BMW City and a mini BMW: Competition for Mercedes A-Class and Audi A1

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Ready for another rumor? German magazine Auto Motor und Sport reports that in 2014 BMW will be pushing out two models under the BMW 1 …

Ready for another rumor? German magazine Auto Motor und Sport reports that in 2014 BMW will be pushing out two models under the BMW 1 Series. One of them will be a “Mini BMW” vehicle, advertised as a small premium car that will be powered by 3-cylinder engines and hybrid drivetrains. The unnamed small bimmer is rumored to be a front wheel drive vehicle that will push out between 90 and 170 horsepower.

The car will be taken on the upcoming Audi A1 and Mercedes-Benz A-Class.

Second vehicle, dubbed BMW City, will also be placed below the 1 Series family and it is being developed under the highly advertised Project i program that will continue to develop uber efficient cars in the upcoming years.

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BMW City or Mega City as referred before by BMW executives, is a vehicle that measure four meters long and seats four people, but very important to mention, this vehicle has nothing to do with the above-mentioned entry-level BMW. BMW City will combine a high percentage of lightweight components and it will feature the electric drivetrain unveiled in the BMW ActiveE Concept at Detroit Auto Show. The electric motor will output 125 kW (167 horsepower) and 250 Nm of torque. The liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery has a range of 160 kilometers.

The BMW Mega City is designed for city dwellers and offers a range of sophisticated multimedia technology in addition to various electronic aids for navigation in the urban jungle. On the same platform, a two-seater electric car will follow in 2014.

While the above details might slightly vary when the cars launch, we know they’re coming.

[Source: AMS ]

17 responses to “BMW City and a mini BMW: Competition for Mercedes A-Class and Audi A1”

  1. M. Wong says:

    FF? FR? F4WD??

  2. okeribok says:

    Electric = insanely heavy. This little 2+1.5 seater would weigh 3600lbs.
    Much better would be to insert a 1l 3cylinder diesel and save at least 1000lbs.

  3. Mr. Krabis says:

    I hope they will not choose front wheel drive, but if they will its not going to be a BMW anymore

  4. Axelsaurus says:

    BMW has the B-segment: Mini.

  5. Bryce says:

    I love the look of those renderings! If BMW made that car, put an engine with some power in it, and made it RWD, then I would buy it today. Unfortunately, I have no interest in a 3-cylinder or hybrid drivetrain. If my VW Rabbit can outrun it, then it definitely doesn’t have enough power. BMW needs to put an engine in it that will outrun the GTi!!

  6. Lol says:

    First 4wd, then turbos, I guess it wasn’t long before BMW did a FWD car. Its a marketing company that sells flashy cars to rich arab kids instead of a driving enthusiasts company nowadays anyway.

    • Horatiu B. says:

      It’s called being in business to make money. I don’t see anything wrong with that. Yes, BMW has come out with some controversial cars in the last few years and YES, we all want the 80-90s times, but as any company, they have to evolve and keep up with the current market conditions, customer’s expectations, not just the enthusiasts.

      If it was my company, I would have done the same, pushing the envelope constantly, despite the less popular actions.

      • Auday says:

        @Horatiu, thats true BMW is a corporate and a business machine but that’s not the part we care about, people read magazines watch shows and read blogs because they care about the cars not the business that makes money to its share holders.

        The creativity, philosophy and passion that passes from generation to generation of engineers inside the company gives the brand a spirit and makes it almost a living entity within the dead shell of the corporate, and the corporate usually nurture this spirit and makes huge efforts to maintain it because in the end it helps the money making goal.

        But now the corporate thinks that the image of that spirit is engraved deeply in the minds of the customers that they let the lifeless marketing and financial departments harness and control that fire in the engineering department which created that spirit originally and made BMW brand what it is now, … and it seems that they will run away with it since I see many BMW enthusiast being religiously loyal not only to the brand but also to the corporate and they defend the business decisions from a pure business perspective talking about the sales figures and the profit they make with pride as if we all have shares in the company.

        The above might be too philosophical, but let me ask you this, at what point do you start to see that there is something wrong with whats going? Turbo M Cars, Big heavy auto Trucks as M-Cars, no M Roadster or M Coupe, and now FWD, … whats next? what if they start selling cars that feel like Toyota Camery with BMW luxury (they are getting closer to that day by day)? well 90% of the market don’t care much about the driver involvement, so why would the business invest all the money and effort in expensive engineering process that makes the ultimate driving machine while 90% of people wouldn’t be able to tell the difference and would believe the slogan regardless of how the car feels. What if they even go into another markets like trucks, buses, Candy bars, washing machines, condoms, …..etc, because they found that the BMW brand could sell well on other products and they make more profit than sport sedans? would we then go to BestBuy and look at BMW washing machines or collect the candybar covers with BMW logo on them?

        My point is, yes BMW is a business but within that business is the spirit that we all love, this spirit has communities, clubs, and history of passion built around it and has a share in it, so when the business is screwing it up we will not stay silent, we love BMW the car and we have the right at least to speak loudly against the corporate for killing the spirit of BMW.

  7. Axelsaurus says:

    I think that a small BMW doesn’t make sense, Mini have the same target and same power.

  8. Dede says:

    and a Mini is a FWD….and I got rid of my Mini and now have a BMW for a reason.

  9. Jl328i says:

    I wonder if it will be called the .510i… lol

  10. tom says:

    look so sweet!!!!

  11. samy truro says:

    auday is right cant agree more. Corporate organisation or the customers? Customers are for indulgence, they live in/with the cars, they have a relationship, yes like sex, its a living spirit of dynamic efficiency and shear driving pleasure. Some good Engineers established the brand already and all you current guys just have to fly the BMW flag high. If you make your customers happy you enjoy corporate success because the customers support your product with their money, simple. If you start with Corporate red tape, telling us that profit is more important than perfect machines then your customer base shrinks and so does the profit. First you pull out of the Ultimate Test, Formula One to save costs or maybe to save face. All you needed to do was to get Alonso behind the wheel, now watch AUDI join F1 and that will be the end of BMW (not BMW but us the people who live in BMW”s) . The 5 series GT a big flop and not even one panel shared with the new F10. why call it a 5 series when some reports even say its based on a 7 series platform. For heaven’s sake if u mess the next three series (check renderings) then BMW goes into oblivion. Just remember the three series is a sleek small-medium car, with very little front overhang ie front wheel at the corner and a short bumper, long nose and a sedan boot not the hatchback in the renderings taken from a Seat or the outgoing Mazda 3. Now the FWD city electric good idea but please do not fill the world with ugliness.

  12. Ali Yassen says:

    i’m suppressed by reading this article ….. it’s all about FWD
    why BMW ?????!!!!!
    You still the best but why you wanna make yourself as rest cars by adding FWD

  13. Jocelyn says:

    Can’t wait for this new minibmw to be launched… When do you think it will launch in SA

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