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Rolls Royce | February 21st, 2010 by 22
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British magazine Autocar breaks the monotony of car reviews by comparing two models produced by the same brand: Rolls Royce Phantom and Rolls Royce Ghost. …

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British magazine Autocar breaks the monotony of car reviews by comparing two models produced by the same brand: Rolls Royce Phantom and Rolls Royce Ghost. Although the two large sedans from Goodwood have some similarities, such as a BMW-derived engine with 12 cylinders under the imposing bonnet, there are also important differences to consider.

Anyone who has been around these vehicles are of course aware that the Ghost is much more tailored to the driver and provides a much more dynamic driving experience, a bit in a contrast with the usually chauffeur driven Phantom. This is also obvious in the power department since the twin-turbocharged V12 in the Ghost is a lot more potent than the currently offered V12 naturally aspirated engine in the Phantom . Of course, since the Ghost is built on the 7 Series extended platform, the overall weight is lower therefore its dynamics are improved.

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Compared to the Phantom, with its attitude of the infinite superiority, the Ghost’s interior, while still luxurious, it certainly feels closer to the “regular people”. Ghost also offers a very exclusive interior design, but the overall ambiance in the Phantom is still more special, the typical feeling of Rolls Royce is thus more present than in the initial model.

When it comes to agility and athletic capabilities, the Ghost feels superior to its big brother, an expected outcome in our opinion. Both in longitudinal dynamics and lateral dynamics, the new entry-level offering into the world of Rolls Royce, is sportier, offering a unique combination of ultra-luxury and high performance.


Although the Ghost features a superior suspension comfort similar to the one in the BMW 7 Series, the Phantom plays actually in another league and it represent the benchmark of ride and interior comfort.


Judging by the photos below, we are incline to slightly like more the modern-looking Ghost’s appearance, but we won’t disregard the Phantom yet, a classic design that, particularly at the front, shows its royalty and heritage.

The final choice can be quite tough and we definitely feel bad for those that will have to face this difficult choice….or do we?

[Source: Autocar via BimmerToday ]

22 responses to “Autocar: Rolls-Royce Ghost vs. Phantom”

  1. Andrew says:

    after seeing the Ghost in person – it is a very compelling car. For my money, that’s my choice.

  2. Bryce says:

    I prefer the Ghost simply because I prefer to drive and not be driven.

  3. Giom says:

    …Still, it’s hard to look at the Phantom, now, seven years after it was launched, and think of it as old and stale. It still looks the part – every inch of it.

    I personally would never buy the Phantom (not that I can), I’m not in that cars’ demographic. To be honest, neither is the Ghost. But I would rather have the latter… I think.

  4. Phantomfan says:

    Ghost is a waste of money. Period. You want a Rolls Royce? Buy a phantom u want a ghost? You can buy one for $150 thousand less by getting a BMW 760Li. It’s the same car with a little bit different body and a BMW logo here and there.

  5. smart one creates and stupid comments on it and find out mistakes in it like mr. phantomfan

  6. Phantomfan says:

    Hmm are you guys aware that BMW owns Rolls Royce and that a lot of the parts in the ghost are the same parts used to make a 760Li? They have the exact same engine among other things.

  7. Tororo says:

    Any day Any Time the Phantom is a Royal Machine

  8. GhostNigga says:

    To be honest, I’d get the Ghost. I love to drive and I don’t agree with you that the Ghost is the same as the 7series. The badge on its own carries a status symbol. Phantomfan you dumb wit who doesn’t know BMW owns Rolls Royce? Thought this sight was called BMW Blog??? Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

  9. Phantomnfan says:

    That’s fine if you like to drive but that same status symbol is synonomis with luxury and comfort, not performance. All I’m saying is if you want a car to have fun driving you could spend the money on a performance car like an Aston Martin or a Masserati, heck even a Lamborghini of you want to go all out. The Astons’s and Masserati’s are a nice blend of luxury and performance but geared more towards te performance end. Rolls Royce is not a car you drive fast in, it’s a car you want to get driven in.

  10. GhostNigga says:

    Point taken.

  11. RollsRoyce says:

    They’re both beautiful cars, I see the Phantom as the complete definition of class, but the Ghost seem’s like the hot shot “little brother” if you will. Absolutely astounding but if I had to choose I would go with the Phantom.

  12. Christopher howard says:

    Just buy both

    • philip says:

      if you have enough money to buy one of theese…you will also have enough for the second one. so…if you have taken, one and you don’t like it… take the other one. it is all so simple ;)

  13. Cristabella says:


  14. They are not Rolls Royces they are made in Germany and just bolted together in the UK BMW badged engineering sorry …..but its a fact ………….BMW are making 100% profit on each car ……….the grill is not hand made its clipped and screwed on as a prefabricated part sorry……..its true…………..if you want a Rolls buy a Silver Cloud or A Silver Shadow or a Spirit

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