WSTO visits Bond Shop Japan – Car fans rejoice!


Our friends and sponsors, WheelSTO, are once again “up to no good”, of course, metaphorically speaking. Recently, during the Tokyo Auto Show, they spent some …


Our friends and sponsors, WheelSTO, are once again “up to no good”, of course, metaphorically speaking. Recently, during the Tokyo Auto Show, they spent some time also at the one of the most famous car shops in Japan: Bond Shop Urawa.

As always, they brought back some amazing photos, including details that accompany each one of these shots. And YES, while there are some BMWs and MINIs in these photos, there are plenty other brands featured below, in the end, we’re not only BMW fans, but just car nuts in general.

“One of our missions during our visit to Japan and the Tokyo Auto Salon was to experience for ourselves the difference between US and Japanese tuning shops, and the car culture in general. Our visits to Dort, Bond Shop, and Studie all reveal just how unique car culture in Japan is.

Seeing Bond Shop’s enormous facility is very humbling, not only because of the sheer size of the place, or the incredibly impressive projects contained within the walls, but also because you soon come to the realization that the already incredible Bond Shop is only a small component of the European car tuning powerhouse called Lager Corporation- a company responsible for importing and distributing key brands for European cars like ART, Tech Art, G Power, ABT, and Arden. The level of organization and financial backing available here is truly rare in the BMW aftermarket, especially in the US, and to me represents a real achievement.


Bond Shop Urawa is split into two buildings. The major houses cars, a bay area and the main show room. The second building is the Bond performance studio, which is the main facility for sound, interior and electronic work.

The signs on the wall of the main building, list some of Bond’s key partners- Continental Tire, Mansory, ABT, G Power, Tech Art, and ART. Brands which carry a lot of weight in the tuning world and to have all of them under one roof is remarkable.


On the lower level is the bay area where cars can pull in for quick parts installs, service and maintenance. Right in the front of the bay area was this beast- a G Power supercharged M3 with new Awksher wheels and front lip spoiler. Sales and Marketing manager Naoki Fukasaki chose this car to drive me to Lager’s distribution warehouse, which was an adventure in itself. The car is absolutely terrifying! Power delivery is instant and brutal. (more detailed coverage on this beast to come soon).


Bond Shop’s show room has an impressive stock of wheels from G Power, Hyper Forged, Neez, and even Alpina, along with cars featuring their various product lines.

The showroom features some of the stellar complete cars sold by this shop.

Here is an all Brabus CLS


This Z4 sells for about $58,000 US dollars and features parts by VRS, Recaro, Advan, Brembo, and many others- a true bargain!


ART tuned Mercedes Benz GL…


The Arden Range Rover…


A Tech Art Porsche is a unique car even when seen on the street, so seeing this one on a showroom floor, “in stock” and ready for purchase was a truly impressive sight!


Alpina 6…


And the list keeps going, on and on. I felt like a kid in a candy store, surrounded by all the toys that only a dream could provide. It was no dream.


Cars enter the beautiful showroom through these large doors, and are then open to offers from customers. Here prospective clients can sit down with one of Bond Shop’s technical consultants and design the car of their dreams. And many clients have done so, here. Even celebrities and famous sportsmen, like Ishikawa.


Bond is not all about show either. They participate in many well known racing circuits in Japan and they have the plaques to prove it too! ☺ I also found out that most of the guys that work at Bond are also avid track and weekend racers. (I felt like a poser…)


Bond Shop is also home to some of Japan’s own great BMW tuning companies, like 3D Design, Rays, Yokohama, Varis, Wald and many more. Here is a complete 3D Design mini, with the full line of parts offered by the extremely high-end parts manufacturer.


The second level contains a massive storage facility for Bond Shop’s major projects- I feel like having your car stored on this upper level is truly an honor as it makes you one of Bond Shop’s key clients.


The Bond Shop’s 2nd floor houses some truly incredible cars, from the Lamborghini Gallardo in the front row to a myriad of Mercedes and BMW cars, and even a Nissan GTR, fully wrapped in WALD components. All of these cars will receive the full Bond treatment with a full line of engine modifications and exterior enhancements to make the car more exciting than its factory specification.


This is the raging bull livery on a full IMSA wide body Gallardo with centerlock wheels. Right across from it was the Novitec Rosso F430 in WHITE! (not very common).

One of Bond Shop’s primary functions is to build turnkey modified cars in order to resell them in local and overseas markets. The shop’s top floor warehouse holds all of these cars, delivered in a brand new state from the factory, ready to be built into more fearsome machines and sold to their new owners.
Here are few more specimens of the Bond creation.


Brand new C63 with HRE 790R wheels.



The Wald GT-R…

With the backing of the Lager Corporation, Bond Shop is able to offer a huge selection of rare, hard to find wheels, body kits and tuning products, including options only available to the Japanese and European market. This connection is extremely exciting for WSTO in particular, as it allows our staff to offer our own clientele even the rarest products.


Leaving Bond Shop, I was treated to a ride to Lager’s enormous parts warehouse in Bond Shop’s own E92 M3 project car. The car’s G Power supercharger kit made for a truly hair-raising experience! A beast that is truly terrifying.

Stay tuned for more from WSTO’s Japan Tuner Spotlight!

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