2011 BMW M3 Competition Package (ZCP) U.S. Pricing

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Today, BMW North America confirmed our suppositions: the 2011 M3 models will get an optional Competition Package, or short, ZCP. Here is the press release …

Today, BMW North America confirmed our suppositions: the 2011 M3 models will get an optional Competition Package, or short, ZCP. Here is the press release issued by BMW today:

The M3 Coupe, Sedan, and Convertible models become 2011 models this spring . BMW ups the ante on the M3 Coupe and Sedan by offering a new “Competition Package” for MY2011. The package (ZCP) further enhances the highly responsive chassis by installing a 10mm lower suspension and 19” wheels with greater offset for a wider track.

Combined with remapped Electronic Damping Control and Dynamic Stability Control systems, the M3 with Competition Package is the best handling production M car ever built.

2011 BMW M3 Competition Package (ZCP) U.S. Pricing

Not the actual package illustrated here

The MSRP of MY2011 M3 Sedan, Coupe, and Convertible remain unchanged at $56,275, $59,275, and $67,925, respectively. All prices include $875 Destination & Handling. The Competition Package is available on the Coupe and Sedan models for $2,500.

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  • plaxico

    too bad they’re the least reliable car you can find, same for 7
    BMW have replaced complete engine families, i.e. Nikasil V8s and recent M3 engines due to design flaws……jerkoff car nothing more…..
    every frustrated virgin kid should buy one

  • Kyle

    lol plaxico jealous much? do you have facts supporting this for the new model or did you get burned with an older bimmer v8?

  • Al

    still no brembo brakes. why not at least make them a separate option package? a company as backwards as gm can think of putting brembos on their cts-v, yet bmw won’t. they have them on a 135i and the m3 gts., just not on the regular m3. what am i missing?

    • http://www.bmwblog.com Horatiu B.

      I have to agree, I was expecting those also.

    • Bimmer121

      Yeah, because all brembo brakes put on production cars are great right? That’s almost never the case. Ex: 350/370Z Brembo’s are a joke and almost killed a few journalists recently. Brembo’s installed on production cars are made by Brembo to meet the manufacturers specs. They are never as good as Brembo’s own product line. The only reason manufacturers put them on cars is because people like you think you have to have Brembo’s and are willing to pay for the name without having a clue about how they actually perform. New fluid and some good pads will be fine on stock M3 brakes for most aggressive/track day enthusiasts. The pads and fluid are usually what causes them to overheat.

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  • klammer

    just ordered 2011 space grey fox red extended zcp comp pack m3 sedan today. expecting to pick up at plant in south carolina mid april. can’t wait!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1030788736 Dylan Miller

    Is there going to be a refresh of the 2011 M3 similar to what was done to the 3 series?

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