S1000RR Valvetrain in Motion

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We’ve scavenged a video of the S1000RR’s engine at full throttle, pulling up to its 14,200 RPM redline. We’ve seen many such videos before, actually, …

S1000RR Valvetrain in Motion

We’ve scavenged a video of the S1000RR’s engine at full throttle, pulling up to its 14,200 RPM redline. We’ve seen many such videos before, actually, but this one is unique. You see, in this video, the engine head has been cut away to display the valve train in motion! What you are about to see is rare footage, and to those of you who are taking delivery of your new S1000RR soon, we beseech you: don’t try this at home.

Note the oil mist spewing from the valves and the Formula 1 derived single cam followers reciprocating at mind-bending speeds – far faster than the human eye can follow. We’re not sure what the cameraman was wearing, but we suspect he’s still trying to get the oil out of his hair.

The S1000RR is the world’s premier superbike with an incredible engine output of 193 hp. 82.5 ft-lb of twist peaks at 9,750 RPM, lending the bike supreme drivability. A myriad of technological innovations render this new BMW a true engineering achievement. Programmable traction control, advanced race ABS, and a trick quick shifter provide a very forgiving ride experience, allowing the least of us to mimic the talent of Ruben Xaus and Troy Corser – BMW’s factory World Superbike Championship team riders.

While the new S1000RR is dominant on paper, we have yet to see many in-depth bike comparison tests. We look forward to these test results and we’ll be sure to pass on the coverage as soon as it’s available. From the feedback given so far, BMW’s new S1000RR is a well-rounded bike, ready for competition with the best from Japan and Italy.

We look forward to BMW Motorrad’s 2010 WSBK Championship bid. Commencing February 26th we will be bringing you up-to-date coverage of the first race at Phillip Island racetrack in Australia.

  • lennardt

    that just gives me the creeps..
    very nice video!

  • Jordan

    amazing! :)

    i love love love this bike!

    check it out ripping up the ice…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHPOw-Xmm4o

    • http://www.bmwblog.com Horatiu B.

      Sweet!! I think I need to ride one, soon hopefully!

  • atr_hugo

    I’d just read an old Griffith Borgeson piece on early OHC valve actuation and it mentioned the desirability of having the valve and springs rotating (so as to evenly distribute wear on the valve seat). And this video is a perfect example of that – watching the valve spring assemblies rotate at speed is pretty cool!

  • Nizer

    What an amazing bike and amazing first effort in the segment. BMW needs to move some of the bike people over to the car division.

    • Shawn

      Haha, Well said Nizer! :) If this is their first attempt, what’s yet to come? My fingers are crossed for the rumored S675RR Triple – that’s more within my scope of riding ability anyway.

      I’m also hoping that the Concept 6 bike makes it to production – what a phenomenal piece of art and engineering! http://www.bmwblog.com/2009/11/10/bmw-motorrad-concept-6/

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