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7-series | March 28th, 2010 by 28
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The folks over at continue their video reviews with the new 760Li, BMW’s flagship. The new BMW 760i and 760Li are powered by a …

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The folks over at continue their video reviews with the new 760Li, BMW’s flagship. The new BMW 760i and 760Li are powered by a completely new 6.0-liter V12 all-aluminum engine with Twin-Turbo Technology, High Precision Injection with fuel injected directly into the combustion chambers, and to BMW’s infinite double-VANOS camshaft adjustment as well as the eight-speed automatic transmission featured for the first time in a BMW.

The V12 engine outputs 544 horsepower at 5,000 rpm, with maximum torque of 533 lb-ft at 1,500. The wheelbase has been extended by 5.5 inch providing more passenger space and comfort. BMW 760Li runs from 0-60 mph in just 4.6 seconds and it offers improved fuel consumption over the previous model by 4.5 per cent.

BMW 760i and 760Li will be offered in both rear-wheel-drive but also all-wheel-drive.

The exterior design has been slightly modified to differentiate the 760 models from the others, the kidney grille for the radiator boasts an extra-wide chrome frame in slightly concave design as well as bars extending powerfully to the front. The 19-inch wheels are only available on these models and together with the V12 model designation on the chrome-plated gills with their integrated side direction indicators at the transition point between the front side panel and the driver’s and, respectively, front passenger’s door likewise help identify the high-end 7 Series.

28 responses to “Video Review: BMW 760Li”

  1. viper says:

    well aside from annoying language , this review is by far the worst ever , all you get is this guy talking and driving on a really depressive landscape. great car tho , but please spare us all with this killer non interesting dutch reviews

  2. bnc says:

    Well this tiny little website called (sarcasm..) happens to be faster with the latest bmw news than The only problem is you have to understand dutch ;)

  3. bnc says:

    Yes I know & I apologise for the rather lame comment Horatiu. I LOVE for the exclusive & in-depth bmw content so keep up the great work :)

    • Horatiu says:

      Can’t always get the latest news and that’s okay with us, we’re doing a banging job and changed a lot in the BMW news space in the past four years, despite what everyone else says. Before us, there were only FORUMS.

      As far as the 760Li, there is a longer waiting list in the US to test drive some of these cars, the European magazines have the upper hand here.

  4. bnc says:

    I can only concur.. :) & waiting lists to test drive this car are maybe longer atm in the US but buying one will certainly be ALOT cheaper (+- $50000) in the US compared to the netherlands lol :)

    • Thijs M3 E30 says:

      The 760Li is more than a lot cheaper in the US compared to Holland. We have a combined tax of 50% on cars. My dad just ordered a 760li individual full options and the bill came to 250 000 Euro what is 336 000 USD.

      You might find our language annoying, but at least we provide you with subtitles. Germans or French reporters wouldn´t not even concider providing this service.

      • viper says:

        thats beacuse they dont have to translate. you either learn german , french italian and spannish or wont understand it they dont provide subititles when showing for example a movie , while in ur country they do , I dont think that something to be proud of at all and being surrounded by such huge taxes on almost everything why dont you move live somewhere else like I did?…I can buy a descent car in germany while in holland for same amount of money I could buy a dish set and a couple of forks..and as far as for this exact review I think that this car deserves much better attention rather than just sitting in and talking about specifications that everyone already knows , thats something I could do while reviewing a daewoo matiz or a citroen saxo

        • Thijs M3 E30 says:

          Well I do actually think it is something to be proud of. Because it makes The Netherlands more international and friendly for foreigners. We actually speak English, Whereas in Germany etc they don´t. Mainly because all English spoken movies get dubbed, so the result is Brad Pit speaking something in horrible German while his mouth is saying something in English.

          Why should I move to another country? I live a very decent life, we have public schooling, free healthcare and a decent social safety net. And so what if I´m paying little more then I´m getting back on my tax form, we still manage to drive an 760Li and in the meanwhile the person who has been less lucky can also get education. I realy think you should find yourself a different place on noom about things you have nothing to do with.

        • Thijs M3 E30 says:

          *Correction: on noom = to moan

          • viper says:

            man shut up , Ive been there and you are all the same , defending ur country , like everyone should do , except your arguments are extreme poor , dont make me start about that descent life you are talking about ,oh ok maybe guys like you are rich but Ive seen quite a few in ur country , maybe u are in those 3% , your life in general depends on weather and you live one helluva unhealthy life.
            nothing funnier when dutch people start talking about their ‘natuur, and when they show u their mediocre car you start to wonder urself , maybe U are a lucky s.o.b. but honestly I found nothing exciting there , and those taxes?.no , and I dont moan quite frankly I pity guys like you.

