Interesting: BMW 3 Series Coupe Rejected Design Study

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bmw 3 series concept 750x500

These photos have been sitting in our inbox for quite some time now and we decided to pull the plug and share them with all …

bmw 3 series concept 2

These photos have been sitting in our inbox for quite some time now and we decided to pull the plug and share them with all of you. Back in December 2009, the folks at MotoBullet attended fundraiser for the Wolfsonian Museum of the Florida International University in Miami where one of the guest speakers was the ex-BMW Chief of Design, the talented and charismatic, Chris Bangle.

The lecture provided some insight into his creative purpose and surprisingly, he also included in his presentation some photos from what he labeled as a rejected design study for the BMW E92 3-Series.

As MotoBullet points out, this design study of the 3 Series Coupe seems to suggest a more youthful and fun attitude and the elements in this study seem to borrow the aggressive outward bulging creases of the new 5-Series, and its hood design as well. The creases going through the side design also resemble some of the latest BMW models, giving the car a more sculpted look.

bmw 3 series concept 1

It is unclear why the design was rejected, but as we pointed out before, the internal design competition at BMW is quite long and it involves a few teams that compete for the final winning design. During the process, there are several full clay models that are produced and presented to the board for the final decision.

This could have been one of them.


So, despite the low-resolution photos, we would love to hear your opinion on this.

[Source: MotoBullet ]

23 responses to “Interesting: BMW 3 Series Coupe Rejected Design Study”

  1. Arthuro says:

    the front reminds me of e65 7 series

  2. Bryce says:

    Looks like it has the profile of a 1-series coupe! I think I like the current 3 series coupe more.

  3. Gig says:

    luckily, this was not the final one.
    luckily Bangle in not there anymore

  4. John says:

    LOL, i like this one more! Having troubles with the design of the new 5-series also. It looks kinda like a little 7 on the front and a big 3 on the back. The unique design of the E60, which i had to get used to also, is so unique that it’s much more recognizable than what BMW is doing now.

    For the first time in years i even visited the Mercedes website :( I took a German ‘schnaps’ or two to get over the shock of myself, but i was surprised by the new E-series. Less power than the BMW (as always ;) ) but again a nice car with great looks.

  5. eman says:

    Maybe this should be a smaller version of the coupe. like the Mercedes CLC with the cut trunk.

    I doubt that this one really was up for becoming the E92

  6. Giom says:

    I see X6 profile in this one. But, a huge nod to Horatiu for posting this… it’s fascinating to see what could have been. I do find the forward leaning kidney grill interesting!

  7. Plamen says:

    Looks like the next 1st cupe and it has a litle from the X-coupe concept….we may see for the first time the asymmetric features….

  8. atr_hugo says:

    Just remember, no truly good design ideas go unused. Look at the treatment of the C-pillar. ; -)

  9. Dan Wagener says:

    Rejection FTW… that was a bad design

  10. Brookside says:

    I agree- but it’s fascinating to see what was rejected and this does look more like a study for the next 1-er than anything else.

    What’s awkward is the sloping bubble shaped roof and the bulge in the center of the door is truly impractical – imagine the dings you’d get in tight parking spaces.

  11. XC says:

    Well it was rejected as a 3 series coupe but the design wasn’t, as I first looked at the picture and immediately recognized it as a 1 series coupe, so at the end it was a successfu study.

  12. T. says:

    I remember this back in the days when they were working on seperating the Coupe and Cabrio from the regular Sedan this is when they decided before abandoning, naming the 3er Coupe and Cabrio , The 4er Coupe and Cabrio allowing continuity with the (then) about to be introduced 6er Coupe and Cabrio.
    This is why the Coupe looks so different from the sedan that it is a proper coupe and not a 2dr sedan.
    The initial idea was brought about by the 2002 type 1er Coupe which was to provide a link with history by being called the 2er. My first viewing of these cars were badged as a 435i and 225i . The loss of the eventually M3 Coupe killed the idea. And this design did not win the final stage in the competition.

  13. Simba says:

    The current one is so much better – dmensions and style. This car is like a shrunken hideous thing! So glad this didn’t make it to the production. because I see a front headlight that resembles those from GEELY. There is nothing about this car that points towards class and style. Deservingly rejected!

  14. Bryce says:

    The more I look at it, the less I like it. The current 3 series coupe is beautiful, but this car looks like a cross between a Kia and a 1 series.

    I’m not very good with computers, but if someone could put these photos right next to some photos of the current 3 series then that would be great.

  15. Tom says:

    I agree with everyone else. The instant I saw it, I thought of a 1-series.


    There’s some strange bug in the Facebook Connect code. It keeps saying I’m “logged on via Facebook as Franz A.” even though I’m obviously not him. I had to clear all my cookies entirely to get rid of the message.

    Franz, I’m not trying to hijack your account.. I swear :)

  16. Andrew says:

    There’s a lot of CS1 Concept design in that 3er Coupe!

  17. klier says:

    ^ I said the same on GCZ,com. This appears to be an 1er design study, and it looks like a CS1 with a roof.

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