Rumor: BMW M1 cosmetic personalization program

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With two weeks left before the Geneva Motor Show, the BMW propaganda machine continues to provide bits of information on the upcoming BMW M1 Concept …

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With two weeks left before the Geneva Motor Show, the BMW propaganda machine continues to provide bits of information on the upcoming BMW M1 Concept to be revealed at the Swiss auto show.

The one and only Scott27 returns with further details on the M1, this time, around its cosmetic personalization program, and BMW’s goal to allow for any enthusiast out there to customize their car prior to taking delivery.

Here is a summary of his report that can be found below:


  • Carbon fiber hood (bonnet)
  • Carbon fiber trunk (bootlid) with integrated spoiler
  • Carbon fiber mirrors
  • Carbon fiber front splitters
  • Carbon fiber rear valence diffuser
  • Carbon fiber sideskirts
  • M-stripes (available in M tricolors, Alpine White, or Ferric Gray)
  • M-stripes may be placed on left, central, or right hand side of car. Additional stripes can be incorporated along the side of the car.
  • 18″ competition wheels in two finishes
  • BMW shadowline chrome can be extended to the front kidney grills and rear exhaust ports (titanium effect finish will be an option).
  • Matte paint options : Frozen Gray, Frozen Black, Ice White.
  • Techno Violet option (including all additional colors from other M-vehicles)


  • Seats available in full and half-leather using M tri-color pattern on center of seats (like E30 / M3 Evo).
  • M tricolor pattern on door panels (like E30 / M3 Evo)
  • Carbon fiber dashboard panels / Aluminum panel options.
  • Titanium and body color matched pieces extending to the door handles and gear shift surround trim.
  • Alacantra seat fabric and roof headliner.

BMW M1 Report:

When introduced as a Concept precursor to the BMW performance packet for the 1er Coupe. The Tii Concept introduced a modern day approach to personalization.

Having already established a successful personalization program for the MINI brand. Concept Tii introduced the early stages to what can be achieved for the BMW brand.

The Tii Concept unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2007 in a land where personalization is a common theme amongst younger domestic Japanese customers previewed the imminent BMW Performance range a customization package for the 1er Coupe.

Although the BMW Performance package has been established. BMW are still aware of the After market companies that offer enthusiasts more diversity some at the cost to the official BMW warranty.

The M1 aims to be a new form of concept for BMW by offering a personalization program to the specific demographic although the elements will be purely cosmetic.

Although introduced on the BMW 1er Coupe Tii Concept but never carried over to the BMW Performance range was the Carbon Fibre bonnet.

The BMW M1 will offer as a part of the personalization program this feature as well as an optional Carbon Fiber bootlid with integrated Spoiler. other Carbon Fiber features to be presented as options include mirrors , front splitters , rear valance and side skirts. This will allow the customer to add these additional lightweight aids to the standard Carbon Fiber Roof.

Taking a look back from history will be the return of M stripes which can be ordered in the M Tri-color or in Alpine White or Ferric Grey. The stripes can be ordered to be placed on each the left , central or right hand side of the car allowing a continuation from the front of the car’s facia flowing over the roof right down to the rear bumper. M-Bonnet Stripes can also be ordered being placed MINI style on the grooves of the hood. Additional stripes can be incorporated along the side “character line” across the car , classic reversed “Turbo” signs can

Alloy wheel choices will begin with standard 18″ 5 spoke wheels in two finishes , optional will be 18″ competition wheels again in two finishes. BMW shadowline chrome can be extended to the front kidney grilles and rear exhaust ports. A titanium effect finish will be an option.

The interior will offer a Motorsport haven by a combination of standard Sports seats in a combination of leather , half-leather full fabric using an M Tri-Color pattern on the central part of the seats and door panels similar in effect to the classic E30 series M3 Evo.

The Dash area of the car will offer Unique Carbon Fiber dash capping as well as aluminum effect , Titanium and body color which extends to the door grabs and gearbox surround . Alacantra for the seats and roof headlining will be an option.

Matte Paint options will be exclusive to the M1 and available in Frozen Grey and Black and Ice White. additional colors will carry over from other M Vehicles along with colors exclusive to the M1 including a new update of “Techno Violet”

The Tii Concept and the addition of BMW Performance has established that there is a market for an in-house personalization program for M vehicles although aimed at the cosmetic aspect additional Performance upgrades will be introduced as an extended vehicle option.

The BMW M1 will be the test case for the M Personalization program but it is highly likely the M3 will eventually offer something similar.

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15 responses to “Rumor: BMW M1 cosmetic personalization program”

  1. CarGuyDad says:

    That all sounds great n’ all, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

  2. Colin says:

    I think this is great news for enthusiasts. BMW appears to be aiming the M1 at a segment of people who are looking for a true enthusiast’s car, almost in the vein of the E30 M3. Granted any M of today will never roll off the assembly line coming anywhere close to any of the older Ms from the 80’s in terms of spartan performance and road feel, but that’s simply a fact of the times and technology. These customization options, however, are hands down the closest thing since, in my opinion, and are a great step towards reclaiming the essence what an M is supposed to be.

  3. Giom says:

    Oh, Geneva Motor Show, wherefore art thou!? I hope this little monster will be available for racing in the belated GranTurismo 5 simulator.

  4. Pakorio says:

    Thts why gt is bein delayed, bmw m3gts, m1, new m5. FTw!

  5. Ted Spahr says:

    This type of news, if completely true, gives me GREAT hope for the future of the M cars.

  6. Andrew says:

    Any idea where the pricing will fall out for the M1? My guess is the $45k mark to keep it competitive with the M3 in terms of pricing point without being too close to the 135i as well.

  7. Lol says:

    Lol I love how you tools say this is a great hope for the future of M cars. Hey kids, M cars are not about looks. Go buy fucking japcrap. M cars are bastard children of what they used to be. All you turbo and 4wd loving twats should go choke on your parents money.

  8. Jp Albano says:


  9. XC says:

    M cars, regardless of what some people say, are great great cars. Immensely rewarding, discreet, reliable and cool. Since I have driven all (as a former BMW employee) and knowing how truly capable M cars are, I would keep my comments if I didn’t know what I’m talking about, (Lol, for example).

  10. directoroftheuniverse says:

    M cars are grat cars,but I want also that they are looking good!
    Tihs one rear part looks bad.
    I had decided for e92 (and that wosn`t mistake)
    If I had money enough my fav would be a M3
    M1 simply dosn`t look so good to me

  11. adc says:

    This would be incredible…

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