BMW X5 – A star in the “Ghost Writer” movie

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BMW makes a comeback onto the big screen. In the upcoming movie “Ghost Writer”, BMW X5 takes the centerstage along with the stars Pierce Brosnan …

BMW makes a comeback onto the big screen. In the upcoming movie “Ghost Writer”, BMW X5 takes the centerstage along with the stars Pierce Brosnan and Ewan McGregor.

Brosnan has already been acquainted with the BMW cars, thanks to his previous character in the James Bond series, but the X5 gets paired this time with McGregor.

The X5 gets plugged several times during the movie, along with the BMW ConnectedDrive system. At the Berlin premiere, the stars and their entourage rolled in a fleet of cars supplied by BMW, starting with the BMW 7 Series, X5 and the new 5er.

See the movie clip after the jump!

BMW X5   A star in the Ghost Writer movie

  • T.

    BMW are currently sponsoring the Berlin film Festival , cars in use as celebrity taxi’s are 7er Li. Active hybrid 7 , 5er and 5er Gran Turismo.

    • Simba

      It’s unfortunate that while BMW is currently sponsoring Verlin film fes, Audi and Volvo are sponsoring movies launched worldwide. Let’s hope BMW’s saving will not cause sales to lag and continue to lose market hare to brands like Audi.

  • Babak

    I hope the driving style they show in the movie is not a calm drive of the X5 going through some woods. It may not fit the scene, but I’d like to see bimmers showing off some of their athletic behaviour as well in these movies.

  • Shawn

    Solid actors and a thick plot; can’t wait for its release.

  • Tom
  • MiguelBM

    Bmw should sponsorship all the important events like Fifa 2010 World Cup, or Winter Olimpic Games this will improve BMW sales over the world.
    Another thing BMW should do is the sponsor in Europe football teams like Real Madrid or FC Barcelona, Audi does this and Audi Sales improve a lot.
    Not only on Football (soccer) but also on American Football and Baseball or BasketBall or the superball comercials.
    Good Films with BMW cars will also be an good idea.

    • XC

      Or the London Olympics?

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  • David

    I do usually hate product placement – for example, the over-obvious “Hilton” marketing in “Up in the Air” or the striking use of “Bing” in some “How I Met Your Mother” episode really annoyed me. No, actually it upset me, since I felt like the creativity of the filmmakers (cinematography, editing) became subordinate to marketing decisions. However, the BMW marketing inside “The Ghost Writer” actually felt somewhat harmonious and even quite cool. So I learn: When the best contemporary film director cooperates with a competent marketing team, even product placement can be a cool thing. But please, folks – do not carry that to excess. Too much or too bad embedded marketing quickly feels like an alien element in the film – and this cannot be effective.

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