BMW 3 Series in Top 10 Most Noteworthy Vehicles of the Decade


Correction: Yahoo Autos just published their Top 10 Most Noteworth Vehicles of the Decade and the BMW 3 Series makes the top. The highest volume …


Correction: Yahoo Autos just published their Top 10 Most Noteworth Vehicles of the Decade and the BMW 3 Series makes the top.

The highest volume seller 3 Series has one again been praised for its “powerful six-cylinder engines, agile handling and excellent refinement” and for, surprise to some of us, its exceptional build quality and driver-focused oriented interior design.

Great achievement for BMW and a great recognition for one of the most iconic vehicles in the automotive industry.

1. BMW 3 Series

The BMW 3 Series has had a target on its back for well over a decade. Still, despite the fact that every luxury carmaker has set its sights on taking it down, it’s managed to retain its crown as the best entry-level luxury sedan money can buy. The credit goes to its smooth and powerful six-cylinder engines, agile handling and excellent refinement — and let’s not forget about its exceptional build quality and wonderful, driver-focused interior. Without a doubt, this capable Bimmer deserves kudos for being the benchmark by which others in this segment are judged.

Another iconic vehicle in the BMW brand, the MINI Cooper, is also featured in this Top 10.


8. Mini Cooper

While Americans still view hatchbacks as lame, the Mini has somehow managed to buck that trend, opening the door for cars like the Ford Fiesta to potentially thrive. Thanks to the retro-cool Mini, you no longer had to spend a king’s ransom to get a premium-made, highly customizable car with gobs of character. You could credit the Mini’s continued popularity to smart marketing and the decision to redesign so quickly, but we’d argue that its continued success has as much to do with its practical nature. It carries plenty of stuff relative its size, offers loads of space for two people and four in an emergency, is wickedly fun to drive and gets great gas mileage. Other retro, trendy cars like the New Beetle and Thunderbird couldn’t fall back on such practical virtues and eventually consumers abandoned them. Not so the Mini, which thrived throughout the decade and is bound to continue to do so into the next.

The big winner in this Top 10 is Ford Motors with three models sneaking in between the 3 Series and MINI Cooper: F-150, GT and Mustang.

Toyota, Honda, Pontiac, Chrysler and Hyundai get one mention.

[Source: Yahoo Autos ]

Updated: The top 10 cars were listed in alphabetical order

  • Chan

    No surprise there, the 3 series is still the benchmark. How it could have sold so many if it’s performance and handling can’t measure up to expectations?

  • Plamen

    the 3 series is out of this classification….this is just the perfect car….there is not such a combination in one car…the best engines-body-it’s own style-performance-history and etc:)

  • plaxico

    THANK GOD merc is not on that list
    if you check other cars on that list youll see group of mediocre cars on that mediocre list with that top mediocre car no that medicre list…–with Ford ,Hyundai ,Toyota ,Kia …..etc.This just made my day
    Congrats BMW.:))))))

    • Babken

      I like to see the pathetic benz fans crying of pain like you. Here’s the bitter truth for you: BMW is one step ahead of Mercedes-Benz, hence the sales numbers.

      • Daniel H

        So you are saying that Toyota and Honda are way better than BMW because they sell much more vehicles.

  • Freedom Rings

    I finally stopped being a badge hound and brought my self a brand new 2010 ACURA TSX V6 and let me tell you what a car.

    My last car was a 2006 325i. Was going for the 2010 328i but noticed the acura came with more standard feature plus the technology package is awesome.

    • Daniel H

      What a great way to overspend on an Accord.

      • Jason

        Let’s hope your car is reliable and that you can live with driving one of the most boring cars on the planet… it’s like driving a Toyota! You’ve moved down from Top Class, now move over for the tops on our roads.

        • Freedom Rings

          Listen to you LOL I have out run many of your newer models already, and please stop talking as if you are Dale Earnhardt like a lot of you do up here. U probably own a prius SMH @ U

      • Freedom Rings

        Better than and over priced uncomfortable bmw any day u get more for your buck

        • Daniel H.

          You should have settle down for Infiniti G37 instead. Its cheaper as well as better in everyway

          • Freedom Rings

            Except gas milage

    • Bill

      From my perspective the TSX is the worst of the lot in this market. I just purchased a 2010 328i sedan for my daily grocery getter after looking at all of the following 2010 models: Mercedes C300, Infiniti G37, Acura TSX, and the Audi A4. I drove at least 100 miles on all of these cars before deciding which one I wanted. (yes I am lame for doing this much testing; but I want a car I can keep and pass on to my son too)

      Audi has made significant improvements on the new A4, Mercedes has made an impressively styled C class with luxury features to match, the G37 drives really well and the quality is good and then there is the TSX – a good car (as all of these are) but it doesn’t handle the same, has some silly looking design cues inside and out, doesn’t have the same quality, thought or comfort as I found in the 3 series. I do realize I am pointing out negatives here but this is the car you selected and my lease favorite on the list). I test drove these equivalents 3 years ago looking for a 2007 model and I wasn’t terribly impressed by the TSX as a luxury/sports sedan and it failed to impress this round as well. It might be cheaper but you get what you pay for in some respects. Those added features for less money mean they are cutting something out somewhere. It honestly does feel more like a slightly upscale Accord just like the G37 and Altima. From owning BMWs my entire life – with friends/family owning other car makes – I know that my cars spend less time off the road and in the shop and typically with less money put into them over the 6 year life that I own them (though if they have to get fixed it’s more expensive each time… less times overall and less money spent in total) than friends/families cars.

      I am not loyal to BMWs and if someone makes a better car then I will be buying that, until then I’ll be watching and waiting and enjoying my drives to work everyday.

      I never did test drive the new Lexus IS, but I do think it’s a pretty good looking car.

  • kawa

    That no.1 badge is only due to alphabetical order of the list!!!

    “…Below are our picks for the decade’s most noteworthy vehicles, listed in alphabetical order. “

    • Horatiu B.

      Yes, you are correct. Made the necessary changes. Thank you for pointing it out.

  • Kyle Silvers

    I personally have always thought the 5 series was a step up from the 3 series. The 3 series is a fantastic vehicle but it lacks the luxury AND handling you find in the 5er. In other words, I feel you get the best of both worlds in a 5 series. It’s a smoother, quieter, far more refined ride not to mention in my experience with both models, the 5 series seems worlds ahead in build quality.