Rumor: New Details on the future BMW M1 Design

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As we approach the Geneva Motor Show where a possible unveiling of the new BMW M1 is planned, several rumors around the entry level M …

As we approach the Geneva Motor Show where a possible unveiling of the new BMW M1 is planned, several rumors around the entry level M continue to pop-up around the web.

Scott27, the popular BMW source, has returned with some new, teasing information on the BMW M1.

Direct quote from the source:

“The M1 will differ from the standard 1er with a more muscular appearance especially at the front which receives a trapezoid grille flanked by two intakes to allow air to cool the six piston brakes. The larger grille at the front of the car also allows air into the High Performance Intercooler. underneath the headlights the M1 follows the typical M look by having enclosed headlights or “eyebags” this helps pronounce the front of the car and providing a more sporting look than the conventional 1er Coupe.

bmw m1

Above the brake ducts are tiny lip spoilers that help with airflow these help with additional “Active aerodynamics” to provide downforce. The aluminium bonnet incorporates a subtle hood bulge again to hint at the power underneath flanked by two airducts at each side with one for design symmetry. The front wings of the car are massaged slightly to accommodate the wider track and to neatly fill the arches with standard 18″ 5 spoke wheels with optional 18″ Competition wheels. 18″ will be the optimum wheel size for the M1.


The front wings incorporate the typical M characteristic of a side vent , again the M1 is no different with a slightly shorter vent due to the proportion of front door – wing- arch accommodating the turn signal and insignia. The side sills accommodate a more sculpted appearance again identifying the car from the standard 135i or BMW performance packet.

Like the front end of the car the rear end is wider with a look that is almost similar to the transition between the previous E46 Coupe and the E46 M3 , broader wheel arches accommodate the larger track , The classic “Ducktail” appearance makes a welcome return with the spoiler now integrated as part of the bootlid for a more cohesive look and additional aid for aerodynamics.

The rear valance/diffuser area takes it’s direction from the standard 135i but with open ducts for aerodynamic purpose , the duct is separated by typical M quad exhaust pipes.

The roof of the car receives the typical BMW M Coupe addition of a reinforced Carbon Fibre Roof to help maintain the lightweight concept.


* More muscular appearance than standard 1-series
* Trapezoid grille flanked by two intakes to allow extra brake cooling
* Six piston brakes
* High performance intercooler
* Sportier looking headlights than standard 1-series
* Small lip spoilers above brake duct inlets to provide extra air flow and downforce
* The front wings of the car are massaged slightly to accommodate the wider track. Rear end is also wider.
* Standard 18″ 5-spoke wheels with optional 18″ Competition wheels (18″ will be the optimum wheel size for the M1)
* Signature M side vent
* Broader wheel arches to accommodate larger track
* “Ducktail” CSL style rear trunk (integrated spoiler)
* Rear valance/diffuser area takes its direction from the standard 135i but with open ducts for aerodynamic purpose
* Signature M quad exhaust pipes
* Reinforced carbon fiber roof

[Source: 1Addicts ]

19 responses to “Rumor: New Details on the future BMW M1 Design”

  1. Lol says:

    Its not an M1, they will not reuse the M1 name for obvious reasons, you douches.

    • Horatiu B. says:

      Oh yeah? And what will it be? Cause no one knows yet, not even BMW. The car will come out as a concept first.

      And this is the last time I allow comments with insults…they will be deleted.

      • bmwm6 says:

        thank you horatiu put a “report abuse button” on every comment that will help

        • Horatiu B. says:

          I honestly never thought we would get here. I was proud that we had a civilized, intelligent crowd here, compared to a forum environment, but things seem to change. So some measures will be taken, regardless if we lose readers or not. I prefer quality over quantity.

          Engadget just completely shut off their commenting system due to similar behavior, even worse, personal threats, etc..

          Anyway, moving on, let’s say on the M1 course.

          • bmwm6 says:

            I couldnt agree more I hear dof the engadget inicdent

            regarding the M1 one thing I dont get is that the 335i already has 300hp which is a lot, a 50hp increase doesnt seem right but ifthey go more it will be close to M3 territory

            I would also liek to tell you again horatiu that the X5m review earlier was amazing and the pics were stunning

        • XC says:

          I agree with the ‘report abuse’ button idea, but since there are just two or three guys trolling this site Horatiu, why bother deleting vulgar comments? Let the community chastise those comments by following the same system that youtube uses, that is after a number of thumps down the comment is hidden and can no longer be seen. Just an idea…

          • Horatiu B. says:

            Your wish is my command. I just implemented the system you mentioned.

          • XC says:

            Thanks, Horatiu, I truly believe this is an honest way to keep negative people and their comments at bay without being repressive and thus playing their game. And that’s why I reckon this site the best source of information for BMW fans.

  2. Ian says:

    I just hope it comes with a sunroof option. I don’t track my cars often so the advantages of a carbon roof are mostly lost on me.

  3. Giom says:

    Origionally posted by Horatiu: “And this is the last time I allow comments with insults…they will be deleted.”

    Now you’re talking! I’m really glad to know that some rules will be enforced!

    About the ‘M1’… This really sounds like a very speciall little number. It’s like they’re going all out on this one – with passive aerodynamics and the works.

    Also, it’s likely that this car will enjoy a very limited run – not much time left before the new one is out…?

  4. Ted Spahr says:

    From the picture alone, do not like. From the description alone, do like very much. Maybe were talking a E30 M3 type of car here… A car that will have a cult fallowing for years to come? One can hope.

  5. Vaybach Khan says:

    im looking forward to m1 to come out so i can make a e87 realy sport looking m1 looking car…specially on headlights sportier change….

  6. LMendez says:

    I’d love to see their “R8 killer” named like BMW Zero, but I kinda dissaprove using the M1 title for this car for it should be used in a “spiritual sucessor” to the old one.

    Why can’t BMW just make a R* competitor already?

    Screw the recession! :P

  7. g2 says:

    I might actually consider this car! First new BMW in a while. I want no sunroof, suspension similar to the M3 so I don’t have to update it and lower weight. Please bring this to market at a reasonable price.

  8. BMW Driver says:

    I am glad they finally gave the green light for an M1.
    I won’t be a buyer but it does help with improving the brand’s image.

  9. Ryan Temple says:

    I wonder how much this thing would cost. My guess would be a little cheaper than the M3, but probably not much.

  10. Doug says:

    Oh man!! This is awesome!! With all the info about there being lots of CF, etc…sounds like it will be way out of reach of many like the M3 GTS…

    That would be a shame but to the few lucky ones to get their hands on it, it will be a pride and joy.

    Hope I’m one of them…

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