Fake or Real ? – 2012 BMW 3 Series photos

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berline 3 4 av d image photo leader

French magazine Automobile breaks the automotive news headlines this morning with a series of photos allegedly portraying the next generation 3 Series. While there are …

berline 3 4 av d image photo leader

French magazine Automobile breaks the automotive news headlines this morning with a series of photos allegedly portraying the next generation 3 Series. While there are no other facts to backup their claim, we will classify these photos as simple rumors at the moment and we’ll report based on their initial assumptions.

The next generation F30 3 Series is rumored  to be a revolutionary design, an AvantGarde design approach aiming to maintain BMW’s lead in the 3 Series segment.

The car illustrated in these computer generated images feature tapered headlights, a large intake and an overall front fascia that reminds us of the much loved CS Concept. It has an unique personality and it is not a smaller 5 Series. The same CGIs show us a design combination of sportiness and luxury.face g image photo leader

One thing confirmed in our previous reports is that the new F30 3 Series has a longer wheelbase (1.5 inches longer) and wider track, following the same ascending path we have seen in the past years in BMW design.

Using a new press hardening facility and making use of lighter materials, the 2012 BMW 3 Series is said to maintain the same weight as in the E9x line-up.

Along with the traditional models (sedan, coupe and convertible), the 3 Series will welcome a new addition to the family: 3 Series GT. Details are still sketchy on the 3 GT, but it is expected to follow the same design approach as the bigger 5 Series GT, an inside out design and a new level of luxury.


Rendering: BMW 3 Series GT

Same French Automobile Magazine speculates that the new 2012 3 Series Convertible will regain its soft top, a statement that we’re taking it with a big grain of salt.

As a normal progression in design and technology, BMW will also enable the next 3 Series to feature the very latest in Efficient Dynamics technologies, such as aerodynamically designed wheels , BMW active aerodynamics, solar roof panel for extra energy efficiency in the use of interior controls, brake energy regeneration , stop-start technology , pre-heating technology for the engine, gearbox and differential.

Many of the technology powering the new 3 Series, such as the climate control system or telematics, will be completely re-engineered.

Expect to see some new four and six cylinder engines, both petrol and diesel, and even a hybrid version.

[Source: Automobile-Magazine.fr ]

28 responses to “Fake or Real ? – 2012 BMW 3 Series photos”

  1. Z3 says:

    Fake, it’s too early for photos like this…

    • Bryce says:

      While I think you’re probably right… the proportions look pretty close to the spy photos I’ve seen, and it does portray the direction BMW is heading. The large kidney grills, the ‘crease’ down the side, the 5GT-like headlights, and the large front intake are all design elements that BMW has been implementing in their vehicles.

      • Reece says:

        Yes, but it looks a bit short at the rear… don’t you think? The back pillar seems to meet the trunk very late almost at the same point at a 1series.
        Although I like it, i think it is just a teaser that contains some elements of truth.

  2. Thommas says:

    Definetely fake , but they have used some inside information to apply on their interpretation.

  3. viper says:

    could be true

  4. Giom says:

    Fake, no doubt. Not saying it’s un-attractive, just saying its fake fotos.

  5. Vaybach Khan says:

    now this is cool looking car! but the front and is too aggressive for regular 3 series maybe m3….no doubt its gonna be a blast..and 3gt! that would be a dream!

  6. Brookside says:

    Zircon- technically it’s not even well done.

  7. Daniel H. says:

    I hope the 3 series will have diffrent interior than its larger siblings

  8. Fake, the new 3 Series will look much more like Z4 up front

  9. plaxico says:

    agree rođo

  10. Commentator says:

    Fake or not. This rendering of the possible new 3 series is great. And if it looks anything like that in the future I’m a certain buyer.

  11. n8n says:

    Fake, it’s just a concept…

  12. Artmic says:

    WTF? this car is ugly, good thing it is a fake.

  13. Doug says:

    Well, someone is speculating about a reduced rear overhang. That would probably mean they intend 3/4-cylinder engines for mainstream.

    As for GT…. fer cryin’ out loud, bmw, just produce a simple “sport-back”.

  14. badger says:

    fake. and its hella gross looking

  15. Andrew says:

    Not bad, I doubt it will be that raked though

  16. Ian Blackwell says:

    Fake. Not a total lemon however. I think the current 3 series sedan is really plain and could do with a spruce up. However I think the e92/3 looks wonderful and is actually better looking than its competitors. One thing i did read somewhere is that there will be no 3 series coupe and cabrio for the next gen. Those will instead be released as a new ‘4 series’ which would allow BMW more freedom in their design.

    • Bryce says:

      This is the first I’ve heard of the ‘4 series’ speculation… and even if it was written somewhere, if it was going to happen in the next generation then I think more would have been published on the topic. That would probably qualify as ‘Big News’ on this site, and so far, I haven’t seen any headlines to confirm this.

      • Reece says:

        I heard something similar a year ago. I also heard that or read in car magazine I think that, they would remove the “M” logo and go with even numbers to represent the sport package. But I have not heard more about this too.

        • Bryce says:

          I can’t imagine them getting rid of the ‘M’ logo altogether… but they have been using ‘is’ models in place of some of the ‘M’ models, so maybe these articles have just a tiny bit of truth to them.

    • bob says:

      If “4 Series” was ever going to happen, it would’ve been with the E92 & E93. Which would’ve made alot of sense, IMO, since they share very few, if any, body parts with the E90-91. Therefore, having their own ‘DNA’ in designer-speak. Further, it would’ve followed suit with what BMW previously had done with the E6x family of platforms — E60-61, 5 Series Sedan & Touring; E63-64, 6 Series Coupe & Cabrio.

      HOWEVER, the filing by BMW AG for the “4 Series” Mark with the USPTO, on April 16, 2002, was subsequently abandoned by BMW AG on August 19, 2004.

      One view, shared by Roundel, et al., is that “3 Series” is too strong and valuable for BMW to go to the expense of launching another Series. Maybe, maybe not. Another, suggested by someone form BMW NA’s Communications Dept., is that it might have been done for competitive reasons. Hmm, now Audi has the A5/S5. ;-)

      While “4 Series” & “M4” are *dead*, “425”, “430” & “435” are still *live*. Go figure…

  17. tom says:

    so beautiful

  18. MP says:

    Fake of course….too sporty…..buity there would be some similar features.

  19. To be honest it looks toooo good to be true…It looks aggressive,..n for a 3 series it should looks wield,…but they end up making it dull….exceptions are the M3,..M5,.M6,.. n the Z4’s
    I just hope they make it like this,…….

  20. Eggiloo says:

    no no no! please keep the retractable hardtop! >_< I love it soo much!

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