testing before the Coupe because of this reason.

  6. JL says:

    What type of engine will the 650d have?

  7. elgee says:

    are they sure about a 50d ? I really doubt that but we never know.

  8. Nick says:

    @Thomas – it isn’t the coupe – look at the other photos, specifically the side photo – you can clearly see the three part roof similar to the 3 convertible.

  9. Thommas says:

    @ Nick. Cabrio models do not have a B-Pillar which is clearly evident in the Photographs. This is not a Baur type BMW conversion nor is it equipped with a roll bar in the vain of the VW Golf/Rabbit Mark I which would ruin the lines of the new Cabrio. This is the F12 BMW 6er COUPE. The Split lines across the roof are insulation tubes , when testing a Hardtop Z4 BMW added these tubes to the roof to disguise the car’s Coupe roof – I should point out that there will be as of now NO Z4 Coupe as the fixed roof is only available on the GT car.
    The tubes across the 6er Coupe are to convince that it is still it’s Cabrio sister.

  10. mostafa says:

    At first glance, I, too, thought this was the coupe – but after looking at the full scale pics, it seems that this is indeed the hardtop convertible.

    @ Thommas – these are not insulation tubes in the roofline, they are gaps. compare this to the 3er cab and you will see similar lines clearly evident. Only difference is that these lines are far less prominent, adding that BMW has definitely been improving on their design. The black color also makes it hard to distinguish the lines, but they are definitely there. Also, look at the cutout of the trunk – it looks like it can be opened in both directions. The b-pillar is there and this I agree, but we must remember that this is indeed a test mule – certain parts can be tacked on and taken out just as easily to fool the public.

    The main competitor to the 6er is the Mercedes SL, which we all know is a hardtop cab. It only makes sense, both competitively and financially, that BMW follow this format as well. The biggest argument of the previous generation 6er owners was that they wanted a hardtop convertible. By including a hardtop for the 3er and z4, why would BMW skimp out and provide a softtop for their range topping coupe? It makes little sense for BMW to have a coupe and a cab, when the demographic is calling for a mixture of both.

    More so, BMW has ALWAYS tested coupes first and developed cabs second. It could be that the first cab prototypes we saw were testing for chassis refinement or driving dynamics. This is just a progression of that, with the hardtop added on. For BMW to release a cab first and then a coupe makes little sense, unless the coupe was specifically reserved for the M6 (which is definitely a possibility – SL Black series anyone?)

    Of course, I could be wrong and this could go the other way – but if I am, kudos to you, Thommas.

  11. viper says:

    its a hardtop

  12. Stratus650 says:

    Thommas, I agree fully with Mostafa and Nick that this is a Convertible, and I have another proof for that. A convertible always have the seatbelts attached to the side of the driver and passenger Seats, since there is no B-pillar, so, how come this test mule has it’s driver seatbelt coming from the side of the Seat then ? Check this pic…

    a fake B-Pillar can be easily added with some black PVC sticker on the rear side windows to give a coupe/real B-pillar look.

  13. T. says:

    If you look at the photographs inside the car you can see the B-Pillar as it should be in a Coupe.
    Inside the Cabriolet there is no B-Pillar just the Glasshouse. Yes it is easy to disguise the B-Pillar with black tape on the inside , but inside there is actually a B-Pillar connected to the roof frame . This is not possible in a Cabriolet unless it is a fixed pillar which would probably kill the car’s design and it’s competitive ambitions.

    My name is Thommas , otherwise known as T. whose alter ego is SCOTT26.
    And the car is disguised to look like the Cabriolet.

  14. Nick says:

    If it’s a coupe, then why is there a distinct line across where the roof meets the windshield frame? And the line in the middle of the roof, oh and hte on in the middle of the camo’d section… oddly enough in the exact same places as where the 3 vert has the lines… hmmm. I guess you’re right – coupes with lines where hardtop verts have historically had them…

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