Stunning Photos: BMW X3 CC during Dakar Rally

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Even though we’re a few weeks behind with the news on the 2010 Dakar Rally, we can’t pass on the opportunity to post some of …

Even though we’re a few weeks behind with the news on the 2010 Dakar Rally, we can’t pass on the opportunity to post some of the most amazing photos we have seen this year which of course, involve a BMW.

Team X-raid GmbH entered the competition with three BMW X3 CCs, with X-raid Russia entering a fourth car with support from the Trebur based operation. The team included nine-time former winner Stéphane Peterhansel (six times on a bike and three in a car) and co-driver Jean-Paul Cottret,  Catalunyan Joan “Nani” Roma and his triple Dakar winning co-driver Michel Périn.

Completing the official X–raid team line-up were the defending FIA World Cup champions, Guerlain Chicherit and Tina Thörner.

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The X-Raid team and their BMW X3 CCs have shown throughout the course of the 32th Dakar Rally that they were capable of winning. At the end of the rally, Peterhansel and co-driver Jean-Paul Cottret came fourth in the overall standings and Chicherit and Swedish co-driver Tina Thörner finished in fifth overall after setting the third quickest time in the second BMW X3 CC.

X-Raid Russia’s Leonid Novitskiy and German co-driver Andreas Schulz confirmed 11th overall by setting the 11th fastest time on the final stage.

More than honorable performance by these teams and great to see the BMW X3 CC coming up at the top of some races. For those of you not familiar with the BMW X3 CC mode, here is a breakdown of some of its technical details.

Technical Details BMW X3 CC

  • Engine: 6 Cylinder, 3 Litre Variable Twin Turbo Diesel, approx. 286 PS/HP at 4000 RPM
  • Top speed: approx. 182 km/h
  • Torque: 650 Nm / 479.41ft/lbs – 2100 U/min
  • Transmission: Sadev 5 or 6 gear sequential
  • Clutch: AP Racing Sinter metallic
  • Differentials: X-trac
  • Body: space-frame Chassis, Heggemann Carbon-Kevlar body
  • Brake system: 6 Piston AP Racing
  • Tires and Wheels: BBS and BF Goodrich
  • Suspension: Independent Suspension Reiger Racing shocks with reservoir 250 mm travel
  • Measurmenets: Length 4650 mm, Width 2000 mm, Height 1850 mm
  • Empty weight: approx. 1850 kg
  • Wheel base: 2850 mm
  • Track width: 1815 mm
  • Roll Cage: FIA Norm Heggemann
  • Fueltank: FT3 Safety tank, Fuel capacity 420 liter
  • Onboard Jack System: Reiger Hydraulic onboard

Enjoy the great photo gallery!

[Photos: X-Raid ]

6 responses to “Stunning Photos: BMW X3 CC during Dakar Rally”

  1. Jordan says:

    TOTAL oil is fantastic!!! I use it all the time. i did a ton of research and they’re very good! it’s hard to get but worth it

  2. Chun says:

    BMW didn’t even come close to winning though. Over two hours behind the third placed VW.

    • Benny says:

      Well, but this was just because one stage when Peterhansel lost 2 hours 15 minutes because of a broken crankshaft which was brand new, so it was bad luck. In the end the X3 CC were really fast and they won 6 tages compared to Volkswagens 7 stage wins. And Peterhansel lost one stage with 1 second behind Gordon in his Hummer, so it could have been 7 stage wins for X-Raid as well. In the end what made VW the winners was not their speed but the fact that three of their cars had no technical difficulties (De Villiers had an engine breakdown, so the Touareg wasn’t bullet-proof as well) and that their leading drivers made no mistakes. If you look at the speed alone the X3 CC was very competitive and Peterhansel would have had a good chance of winning without the bad luck he had on Day 5.

  3. x3joe says:

    …… ich glaub meine Frau hät bei dem Titelbild “gekotzt” ;-P

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