Video Review: BMW 335is – As Much Fun As An M3 For $9,000 Less?

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Here we go…..comparisons between the BMW 335is and the M3 models are starting to pile up. We’ve started yesterday with our own comparison, but written …

Here we go…..comparisons between the BMW 335is and the M3 models are starting to pile up. We’ve started yesterday with our own comparison, but written in a funny, entertaining way. Now, Autospies takes it to a more serious level and gives us a closer look at the BMW 335is and the differences from the standard model.

With the new 335i, BMW brings a lot of visual updates to the standard 335i. At the front fascia, the 335is sports a wider mouth to feed more air, the fog lamps have been removed on the Coupe model, but will remain on the convertible. To use the extra air properly, BMW has fitted an additional radiator behind the left-front air intake, along with a more powerful electric cooling fan. An oil cooling pan has been added opposite of the second radiator, as well. The engine mounts that hold the 335i in place well enough are gone for even stronger units on the 335is, to ensure maximum performance under the heavier loads and conditions that the ‘is’ can cope with.

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All of the updates that we reported for the E92 and E93 335i, like the LED taillights, corona lights along with the redesigned hood and kidney grill are standard, as you would expect, on the 335is models.

BMW is outfitting the 335is with M aerodynamics, meaning new front and rear fascia and sideskirts. Uniquely, there is a new rear diffuser that has air strakes that control air flow and help reduce lift at the rear-end, along with 335is badging on the side fenders, just under the side turn signals, and the rear of decklid. High gloss black surrounds the kidney grill and the wing mirrors, as well as black Shadowline window trim. 18″ ferric grey alloy wheels are standard, with 19″ M alloy wheels being optional.

To keep with the 335is’ unique status, the interior has been modified to include, an M Sport steering wheel, sport seats, anthracite headliner, M door sills, M driver’s footrest, M gearshift knob, and stainless steel sport pedals. The instrument cluster features dials in dark grey with a 335is badge on the tachometer. The passenger side dashboard also features a 335is badge on the standard aluminum glacier silver dark trim.

Let’s take a closer look at the BMW 335is Coupe.

[Source: Autospies ]

14 responses to “Video Review: BMW 335is – As Much Fun As An M3 For $9,000 Less?”

  1. badger says:

    I’m starting to see the point of this car. The 335i’s and great cars, but u can only upgrade cosmetically( sport, M packages). The 335is has many ques to show that this is a different BMW. More power, better MPG, same bmw fun. Yet, not so extreme as an M3.

  2. plaxico says:

    God damnit …i have to say ….bloody amazing… But what a beast….but 50G’s to much,…again for that money id go merc

  3. Lol says:

    I see more here about the looks than anything – typical of BMW blog – even though its an article about ‘as much fun’. Oh BMW blog. You are whats wrong with the modern BMW buyer. But what can I expect from the same people who think an X5 M is a great car. Perhaps you have never track driven an M3… perhaps you have never track driven 4 generations of M3. No I’m pretty sure of the later. I guess thats why you probably dont get it.

    One word if it helps, limited slip. Even installing a quaife aftermarket wont have the awesome feel of that M-Lock on the e92 M3. Pity.

    • auday says:

      this is AutoSpy review not BMW Blog. And I agree with you that autospy should not be considered a serious car review it’s more like flirting with the brand with no useful info what so ever. The video was good to watch and I’m glad it’s posted here though.

      BMW of today has a much bigger categories of enthusiasts than it had 20 years ago and like it or not the majority of current BMW buyers dont believe in the same BMW ideas of the 80s and 90s. I guess the blog caters for everyone though, and covers everything so you can’t call it “what’s wrong …. ”
      I don’t see any sense in the X5M too, but unfortunately many people do, so you dont expect the blog to come out with personal opinions against X5M.
      It’s all relative anyway,… many people consider the E92 M3 to be a big diviation from the spirit of the E46M3, some consider the E46 itself to be a big heavy car that has nothign to do with original spirit of the M brand and the E30 M3. Where do you stand is a personal thing and some people would call it wrong some others would totally agree with you (I do by the way :) )

      • bmwm6 says:

        I agree with you auday but when you mentioned the x5m I have to differ. I understand your comment was about the blog but I would like to give my 2 cents regarding the x5m

        the main factor for me is that I lie in Canada and in the winter season rwd and snow tires wont cut it for me

        so some say go get a truck

        but I am a ///M fan and always will be I need an ///M car for all seasons

        if the weather wasnt the choice I would have got an M6

        also there is a market BMW is not going to watch mercedes and porsche (audi Q7 is to sluggish) launch these powerful suvs bmw is going to wipe out the competition and I think they did

  4. plaxico says:

    yeah its all about looks….so upload your beautiful photo so we can comment on that

  5. Dinge says:

    You can see the longitude in the sat nav! :-p (Secret location)

  6. bmwm6 says:

    when the M1 (M version of 1 series) comes along will the 335is be higher in performance

    like how will this be in relation to the M1

    I heard the M1 will have 350 hp

    • Shawn says:

      I’m fairly confident that no “iS’ product would slot in above any M product in terms of performance, including the ///M135 (M1?). Horatiu would have a better idea how to answer this, but it’s a great question.

    • Horatiu B. says:

      Shawn is right, I expect the M1 to be positioned slightly above the 335is, but of course, below the M3. In the end, it’s an M car and it needs to reflect that.

      But remember, these are only our speculations and maybe BMW has something else in mind for the true enthusiasts, one could only hope the M1 will be priced lower than 335is.

  7. AndreyDobra says:

    I think a lot of hardcore BMW fans would like an M3, but still, $9,000 is a lot of money, especially these days. I’m sure the niche of the 335is will be a pretty successful one

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