BMW CS Concept vs. Mercedes F 800 Style Concept: Any resemblance?

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We might be totally out of line here, but after seeing the new Mercedes-Benz F 800 Style Concept, we had to ask ourselves this question: …

We might be totally out of line here, but after seeing the new Mercedes-Benz F 800 Style Concept, we had to ask ourselves this question: does it resemble in any way the now canceled BMW CS Concept?

No, we are not referring to the front-end which clearly is no where near identical to the CS, but rather we would like to focus on the rear-end design. While not identical, at a first glance, there are some similarities that stand out, the proportions, character line running into the rear lights, exhaust pipes area, bumper, even the angular rear view mirror.

While on the CS Concept everything seems to be minimal, the MB F 800 enhances some of these design elements: the longer taillights, wider rear bumper and larger openings for the exhaust tips.

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Now here is where it all gets interesting. As we know Karim Habib, one of the top designers at BMW fled the Munich-based automaker to join the Mercedes-Benz team last year. And according to Autocar UK Habib would be be responsible for the Mercedes-Benz F series cars and concept cars.

Coincidentally he also designed the BWM CS Concept and the last 7 Series.

Now, the following questions arise:

1. Has Habib join Mercedes-Benz in the early design stages of the F 800 Concept?

2. Are there any BMW design influences within the overall shape and execution of the details?

We would love to hear your opinion on this and once again, we could be wrong here.

Special thanks to Chris  by bringing this upfront and also for photoshoping the two cars together.

More photos of the MB F 800 Style Concept

47 responses to “BMW CS Concept vs. Mercedes F 800 Style Concept: Any resemblance?”

  1. Jordan says:

    hmm…. that is so obvious that it was copied.

    what does viper have to say to that?!

    you do know imitation is the best form of flattery, correct!!

  2. badger says:

    well like the article said,
    you can’t really tell, only if you look close enough
    Never the less, they do look similar.
    If BMW did build the CS, it would go against the Aston Martin Rapide, Porsche Panamera, and the Maserati Quarttoporte.

  3. wazon8 says:

    They just copied BMW CS Concept back!!! The front of F800 alludes to SLS, but back and – I guess – side line are just taken from CS which is really poor thing, since MB pretends to have really uniquely designed cars. Something is really wrong with MB.

  4. Uxel says:

    dont think something wrong with mercedes, its just the pride of a designer who doesnt wants to leave his (beautiful) baby in his former company… so he takes it to his new one :)

  5. Yves says:

    Definitely the touch of the designer being more evident; perhaps Karim is still struggling to ‘erase’ the BMW DNA in him & sap some MB genes. However, it’s only fair to say that the last decade or so MB’s genes somehow gone in-bred! Karim was trained by BMW since his early days, and even trained to work with full size clay modelling. If not mistaken BMW is the only manufacturer that still makes designers go through a compulsory full size clay model training. Karim’s ability to sculpt is quite obviously; wonder how large a carrot MB had to dangle…

  6. Vaybach Khan says:

    if you are into design just a little bit,you will know this is a copy…and nothing new bmw sets standards others copy it…but one thing that bothers me is that bmw canceled the project and merc is gonna produce it …and karim is guilty for sure,but bmw should keep him or and dont let him go to merc by contract or something…and thing that karim does now i so wrong,but he doesnt thinks that way 4 sure..who made u stupid?! its your design for bmw,u cant use it for every company u work…maybe he pass to reno and make reno cs copy or seven series…no ethics …

    • Horatiu B. says:

      I don’t think this is about ethics, but clearly he saw an opportunity at MB and he took it. No one knows what really happened but truth is that designers move around. The Vision Concept designers came from VW, the Z4 interior designer Nadya Arnaout went to Tesla, Bangle came from Fiat etc …they are just like the rest of us: we change jobs for different reasons, new aspirations, more money, new challenges. Can’t blame Habib, he probably did what was best for him. I wouldn’t say the F 800 is an exact copy , but it is expected to see some of his ideas integrated into it. I’m actually going to find out when the F800 was “conceived” and if indeed Habib had anything to it. I’ll have a report next week from Geneva.

