BMW AG 16.6% sales growth in January

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The BMW Group began the new year with a strong increase in sales of 16.6%. A total of 82,120 BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce automobiles were …

The BMW Group began the new year with a strong increase in sales of 16.6%. A total of 82,120 BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce automobiles were delivered to customers worldwide in January (prev. yr. 70,419).

Ian Robertson, member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, responsible for Sales and Marketing: “We started the new year well with healthy growth in sales, and are continuing the upward trend of the last few months. We have set ourselves ambitious goals for the full year 2010.

Thanks to the large number of new, highly-attractive models, such as the new BMW 5 Series and the MINI Countryman, we are aiming for growth in the single-digit percentage range for 2010, and intend to sell more than 1.3 million vehicles.”

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In the month under review, sales of BMW brand automobiles climbed 15.9% to a total of 69,852 (prev. yr. 60,262). Strong gains were again reported by the major series, including the BMW 7 Series with 4,742 deliveries (+89.8% / prev. yr. 2,498), and the BMW X5 and X6 models with a combined total of 10,565 (+9.3% / prev. yr. 9,665) deliveries. The BMW Z4 was also among the growth drivers with 1,552 (+278.5% / prev. yr. 410) deliveries. All three model series remain clear global market leaders in their segments. BMW also made gains with what is traditionally its largest-volume model series: Volumes for the 3 Series rose by 7.1% overall to reach a total of 22,501 (prev. yr. 21,001) deliveries in January. Although its successor model is already preparing for launch in late March, demand for the current BMW 5 Series Sedan is strengthening, with 9,314 customers purchasing this highly-successful model (+4.9% / prev. yr. 8,880) in the past month.

Overall, the BMW 5 Series was able to match the previous year’s level of 11,036 deliveries (-0.1% / prev. yr. 11,042). Ian Robertson: “We have already sold virtually all of the current BMW 5 Series Sedans, so there will be a relatively small volume of final deliveries of this model over the next two months.” Robertson added: “The new BMW 5 Series Sedan is receiving an enthusiastic response from the media and the public. From the second quarter on, the new model – together with the new, recently launched BMW X1 and BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo models – will give sales a further boost.” The two new models, the BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo and the BMW X1, joined the BMW model range in late October.

Although they are not yet available in all major high-volume markets, no less than 4,093 BMW X1 and 933 BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo models were already delivered to customers in January.

The MINI brand also saw a substantial increase in sales volumes in the month under review. With 12,181 (prev. yr. 10,120) units sold, 20.4% more vehicles were delivered. Volumes increased for all three model series. In January 1,191 (+510.8% / prev. yr. 195) MINI Convertibles were delivered to customers. The MINI Clubman was sold to 2,003 customers last month (+5.2% / prev. yr. 1,904), while the MINI recorded 8,987 deliveries worldwide (+12.0% / prev. yr. 8,021).

The Rolls-Royce brand can also look back on a successful start to 2010: Demand for its new model, the Ghost, launched in December, is strong, with definite orders until the middle of the year. In January, Rolls-Royce delivered a total of 87 automobiles to customers (prev. yr. 37) and was able to increase sales volumes by 135.1%.

The BMW Group reported higher retail volumes on all continents in January. A total of 41,087 vehicles were sold in Europe (+2.4% / prev. yr. 40,118). The major established markets of Western Europe accounted for the largest share of 38,495 units (prev. yr. 37,930 / +1.5%). The emerging markets of Eastern Europe maintained their strong growth rates. With 2,237 vehicles sold, growth in the region reached 18.7% (prev. yr. 1,885). The Russian market also posted a substantial increase in volumes for the first time in months, with 1,129 deliveries (prev. yr. 937 / +20.5%).

The American markets also reported sales growth of 11.6% (18,501 vehicles / prev. yr. 16,572) in January. Middle and South America made gains of 10.4% (836 / prev. yr. 757) and 98.3% (1,057 / prev. yr. 533) respectively; while in the North America region, 8.7% more vehicles were sold (16,608 / prev. yr. 15,282). Despite continued economic difficulties in the US, the BMW Group once again improved its sales figures in its key US market by 7.7% to reach a total of 15,410 vehicles (prev. yr. 14,314) in January.

