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5-series | January 23rd, 2010 by 15

Our friends over at Autospies through their Agent 001 bring us some more footage of the new 2011 BMW 5 Series from the International Media …

Our friends over at Autospies through their Agent 001 bring us some more footage of the new 2011 BMW 5 Series from the International Media Launch in Portugal.

Enthusiastic as always, Agent 001 outlines some of the powerful design elements of the new 5 Series, along with what we’ve been saying for months now: the return to the classic 5er, the core of the brand that defines the market segment.

Most of the reviews have nothing but positive so far and in our opinion, BMW has a winner in their hands. Less controversial than the E60, dynamics, good looking and apparently, it drives like a…BMW. The Munich executives also told the press that the base price of the 2011 BMW 535i would stay the same as the 2010 BMW 5 Series, which has a base price of $51,250. Others, mention a price slightly lower than the E60 models and if that’s the case, we certainly see a lot of 3 Series owners jumping to the next level in their purchase.

15 responses to “Autospies: Video review 2011 BMW 5 Series”

  1. wazon8 says:

    I have to agree with him, this car won’t be outdate fast. Its design language reminds me language of e46, which despite the age is still great looking car, at least in my opinion.

    • L1ndja says:

      Its definitely true and i agree that it is a e46 and espacially from the back i just love it.The e46 is a great looking car after 12years.
      I dont really think there is anyone out there who isnt with me on this !

  2. auday says:

    There is no perfect car, at least there are some aspects that different people will look at differently (positivie or negative) so when you see a review that is 100% positive you can’t take it seriously. The video showing the car all around is entertaining though.

  3. Babken says:

    BMW 5 Series has always been the clear leader of its segment in any aspect. Mercedes-Benz E Class, Audi A6 and the rest just try to resemble the 5er, but they always lose.

  4. Elgee says:

    this car is absolutely great!

  5. plaxico says:

    It also looks like an ugly, bloated pig wearing Dame Edna’s glasses. Anyone who buys one these gargoyles has no taste and should be imprisoned for unleashing something so utterly hideous.

  6. ///M-POWER says:

    plaxico and viper you two love it BMW in reality ah ah……behind your irony a passion for the Masters made in Munich BMW oh yeah

    • plaxico says:

      BMW is a boy racers´╗┐ car dream nothing more!!! even Audi is brining out more expensive cars than BMW now. For me it has to be the merc, all the most powerful men in the world drives a merc or gets driving around in one.

      • wazon8 says:

        How stupid your next comment will be? To what factors will you refer to convince us that MB is so fantastic? Why don’t you talk about track performance? And why you call people who have a pleasure from driving “boy racers”? Man, such one sided view is really pathetic!!!

  7. Rick says:

    The E60 had record sales. The growth in sales was due to the more aggressive designs over the last decade.

    At the local BMW dealership, they say that customers have difficulty distinguishing the F01 7 Series from A Lexus LS 460. The new F10 5 Series is boring. So boring, that I am replacing my E60 with a non- F10. In 41 years with BMW, the F01, the F07 and the F10 are the most boring BMW’s introduced.

  8. Gogobmw says:

    The F10 looks fine, not ugly but bland. The E60 by comparison has passion and spirit. The E60 will be remembered while the F10 will be an afterthought.

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