BMW. Physics lesson: Joy is Futureproof

Videos | February 26th, 2010 by 33

The Joy marketing campaign continues with a new episode, BMW Physics Lesson. The latest iteration in this highly controversial campaign, focuses again on the two …

The Joy marketing campaign continues with a new episode, BMW Physics Lesson. The latest iteration in this highly controversial campaign, focuses again on the two keywords we’ve been hearing over and over: Efficiency and Dynamics.

Ever since its inception, the EfficientDynamics slogan, branding if you want to call it, has focused on demonstrating the consumers that dynamics and performance can and will be associated with reduced fuel consumption.

Moving away from the large, high-rev, but not so fuel friendly engines, BMW wants to maintain its premium luxury icon and the image of a performance brand, a driver’s car that has been around for generations.

Let’s have a look at this latest episode.

  • Lariv

    That is fantastic.

  • Shawn

    Great response to Audi’s latest ad, very subtle – but there’s a definite rebuke.

  • n8n

    hahaha :D great ad :D

  • Tom

    hahah i love the lip movements are so obviously off from the words.
    this was a great ad. suck it audiiiiii.

  • tim

    Nice ad. but why did not they put any asian, black and latino child? They are all white, the “good” BMW are all white, and the only one “bad” Audi is black…
    I don’t appreciate that.

    • XC

      Maybe it’s because its a german ad, intended for germans. I don’t find fault with it. The ‘insult’ is the eye of the beholder… so to speak. On the other hand, black has been the traditional color for ‘bad’ characters in theater and the movies. Just read any playwriting theory book.

      • plaxico

        ”On the other hand, black has been the traditional color for ‘bad’ characters in theater and the movies”……..O M G.What in a world is wrong with you……Jesus Christ. Why that post isnt deleted. You sound like J.Goebbels

        • wazon8

          Did you overlooked that this part of XC’s post referred to the fact that only Audi’s car was in dark color???

        • XC

          What’s wrong with you? Want to abet hate, or something? That’s twisted sir.

          (No need to explain, but, alas…)

          Black is a somber color sometimes associated with evil: The good cowboys wear white and the bad wear black. Pay more attention to any movie you see. Simple as that.

          • Habs

            Agreed. That should be the end of this discussion. BMW’s marketers are not openly racist against black people, get a life.

  • XC

    Class act from BMW vs blunt ‘friendly competition’ and ‘the spell’. ROFL

  • MiguelBM

    Show audi how BMW is the best car company in the world.
    Such class Bmw! , Audi does not have that, great response to the ‘friendly competition’ add from Audi

  • XC

    Lol, did you see that at the beginning of the video, the kid next to the ‘BMW kid’ throws something to the ‘audi kid’? ” It’s like, ‘hey you audi, listen carefully!’ lol

  • Jag

    great ad!


    tim i hope you are not a black man, Because i am and i found now problem with the add, This was filmed in germany were there arent that meny black people.
    If you are black you dont speak for me, and if your not and your some lefty trying to be pc, your doing more harm then good.

    • bob

      Harm would seem to be a relative term here…

    • XC

      Well put, M POWER. Agree.

  • YS

    At time 1.11, is that a grey merc in the distance as well?

  • efoza

    This add is an award winner for sure. Take a very close look and you will also see a dark coloured Benz in the background. Well done Beamer ad machine- this is the “Ultimate Ad breaker”

    • Habs

      Relax, the ad was rushed and wasn’t THAT great. Made me laugh at the end but overall was really kind of cheesy. Would have to see it produced in english because the tones and inflection points of the voice actors were all wrong.

  • max

    Rofl..great answer to Audi!

  • Auday

    I’ve seen lots of great ads from BMW, I wouldn’t say this is one of them. It’s very direct in delivering the message almost in a cheesy way.
    Also, there was a time when BMW didn’t even bother mentioning the competitors because they didn’t need to.

