AutomotiveNews: “BMW leads in U.S. true-luxury for 2009″

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John Teahen Jr., senior editor of Automotive News, publishes a report that without a doubt will cause some controversy on here. His report focuses on …

AutomotiveNews: BMW leads in U.S. true luxury for 2009

John Teahen Jr., senior editor of Automotive News, publishes a report that without a doubt will cause some controversy on here. His report focuses on the true-luxury sales in the United States for 2009.

One might ask: what defines a true-luxury car? According to John, any car with a sticker price of $45,000 or more.

Automotive News Europe estimates that 600,000 true-luxury cars were sold last year in the United States. Based on the units counted, the 2009 “King” and leader was the BMW brand with 119, 219 units. Second came the old school rival, Mercedes Benz which fell short by only 431 units.

Mercedes-Benz was the leader from 2006 through 2008.

BMW’s 119,219 deliveries meant that 61 percent of its 196,502 sales were in the true-luxury category. Mercedes was a fraction better at 62 percent.

In the overall luxury segment, BMW and Mercedes finished second and third, behind the Japanese rival, Lexus. Out of overall Lexus sales numbers, 58 percent were represented by models that are priced below the $45,000 cut-off point. Lexus had 83,754 true-luxury sales.

Cadillac follows the foreign automakers trio with 64,801 or 59 percent of total Cadillac sales.

Audi came in sixth.

A full report and further breakdown can be found at AutoNews.

  • plaxico

    The most powerful man in the world drive Merc or others drive them around in one.
    Deal with it.

    • wazon8

      Who is this the most powerful man on the world?

      • plaxico


    • XC

      Isn’t it a Cadillac? Lol

      • wazon8

        I thought the same, but maybe plaxico thinks that someone else is the most powerful man on the world. :D

        • XC

          Lol, or maybe he’s got a misconception of what ‘powerful’ means. That’s why he probably doesn`t get what BMWs are all about.

  • BMfan

    Even with d stats throwing it on ur face?
    plaxico must be another alias for viper.

    • XC

      Furthermore, four-hundred-and-thirty-one are a looooooot of $45,000+ units…

  • Giom

    …enter the insecure BMW haters…

    Anyways, take nothing away from BMW. This is an achievent of note. This proves that the only deficit BMW has, is in perception. Not among BMW owners, but among ppl like the one above.

    I just love it…lol.

    • Giom

      … plaxico, that is.

  • plaxico

    i guess Glendale wasn’t covered………
    just Orange County….lol

  • jocamryn

    Lol, love the haters that don’t even drive one….

  • p.wong

    wowww all the barking audi has done and what poor results, good job for cadillac….who buys lexuses though?

    • XC


  • LMendez

    Maybe BMW has some pretty expensive cars? At least where I live atm (Brazil) they’re more expensive than all its competitors.

  • wazon8

    Interesting results. Especially that according to some comments here, BMW is doing so wrong recenly that many customers were supposed to start to think that Audi is more prestigious brand than BMW, not mentioning about remarks about MB’s ruling in premium cars world. This result suggests otherwise and things are even more exciting, since 5-er was 6-years old construction in 2009. We’ll see how sele of above 45000$ cars will go up after introducing brand new 5-er.

    • XC

      I completely agree with you; the new 5 series is going to be the bestseller it has always been and the above numbers will be much better for BMW. So much for MB and -especially- Audi detroning BMW. Good cars no doubt, but BMW is such a powerhouse…

      • plaxico

        omg, please…take that bs outta here……..

        • XC

          No BS, just a fact of life.
          Deal with it.

          • A#

            What is wrong with that Guy lol? Who made him ? Perhaps Daimler Chrysler LOL

  • Kram

    Audi has never had the sales numbers compared to BMW, however as the article I linked above states Audi is making in-roads in the U.S. Luxury Car Market (8% Market Share). Now are they taking away Market Share from BMW? The simple answer is yes, because BMWs sales were down from the previous year as was Audi’s, although this may be the result of the economy it is pretty impressive in what Audi has been able to do over the last 10 years to bring this brand back from the abyss.

    Before I’m called a BMW hater I like both brands. I’ve owned an A4 1.8T (great car) and I currently own a 335i coupe (greater car).

    • XC

      Well, nobody can be called a BMW hater if his/her posts are reasonable and sensible.

      • Kram

        True… Thanks.

  • A#

    Men lie women lie Numbers don’t.

  • james may

    Here about diamler lossing 3.5 billion lasr year. oh deer

  • bmwm6

    well lexus is going to suffer from toyotas recalls