In the Asia region, 74.6% more vehicles were sold (18,523 / prev. yr. 10,610) last month. The largest Asian market, China, was able to more than double sales volumes, with growth of 122.4% to 11,919 automobiles (prev. yr. 5,360). At 11,369 (prev. yr. 5,200 / +118.6%) vehicles, the BMW brand for the first time exceeded the threshold of 10,000 units sold in one month. Ian Robertson: “We will continue on our growth track in the Chinese market in 2010. Although we already saw a very strong performance there last year, we are once again aiming for growth in the double-digit percentage range.” In Japan, Asia’s second largest market, the BMW Group sold 1,908 units and was therefore able to maintain last year’s level (prev. yr. 1,910 / -0.1%).

In January, BMW Group volumes were also up 21.2% (2,209 deliveries / prev. yr. 1,823) in Africa and 40.3% (1,692 deliveries / prev. yr. 1,206) in Oceania.

The sales performance of the Motorcycle Segment was also positive at the start of 2010. With 3,814 units sold, 2.2% more vehicles were delivered to customers than in the same period last year (3,731).

8 responses to “BMW AG 16.6% sales growth in January”

  1. Babken says:

    However, it’s bad that BMW lags behind Mercedes-Benz and Audi in terms of growth. Audi itself performs miracles. They took over the premium market from BMW by selling 77,800 units, BMW sold 69,852 units, and Mercedes-Benz sold 67,000 units, i.e nearly as much as BMW. As I’ve already said it’s the result of BMW’s poor marketing and product life cycle policy, particularly regarding the 5 Series launch. Let’s just hope BMW will retain its crown as the best selling luxury brand in the world in 2010. Though I must say that Audi didn’t publish sales by models so I can conclude that the low-end models constitute the vast majority of their sales.

  2. Giom says:

    Finally, on the up! But check out Rolls Royce! Is the new Ghost selling like hot cakes? Wouldn’t that be something!

  3. 2011bmw says:

    One of the 87 rolls….for me!
    Wouldn´t that be something! LOL

  4. Brookside says:

    These latest numbers seem to reflect an evening out between the German Big 3. The Audi gains aren’t really surprising and if I remember correctly, their sales spike in the wintertime when the weather reminds customers who live in the snow-belt that Quattro is a good thing. Audi seems to have a psychological lock on AWD for consumers….even when BMW and Merc offer it on many of their models.

    What is going to slow Audi down is their 2nd rate dealer network in the U.S. where you can find an Audi dealer in one locale that is state of the art facility and another Audi dealership across town or nearby that feels and looks like a used car lot. They need to invest in bringing a uniformity of quality to their dealerships – plunking down big $ on a car that’s sitting outside of a double-wide masquerading as a showroom shouldn’t exist anymore, and yet it does. And even if in your locale
    that example doesn’t exist- as it does in mine- what does it say about Audi’s standards to its customers?

    What’s happened with Toyota’s massive recalls is a cautionary tale for the Germans. Frankly I wouldn’t mind seeing sales numbers level for BMW and a complete review of quality standards, including suppliers, be initiated across the board. BMW has worked incredibly hard on engineering reliability into their products. Keep it that way.

    Sorry to to go on so much- but this idea of the importance of who is number one in sales is a slippery slope that empties out into mediocrity.

    • Babken says:

      Compare the sales numbers with those of January 2009 and you’ll see.

      • Brookside says:

        Read all of my post…OK?
        Look, I like Audi, and always have. But it’s not on the level of BMW or Merc. It’s a step down and on a level with Acura and Volvo.
        For every iconic R8 they sell they still churn out thousands of absolute doggie cars- how ’bout the base model front wheel drive, cvt, Audi A3?

        Audi makes great interiors, gets you thru the snow and maybe has gained some sales on BMW, but no way does their recent success change the game.
        If their increased sales can be attributed to anything it’s a re-hauled consumer friendly buying and leasing plans and an increased media advertising blitz.

        And by the way- their warranty policy absolutely sucks. Audi customers will be finding out (and schilling out) when they reach Audi’s legendary reliability after 50k.

        • Babken says:

          Well, I think that Audi sells more of the cheapest cars than BMW and Mercedes-Benz and that’s why they took the market leadership. But that’s for a while.

  5. james may says:

    babken all cars have an life cycle off about 7 years the 5 has 2 months left they have released the 5 gt to take up some slack half a year b4 the new 5. BMW are aware of the growing threat from audi in China, hence the big 5 gt.
    the 3 will begin to loss sales and the new 5 will make up for it. thats the way it goes.
    The thing with audi is they are based on vw platforms which are used by seat and skoda. they are mostly fwd which i dont consider premium.
    the x1 will help sales

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