Alfa Romeo Bertone influenced by BMW Vision Concept?

Vision EfficientDynamics | February 24th, 2010 by 38
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Twenty four hours after our story on the Mercedes-Benz F 800 and its resemblance to the BMW CS Concept, we return with another….dilemma. The Italian …

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Twenty four hours after our story on the Mercedes-Benz F 800 and its resemblance to the BMW CS Concept, we return with another….dilemma. The Italian automaker Alfa Romeo will unveil their latest concept, dubbed Bertone, at the Geneva Motor Show.

Shortly after the first photos hit the web, a new heated discussion has begun. Some automotive fans are bringing up some similarities between the Bertone Concept and BMW’s Vision EfficientDynamics concept unveiled at the Frankfurt Auto Show last September.

We will refrain from jumping to a conclusion since once again, we don’t have any information on how far back the Bertone project goes and this could be a simple coincidence.

But….we would still like to point out some of the similarities we have seen. First, we have the side design, very sleek, futuristic and with the same coupeish-look. Second, the glass doors are very follow the same design rules as seen in the BMW VED. Third, the rear-end. While not an identical replica, the design idea is similar: layering that channel the flow of air.

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We’ll stop here with the speculations, but feel free to share your opinion on the photos we put together below.

38 responses to “Alfa Romeo Bertone influenced by BMW Vision Concept?”

  1. Daniel H. says:

    Theres one thing that they are both similar, they wont make it pass the concept stage

  2. Giom says:

    I must admit, the first time I saw this Alfa concept, I thought of the BMW. So, in my mind… defenatly iflouenced. If you think about it, it was bound to happen. Someone was going to follow BMWs lead. This won’t be the last ‘resemlance’ we see.

  3. badger says:

    Well i think both concepts are similar
    Both show an open air feeliing too.
    Both nice looking cars, but i do agree that the Alfa
    looks a lot like the BMW VED

  4. rav3n says:

    Somehow that looks too much alike…

  5. Ray says:

    Hi Daniel H.
    The BMW VED has been confirmed for production from 2013 on. You will find more info on this site.

  6. n8n says:

    rav3n is right, but not “somehow”, Alfa Romeo copied the BMW ED Concept style and made his “OWN” (hahaha) concept… what a shame…

  7. Yves says:

    A great shift in car design in recent decades is that we see the downward spiral of traditional design houses i.e. Pininfarina, Bertone, Zagato, Italdesign Giugiaro. Perhaps Pininfarina remains the strongest with Ferrari as a major client, however they all rely on uber rich clients to survive i.e. custom Rolls Royce Hyperion (ughh) or embarking on design exercises i.e. Giugiaro Mustang etc. IMHO might be a good thing to see each car company having a strong design team (& theme) instead of only a few external players dominating design.

  8. LMendez says:

    Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.

  9. lboogy says:


  10. Elgee says:

    The CS then the VED!!!!

  11. Omair says:

    Pretty nice.

  12. sg says:

    Bertone and BMW shared a few ideas and projects in the past. the BMW C1 was produced by Bertone, the MINI JohnCooper Works GP Special Edition was built in the Bertone plant in Turin, there was a Bertone SUV which was powered by BMW engines, a few concepts from BMW were designed by Bertone (for example E46 cabrio with hard-top, …), and many many more ….

    Someone told me once, that comes from an old friendship between the Quandt family and the Bertone family (dont know if that is true)

  13. X5 SoB says:

    My guess is the Alfa design was developed in isolation, and the VED probably caused some consternation at Alfa when it came out last year. Personally, I like the Alfa design a little better, but both are very good.

  14. X5 SoB says:

    When you think about it, the droopy leading edge on the window first showed up on th Ford F-150, are they both copying Ford?

  15. Tom says:

    wow haha, thats so rediculous

  16. Simba says:

    What is wrong with these people??? VW’s Audi, Merc and now Alfa – all they know is how to copy someone else. This is a shame. But VW still leads the way with their Audi copy cats! They clearly have no idea whatcopyright, originality and individuality is. The whole brand is built on unethical concepts – copy designs, technologies and use sub-premium VW parts and make it as if they are premium, lying to customers. I would never be associated with things like that.

