BMW at Chicago Auto Show 2010

Auto Shows | February 11th, 2010 by 3
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Yes, not much excitment today at the Chicago Auto Show, but we did have a chance to catch up with some of the BMW models …

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Yes, not much excitment today at the Chicago Auto Show, but we did have a chance to catch up with some of the BMW models on their way out the door and into the history. First, we have the BMW 5 Series, E60 model, the highly controversial Bangle-butt design and its ahead-of-time look (7 years ago). We’ve always been huge fans of the E60 design, but today, we might have had a change of heart.

While the design still looks quite fresh even after these many years, the new 5 Series F10 is still a much needed upgrade. The aggressive design lines on the new F10 are far more obvious, the crease lines going through the side of the car and continuing with the ones on the hood, just give the new 5er a new mysterious, attractive look. It will also fit better in the current line-up where the E60 just naturally feels out of place.

The second car and the one in most desperate need for a refresh, is the BMW X3. Seeing it in person one more time (beside the one we have in our garage), it reminded us why the compact Sports Activity Vehicle cannot currently compete with its newer, more attractive competitors. But if only half of the rumors turn true, then the next generation X3, due out this year, will simply close that gap and win back some of its long gone customers.

We also had a chance to once again admire the BMW Z4 Roadster, a car that we never get old of looking at it. And next to it, here was our next acquisition: the BMW 335d, a car that won our vote as the next “BMWBLOG chariot”.

As always, enjoy the photos and look for more in the upcoming hours.

3 responses to “BMW at Chicago Auto Show 2010”

  1. Theo says:

    The X3 is indeed in need of a successor (though the LCI negated many of its flaws), the E60/E61 however in my opinion still could remain in the lineup for years. Both its design and characteristics could pass for a recently introduced luxury sedan/sw and if you’re a dynamic oriented driver there is still no alternative in this market segment (though I must admit that I have never driven an Infiniti).

    Never in all the years that I followed the automotive industry was there an outgoing model that could be brand new as much as the E60/E61 (in my humble opinion)…

  2. Tom says:

    ahh cant wait for the new york auto show. i wanna touch every one of these cars.

  3. wpBimmer says:

    What a silly comment on the E60. The design is still fresh and the new one is ok, should all the BMWs now look exactly the same (inside and out) like MBs? If I wanted to drive a 7series (which is for old people) I would buy one, not a slighty small version of it in the F10

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