      • Vaybach Khan says:

        well i sad it designers shoudnt switch from one brand to another,they should be attached to contract ‘i wont use ideas from bmw(o whoever) to make progress’..or such…clearly this is well hide rear end design steal…but one thing here i wont be so upset if it was hyundai,lexus …but merc! it is bmw bigest competitor …and bmw is to blame here too..they shouldnt let him out,give the man more money!
        well we can debate for a long time,but we dont know all the facts….
        so this concept is not anywhere near cs,so i hope bmw will revive cs in 6 gt…
        and when you design a car that has its own marks or history its not all YOU,remember that habib…:)

        • XC says:

          No one is to blame here. Designers are part engineers, part artists; so as any artist in the world, designers have their own very personal language and ideas they want to put through. Karim just did that. I think MB recognized his talents and took him, that’s it.

          • Beembo says:

            I don’t agree… Karim created something unique for BMW and the intellectual property belongs to the company. It is not a personal language but part of the brand. If you recycle part of that than you are infringing copyright.
            We shouldn’t treat Mercedes differently from all those Chinese brands that blatantly rip-off western cardesigns, just because it has a fancy image!

      • BMWM6 says:

        horatiu you should do an article about the similarities between the BMW vision concept and the new alfa romeo bertone

        here is a link to the alfa romeo bertone concept

      • PlaXico says:

        and how sad is that for a bimmer fan …no challenges no money no aspirations ….only logical answer for Habib was Merc…how sad is that for bimmer fan

  7. A# says:

    Those pigs at Mercedes will steal Christ off the cross if they could.

  8. Jag says:

    and look at what Bertone has done:

    BMW must surely be the benchmark in modern car design.

    • wazon8 says:

      That’s really funny thing that – on the one hand – so many people criticize BMW for design and – on the other hand – almost each company copy their projects. This F800, Bertone you referred to, there are rumors about MB making something similar to 5 GT, Honda made Accord Crossover, which looks as if it was inspired by something between 5 GT and X6. It turns out that BMWs ideas are great.

    • XC says:

      I know that this has happened for a while, designers taking BMW’s design ideas, but I truly realized this when I was driving behind a Chevy Cruze at rush hour traffic, and noticed how similar it looks to a 3 series sedan.

  9. bunker says:

    When I saw the renders yesterday, I thought the exact same thing. With any luck, MB won’t green-light this one either…just like BMW.

  10. blk740 says:

    damn copy-cats

  11. InvincibleM5 says:

    I see now the Mercedes looks more to a BMW now… I would say, some parts of this car is a copy of BMW especially the rear. The side resembles more to like the CLS and a bit of CS also the front, more to the new SLS.

    I don’t think Habib can easily remove the design cues of BMW in his head and hands, but surely, Mercedes ain’t going to approve it if it looks more to a BMW. I think it’s a big mistake of him moving to Mercedes after staying and working for such a long time with BMW. But it’s his choice by the way…

  12. lboogy says:


    • Simba says:

      I tend to agree, yes it is definitely from BMW’s CS, but who cares, BMW is not producing it and we are not going to see it on our roads. Now I would like to see Merc make a beauty of this. As much as I would like BMW to have made theirs, they have lost their chance. There is no use crying about this if you are working for BMW as you made your choice… now concentrate on your Mini Corssovers, 2 wheel drive X1’s, Zero Series or whatever junk you are coming up with while Merc make gorgeous looking cars and Audi make cars like R8, RS5 and the likes.

      • XC says:

        I dunno, maybe, maybeee, BMW is producing junk that actually sells… just MHO.

