Updated: BMW X6 M, X5 M Snow Action – Take that Jeremy Clarkson!

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Just a few weeks ago, the famous host of the equally famous show Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson, went on a rampage against the BMW X6, …

Just a few weeks ago, the famous host of the equally famous show Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson, went on a rampage against the BMW X6, the same very controversial Sports Activity Coupe from BMW that kept the headlines of many automotive magazines for years now.

One of the major complaints against the X6 was in the off-road capability of the car and its inability to perform well in winter conditions. To prove the point, Clarkson went to the extreme of taking the X6 all the way up into the Alps. Here is a quick recap of what we published at the time:

The next item on list just simply made us smile. Expecting the X6 SAC to act as a 4×4 and crawl over boulders, is just something we didn’t think we would hear. The X6 is a sport oriented vehicle craving for performance, and yes, it does give you some off-roading capabilities, but not even close to a Jeep or Range Rover. It’s like comparing apples and oranges.
Now, the next scene shows the X6 35d struggling to climb a hill…okay, we got the point, but easily we forget the car comes equipped with summer/performance tires that won’t do well on snow nor grass. Any xDrive system coupled with good winter or all-season tires will get the job done.

And really?? Summer tires in snow, in the highest ski resort in the Alps?

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Well, it wasn’t long until BMW decided to unofficially post a response to the Top Gear episode and published the following videos on their Youtube channel. The description goes something like this:

Perfect snow conditions, the BMW X6 M and the BMW X5 M means pure JOY -as long as you know how to drive under these conditions. We asked two BMW drivers to explain us how to do this and besides we saw one of the longest drifts in the world…

Ready for more? Now take a look and see how the BMW X5 M and X6 M can climb through snow. Yes, CLIMB…. if you know what you’re doing….

Part 3 has just been added

Can we all say now? Take this Jeremy Clarkson!

P.S. We don’t know about you, but it makes us wanna fly to Germany and take a ride with the two gentlemen; the experience can be no less than thrilling.

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32 responses to “Updated: BMW X6 M, X5 M Snow Action – Take that Jeremy Clarkson!”

  1. SSense says:

    This is like a tight slap on Jeremy’s and Top Gear’s face, well deserved lol

  2. lennardt says:

    still, top gear is the best show about cars.

  3. Elgee says:

    great video, top gear is entertaining but not informative, driving an x6 in the snow without winter tires and trying to proove something with that land rover was just stupid. That snow action videos was fun!

  4. viper says:

    I dont remember top gear testing M X5 and X6 on a snow…it was a x35d not M

  5. Arthuro says:

    guys, do they sound good in real life?, cause to me its like a subaru impreza and lancer evolution having some “joy”…

  6. james may says:

    I told Clarkson not to put cooking oil on the hill. But he just hates BMW.
    I belived we should of tested the x5 m against the porsche turbo s and the ml amg.

  7. E90M3 says:

    Is that the real james may?
    PURE JOY!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah baby!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. XC says:

    Sadly, as much as I like Jeremy Clarkson he has proven to be somehow xenophobic against Germany, not explicity but rather with sarcastic and ironic comments against Germans and reviews like the x6’s one, or the show ‘UK vs. Germany’challenge in which he showed up on WWII Supermarine Spitfires which I think that was unnecessarily over-the-top and provocative. And that’s true for any Porsche, VW, Audi etc… At the end I imagine he just can’t help but to find fault with any BMW he runs into, so I don’t think highly of his BMW reviews.

  9. AndreyDobra says:

    I”m sure there are plenty of reasons Clarkson is so popular, and an important one is that he tends to be extremely funny when reviewing a car, even though he stresses on various flaws that are or aren’t there
    with that in mind, I’m sure many people don’t actually base their car purchases on such reviews
    and on topic, the cars are just unbelievable, taking such a performance model on the snow and having fun is something I want to do in the future

  10. Tom says:

    Top Gear (Clarkson) tested the X6 on a green, countryside hill and the X6 couldn’t make it up the hill. Meanwhile, a Range Rover blasts up the hill with no problem. The problem with the segment though, is the Bimmer is equipped with sports tires and if you want to go up a hill with limited traction you need to turn off stability control.

  11. XC says:

    I have to tell you Viper, I really doubt you are the regular MB consumer with all that rude language and rudeness, coarseness, scurrility and vulgarity you display here; I don’t think you are educated enough, nor elegant enough to be driving any kind of fine machine. You just live to bother others. Just keep your negative comments to yourself.

  12. John says:

    LOL, do i love my 5-series with more torque than the M-series ;)

  13. Drichards says:

    Where’s the standing hill start. I could blast my 2 wheel drive car up the hill like that. This doesn’t prove Jeremy Clarkson wrong at all. All they have used is momentum!!

  14. Jody says:

    the thing is, Consumers dont want “professional” drivers showing you how to drive a car. Does range rover or jeep show you how to drive their cars offroad…. uhm no. and I would bet you anything in the world if land rover or jeep had the same type of tires on (summer as you would put it) that their vehicles would still climb uphill regardsless. So all in all i think BMW stuffed up on both the x5 and x6 and it is just “status” cars.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I remember watching that episode. These vids are not really showing the same thing. On top gear it was alittle closer to real world situation, the x5 got stuck on snow from a slow speed on a incline. Not getting a running start to get up a snowy hill.  It say its a joy to drive if you know how to drive under these conditions, how many people that own these types a vehicle really know how to. Pluse most people don’t  have the option of doing some drifting in a open space, I don’t know about  were you live  but in Colorado you would be hard prest to find that much space in the moutians in the winter time.  Lets be real about what these really are. This vehicle is more about what I can buy, and less about what it can do.

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