  17. Andrei.P says:

    Are you really serious? Bertone has been designing concepts for Alfa for decades, the concept from Alfa really resembles in Alfa SZ or Alfa Brera(the front of VED concept looks like 159 also) can you tell me a current production car from BMW that resembles in VED. Alfa has been working with Bertone at many BAT concepts and if you google a bit you will see how this concept evolved from the previous work of Alfa/Bertone. Even if they wanted to copy, you think they had time to make this concept in such short time since BMW has VED? Why would the italians even copy from anyone when we are talking of design, they have Pininfarina, Bertone, Zagato, Italdesign Giugiaro. Centro Stille and others.

  18. XC says:

    I trully believe that Bertone follows his own beat; no need, no desire to copy anybody since he is a design icon… Now, both concepts follow some design cues? Well, maybe because both cars are ‘foreshadowing’ the shape of the future. Or maybe both are the result of efficient aerodynamics research. Anyways, I reckon the BMW VED is more likely to see the light of the day than the Alfa, which seems a pure design study than a complete system of ideas on mobility, or ideology, as the VED appears to be.

    • BMWM6 says:

      partial glass doors, the front face with the lights behind the intake (originally the M1 hommage concept)

      there very similar

  19. Saleem says:

    This disgusts me.

  20. Laszlo says:

    Simba… as far as Audi copied BMW … what exactly are you referring to ? Audi and MB have not made a copy cats at all, specially not off of BMW. If anything then BMW started to make a copy of the CLS with the 5GT and X6. But since they are not direct copies (and none looks remotely as good as the CLS) it is not even the case here.
    Audi’s don’t look at all like any other cars.
    I sure do like the newer MB’s and can relate to some audi’s and almost completely distant from any BMW in a past 6-8 years with the exception of the new Z4.
    BMW is trying to go back to the Non-Bangle era when their car was good looking and good to drive. They kept the latter but surely lost the 1st.

    • BMWM6 says:

      really the x6 and 5GT copied the CLS

      thats kind of funny

      but actually the mother of all copies is probably volkswagon

    • wazon8 says:

      You’ve got very wide notion of copying, if 5GT or X6 are copies of CLS. Surely, your use of this notion departures from its ordinary meaning. And I’m afraid that since too many cases fallows into its extension, it’s becoming to be close to being senseless. Please explain me, how SUV with coupe line roof could be copy four-door coupe? Or how huge luxury and functional car could be copy of CLS? And if 5GT is copy, why MB started to work on something that could compete in 5GT’s segment, newly created by appearance of this car?

    • wazon8 says:

      Not mention your remarks about nor being first, remember me when – in recent time -BMW did copy some car, because someone else provide it and create new segment. The only case that I remember is MB CLS, which created new segment and it stays without BMW response (if we exclude CS Concept). This one case is against numbers of other cases, when BMW created new segment by producing some car: BMW X1 (still without competitor), BMW X3 (hadn’t had a comeptitor for a long time), BMW X6 (still without competitor), BMW 5GT (still without competitor). These are examples of being first, don’t you think?

  21. bob says:

    No, Bertone was not influenced. It would be kinda silly to think so…

  22. peteyjengki says:

    BMW designers succceed to attract and inspiring others, that’s why BMW models continuously make themselves as trendsetter

  23. Mr Bimmer says:

    Replica indeed….

  24. Gord says:

    I don’t really think Alfa copied them. I mean usually concepts are done long before they are unveiled so maybe Alfa did not copy BMW.

  25. d3 says:

    I agree with Gord.
    And if to compare this two concepts — Alfa looks realy like brusshed up, more feministic and clean version of BMW VED. If I had to choose, I’d prefer Alfa here just like more elegant and clear version of the same idea BMW has.

  26. tom says:

    i love BMW

  27. scott says:

    I think you will find most design concepts start in Italy and are cloned by Japanese
    and german car builders, that crease down Bmw flanks was copied from alfa’s 156, Audi/ VW / Seat all designed by Italian Walter de silva since 1998, he was also head of Alfa design before VW lure…..
    Germans like Japanese cannot design beautiful car body so always look to Italy
    for influence, check the history,,,see Bertone etc

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