          • Thijs M3 E30 says:

            Maybe I souldn´t bother writing an answer for such a pessimist like you. But one thing I would like to remark is that the Dutch have at least one quality you definitely miss out on and that is being satisfied with life.

          • wazon8 says:

            Viper, being somewhere doesn’t amount to live there!!! I spent some time in NL. It’s one of the best country to live. Taxes are not everything, especially that average live status in NL is pretty high when comparing with other European coutries. And it’s really good thing that people talk in english there. US is the most influential counrty in the world recently, both in terms of politics and science, and such poor number of english speaking people in Germany is rather reason to feel embrassed. I base on my own and numbers of foreigners – who I met – experience, so I can be – I even hope I am – wrong.

          • viper says:

            wazon: seriously now , it is one of the worst countries to live. wanna proof? dutch people leave their own country to live somewhere else , a high % , why? lots of things….dont even wanna start about it here on a bmwblog , although this is way off topic already. high living standard ? have really been there? I dont belive you , you are either sick or high or fcking with me.

          • Thijs M3 E30 says:


            man stop talking bullshit, emigration in The Netherlands was just 7 promile in 2007. That is 0.7 of a per cent. that is 7000 people per million, that is 129.000 people in total over a population of 17 million people, Not exceptional I think. I was one of them to go and study in England for a couple of years.

            ´worst countries to live in´´, wel at least no one here has to be hungry. And yes we do have a high living standard, and we lukely also succesfully distributed this wealth among many citizens and not just a lucky few.

            So clarify us, where you come from and give us clear evidence why The Netherlands are so bad. Otherwise just stop moaning.

          • wazon8 says:

            How long have you been in NL? Once again: being somewhere for a while is not the same as living there for a longer period! Can you provide any stats that would confirm your claims about emigration and poor living standards in NL? Where did you spend your time in NL? In some poor distinct of Amsterdam?

          • wazon8 says:

            Viper, high % emigration? Are you sure? Maybe you talk about falsely bloated (by media) emigration of old people who are afraid of euthanasia and obviously don’t know the Dutch law! How old are you?

          • viper says:

            please shut up , been in R’dam , it doesnt matter I really dont want to bother explaining you all this , but if you wish wazon I will email you and tell you my story. you will agree with me

          • Thijs M3 E30 says:

            Man shut up yourself. All what you are saying is just a load of bollocks. You can´t give us any grounded arguments. By the way I live in Rotterdam, 2nd biggest port in the world………loser!

  5. CoCo says:

    760li…such a nice, classy, comfortable yet sporty limo. Too bad it’s waaaaay beyond my budget.

  6. Commentator says:

    Oh well. Maybe in a few years I’ll be able to buy a CPO 760Li. But still an awesome car.

  7. s@sh says:

    Horatiu, are you planning video reviews in future? That would be cool

  8. andy says:

    Viper, i am English and have been conducting business with the Netherlands for years now, You are seriously an arrogant and from what i have experienced typical Yankee cretin! Listen we invented the English language you guys can’t even use it properly and you have the audacity to criticise a country that you clearly know nothing about, or have ever experienced passed the terminal of the airport or typical Yankee bars that you get in every international stopover all over the world. Holland is 1. one of the cleanest countries i have ever been to. 2. the most efficient next to hong kong. 3. Extremely friendly to tourists. 4. Technologically advanced 5. The % of dutch that are educated to degree level compared to the % of Americans is around 200 to 1.

    One day you may get of your “from what I am imagining is probably a typical fat American ass” and maybe you will you experience things first hand instead of the blinkered, fables that you guys are fed from your pathetic censored CNN, white house and TV shows. You make a mock of the Dutch emmer grating well at least they have the balls to leave their country and experience the world, how can you talk when only 3% of your population actually have a passport to exit the country. And don’t tell me it is because they don’t need to,. 50% of your population don’t even know that Europe is a continent and think that England is attached to Australia.
    You are truly an ambassador of pure remedial, pea brained oafs for your country! Well done…………..

  9. Jack says:

    I really love the new 760li I love the new look and the new engine. But I think the Porsche Panamera is a better car, it handles better and its faster and it is all wheel drive!

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