        • merc bmw fan says:

          well i say i would like to see both as a matter of fact if i had money i would buy both, but merc is a preference, both companies are really trying to make a candy

          oh and audi doesnt stand close to both brands

  13. james may says:

    people seem to forget BMW is a part of BMW AG which has not been focusing on shit people dont want. They have gave birth to a reborn Rolls Royce and MINI brands which people want and i have never heard them called shit
    Ive said this before now these brands are up and runing BMW AG have a few things in the pipe line for BMW. This time last year would you of thought they would make a 100k plus M3 which would be sold out even befor its released.

    Its sad that i felt bad they canceled the cs and auid has the R8, But im a fan and owner not a share holder or boared member, But i can see the bigger picture its about money.
    I think the new 6 er will have a 4 door version which will take alot from the cs. The r8 my look good but is it making Audi as much money as the x6 is for BMW AG. Anyway i dont like comparing audi and bmw. how many audi platforms are audi’s alone which they dont share with lesser brands. As long as Audi uses front wheel drive and vw parts which can be found on Seat’s and skoda’s they will never be in the same league in my humble opinion.

  14. viper says:

    it doesnt matter if it looks like canceled cs….from the back…
    would be great if benz makes this car real..which they will I hope , because Benz is yo daddy bmw

  15. james may says:

    simba while merc make gorgous and lose 3 billion pounds lol.

  16. M POWER says:

    if audi a merc cant bet BMW when they have been so busy with Rolls Royce and mini they never will. Now they have left f1 they can fill that yawning gap between the 7 and the Ghost with the M BRAND to take on Ferrari with a front engined car think 599 and a mid engined car think 458. M POWER

  17. Patrik says:

    And the view is too possible the production of the BMW is almost perfectly so no wonder that all copies bmw ci us is revolutionary motor design, or see te to take Audi sak This is a piece of scrap imposed all audio materials are also a ci date 100 thousand dollars, or 30 ones cars are so similar and it’s disgusting and as regards the BMW car jeich Intermediate IDUs are mainly of historical nova 5ER F10 to car does not catch anything either Audi or Mercedes every car manufacturer BMW printing drool over. BMW is by far the best car manufacturer in the world . Regarding the concept bmw cs is just a pity that BMW does not continue as I still could not do that BMW fans something as BMW M1 pity for the fans that they have to be seen after a competitive car

  18. Auday says:

    some small details here and there doesn’t mean the design is a copy…
    when the first pics of the F01 showed up it looked very similar to the Lexus LS, but when you see them in person it looks very different.
    This MB has very little in common with the CS other than the back side and if we want to go that path we would say the 7er has way more in common with the Lexus LS or we could say the idea of the 4 doors coupe was MB idea to start with.
    Before you open fire on me I’m just being neutral and honest here :)
    I’m a big fan of the CS and I hope BMW will use that design language more and more.

    • nick says:

      as shown in another article, the lexus copied the old seven, so its impossible for the new one not to look different

  19. Daniel H. says:

    Just cause it look similar doesnt mean it will drive similar.

  20. viper says:

    yeah , when you say audi they go vampire , when you say mercedes they run away…pretty strange group of people

  21. FILIZ says:

    this copy its not first time , you can review Mercedes S Class and find a lot of elements that had similarity with BMW 7 Series. in interior andexterior…
    so ,It’s very clear ,this car has resemblance with CS in rear end , specially in the rear bumper and taillights.

  22. Michael says:

    After what bmw is pulling out of the hangar over the last 2 years it is no wonder Habib left for Merc.
    A GT that is no GT, a Gran Coupe that looks just like a new 5 (which should have looked like a CS…) and recently the new 6 coupe that just looks like a pre-2004 6. Not to speak of the new X3…

    If I should have seen all of this coming _ I would run!

    Anybody can disagree but nobody will disagree on the fact that Bangle’s and Habib’s influence will be missed as it is disappearing model after model.

    The CS and latest 7 series are the marvels of the fleet! I think the board got conservative…

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