WSBK Race Report: 7th Place Finish for Troy Corser

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Earlier today in Australia, Troy Corser raced for BMW Motorrad atop an S1000RR to a solid 7th place finish in Race 2. Race 1 saw …

Earlier today in Australia, Troy Corser raced for BMW Motorrad atop an S1000RR to a solid 7th place finish in Race 2. Race 1 saw Troy finish in 9th position after overtaking a rider who crashed out late in the race.

Ruben Xaus had a collision with another rider during his warm up, and after consultation with the team doctor, decided not to race. We’re glad to report Ruben has no significant injuries, but rather was ‘shaken up’ by the accident.

Further down the grid, the private entry of Team Reitwagen Racing secured a mid-pack result, crossing the checkered flag in 15th position after both races. For their first race, 15th is a very respectable result. We look forward to seeing them race alongside the factory racers in the future.

Troy Corser Left Bank 655x491

Head of BMW Motorrad race bike development, Berthold Hauser had this to say after the race: “The weekend was like a rollercoaster and we had a lot of difficulties to overcome. We had to manage the pressure on the team, deal with some technical issues and of course I feel sorry for Ruben who decided not to race due to his crash in today’s warm-up session. However, the team kept focused and did a fantastic job. We are definitely closer to the top teams than last year. Thanks to everybody in the team, and thanks to Troy who had a great second race. We can now travel back to Europe with our heads held high. Also congratulations to Reitwagen Racing who did a really good job this weekend.”

Suzuki and Ducati split the trophies, each securing victory in race 1 and race 2 respectively.

The World Superbike Championship now heads to Portimao Circuit in Portugal for the second race of the season.

2 responses to “WSBK Race Report: 7th Place Finish for Troy Corser”

  1. Giom says:

    Thats a really good result for the opening race. Lets hope they go from strenth to strenth. This really is where Motorrad should be – at the top of two wheeled racing. There is no reason why the bikes shouldn’t be competing against the top bikes of the world – and be kicking ass.

    Now we just need a car from BMW to take over the reign from the Enzo and its mates.

    • Shawn says:

      Giom, I completely agree with you. BMW belong in this theatre, they were pioneers in motorcycle racing. I believe that BMW have all the core strengths but need to sort the package. The inline 4 is the most powerful engine on the grid by a large margin – but the bike is not yet able to translate that power advantage into pace. The electronics are improving constantly but there is a little way to go before the bike has Ducati’s tractability. Corser and Xaus are great at developing their bikes; its only a matter of time until we see podiums from BMW.

      And yes, we need to see a BMW Super car. I envision the S63 installed in the Vision concept with its hybrid electric drive system and full ///M treatment with Aero, suspension and brakes. Oh yeah.. and don’t forget the 6 speed manual. The perfect Super car to all people – as quick as an Enzo but far, far greener.

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