  • Paulo

    Nossa que provocação feia… Mas ocomercial é bem feito e muito bem apresentado.

  • JL

    I think the audi is black because black in this context generally mean a car that is harmful to the enviroment and in no way means that BMWs marketeers are racist.

  • plaxico

    …..hmmmmm and people get mad when i say only children are fascinating with BMW

    • XC

      The point here, sir, is that this particular commercial provides ARGUMENTS, even in the words of some kid; something audi fails to provide. Even audi’s slogan is a joke, ‘truth in engineering’ What is true in having a single plataform for four different brands? What is true in sharing common powertrains, chassis systems and electronic systems between skoda, seat vw and audi? Yeah, yeah, ‘second best’ whatever. But any actual argument to prove that? NO. ZERO. Plain and simple bluffing.

  • efoza

    Reading some of these comments makes me laugh when people refer to this great ad as cheesy etc. They need to remember that it was Audi who started this cheesy ad game and now BMW has produced the “ultimate cheeser”! So once again, BMW wins on and off the track.

    The other issue is that the ad’s assertions are actually factually true whereas the Audi one’s are,,,,, well, put it this way, rather off the point of truth!

  • BMW X6

    OK Guys. I can’t stop laughing when i read the comments bmw fans comments. This ad is fantastic ???? Read couple of youtube comments, which are more objective then biased comments of users of bmw-fan page:

    I am a huge BMW fan, and i agree that this ad is lame. i also agree that it is unfair to compare models of separate generations. comparing the 2010 s4 to the 2009 335i also seems unfair.
    Wow! Pathetic
    I have a BMW and thought this ad failed….
    fail, you compared a new BMW to a older generation Audi
    horrible ad. Audi > BMW
    Not to mention dubtardedly lame.
    That’s because BMW’s ad agency has completely lost its way.
    “The Ultimate Driving Machine” becomes “Joy”?
    Wonder why BMW even bother to respond to Audi.By responding to ( an inferior) Audi’s attention seeking behavior, BMW is only helping Audi.They are not even in the same league.
    Someone call the Green Police. :D

    • XC

      I certainly agree with the ‘They are not even in the same league’ comment. lol

      • BMW X6

        If you had a brain then you would probably have this common skill of “reading with understanding”. I am commenting here ad only and not cars/brands itself. I hate that audi made these ‘friendly competition’ commercials. If you are better then BMW (as stated by Car and Drivers comparisons: S4,A6,Q5) then you are better, you don’t go to everyone and shout “hey! we are the best”, cause this means you have some complex or problems. And I agree, BMW should not respond to the other ad. But if they did, then they should make it professional entertaining ad, and this ad is horrible. It’s boring, lame and pathetic. It’s like wasted 1:25 of life. I would probably have more fun watching ad of washing powder. And to respond to your favorite part of comment “They are not even in the same league” I would say this. If you want at least to try to be in the league, you need to have a car. Audi has R8 and this kid draws the car that you can’t even buy. LOL.

        • Jag

          Then I suggest you to have the commom skill of “watching with understanding”. Haven’t you heard what the kid said? Haven’t you watch the “Joy is futureproof” ad? The VED Concept is not a future concept, it’s the image of all the advance technologies being applied to all BMW cars. it’s the image of the whole program that helps combining Efficiency with Dynamics and makes BMW the greenest car manufacturer.
          You find this ad lame because in your mind, a car ad must be thrilling with chasing and extreme driving conditions, engines roaring. It doesn’t have to. I find this ad interesting and intelligent. And IMO, that’s the image of BMW.

          • BMW X6

            It still does not change the fact that this ad sux. And you find this ad interesting because you want to find this ad interesting, and whatever BMW makes is GREAT for you, even if it sux. Good luck

  • DJ

    As a BMW veteran and proud owner of an E46 M3 ultimate driving machine. I wasn’t exactly sure about this new Joy campaign. I thought it was only a European movement. So, I went on a covert op to Germany in search of it and this is what I found: