2012 BMW M5: New Rendering

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Days ago, InsideLine took their turn at drawing the next generation F10 BMW M5 and today, the fellows at Top Speed and our “Be A …

Days ago, InsideLine took their turn at drawing the next generation F10 BMW M5 and today, the fellows at Top Speed and our “Be A Designer” artist, Andrei Avarvarii, step up to do the same. While the InsideLine rendering was less aggressive and more of an evolution from the standard 5 Series model, this new rendering goes into a different direction taking the level of aggressiveness a notch up.

The next generation M5 is announcing to be one of the most advanced and performance oriented M cars ever built.

Sources close to the brand claim that with the new central grille being much larger on the standard 5 Series, the central intake size has been diminished. The wheel arches are also larger in order to emphasize the M-look. A side air intake is placed underneath the character line which climaxes at the wheel arch. The side skirts are more sculptured with plenty of concave/convex design lines allowing for good aerodynamics.

new article 9 1024x0w 655x436 2012 BMW M5: New Rendering

At the rear-end, the typical quad exhausts remain with a sculpted diffuser and central intake. A small bootlid spoiler allows the car to remain understated and restrained.

Power is what characterizes an M5, but this time, power and dynamics will be combined with plenty of “green technology”, as part of BMW’s future plans and investment in the EfficientDynamics program. BMW plans to use several new technologies and a KERS system that will put the new M5 ahead of the current model, both in performance and fuel efficiency. With the new model, BMW M division estimates a 20% cut in CO2 emissions.

An updated version of the engine found in the BMW X5 M and X6 M will make its way into the F10 M5. The 4.4-liter V8 twin-scroll powerplant will peak at around 570-580 horsepower and 530 lb-ft of torque. The car is rumored to feature a modified version of the M3’s M-DCT system, but a second transmission option might be offered as well.

To keep the weight down, BMW will make extensive use of carbon-fiber and aluminum parts, starting with the a carbon-fiber roof. The car’s construction will be a hybrid of an aluminum spaceframe for the front section and a traditional steel monocoque for the passenger compartment and rear. Up front will be an independent suspension with MacPherson struts, with a multi-link layout for the rear.

Sources close to the company state that the car will get Active Aerodynamics, which blanks off parts of the grille and cooling intakes during warm-up and under light throttle load.

The new BMW M5 will debut in 2011 at Geneva Motor Show as a concept model, then later in September in Frankfurt as a production car.

[Source: Top Speed | Photo by Andrei Avarvarii ]
  • Marc

    Umm…Horatiu it looks like a M3 Sedan…..seriously…lets get the existing M3 sedan and put it next to that picture……

    • Daniel H ( aka :p )

      It kinda does look similar to M3. Even though, I don’t care about looks as long the car is fast and furious.

    • plaxico

      you are right, nowdays every BMW looks the same…….3,5,7.pathetic

      • Daniel H ( aka :p )

        I would say the the same for Benz and Audi

        • Daniel H ( aka :p )

          Like I said, why just care about looks. You and Viper keep saying BMWs look ugly and but nothing about under the hood or the driving.

          • plaxico

            eh Daniel ,youre ok lad ……so……im not gonna go with all cylinders on you

  • lennardt

    it looks like an improved version of this rendering:
    the front is very good and more bmw-like than in the rendering of leftlanenews.com in my opinion.

    • wazon8

      I prefer the rendering to which link provided by you refers.

  • Jag

    i don’t like this rendering,just like it’s pursing its lips

  • viper

    very very bad rendering

    • X5SoB


  • Giom

    For sure, the actual one will look more bad ass than this. X5/X6 like, I hope. With huge air intakes to help cool all additional hardware.

  • Shawn

    Please BMW, deliver on that second transmission option – a let it have 3 pedals!!!

  • Omar

    looks gorgeous! i just hope it comes with 600+ HP. 580 is just matching the RS6. BMW needs to leap further ahead away from the competition of audi.

  • Omar

    viper, seriously, get a life.

  • john

    has a more of an m5 feeling than the inside line rendering but a little sloppy and unrealistic.

  • sok

    Why take so long for the new M5?
    Compared with the others model in bmw production cars.
    Normally M package taken about a few month after the new model debut and sold out right?