AutoWeek drives the 2011 BMW 535i

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Another 2011 BMW 5 Series review has just showed up on our radar. This time, the fellows over at AutoWeek took the 535i for a …

Another 2011 BMW 5 Series review has just showed up on our radar. This time, the fellows over at AutoWeek took the 535i for a spin. Another positive review? Let’s find out.

“BMW’s new 5-series–the F10, as it is known internally–has the job of emulating the sales success of the old E60 5-series, which despite its controversial appearance became the most successful model in the car’s 38-year history. The car goes on sale this summer.

Expectations are high. Although the 5-series has traditionally represented just 25 percent of BMW’s worldwide sales, it is claimed to account for 50 percent of its profits.

Josef Wuest, the 5-series project leader, told AutoWeek, “We know the Audi A6, Jaguar XF and Mercedes-Benz E-class are all very good. We’ve tested and benchmarked each one extensively. But we also know we’ve built a better car.”


How’s it drive?

On the highway, the 535i’s engine is barley audible at a steady cruise. That’s because BMW geared the eight-speed automatic so high, you rarely need more than 2,000 rpm; the top gear runs a 0.667:1 ratio.

The tall gear ratios are good for fuel economy, but you often feel you’re a gear or two too high when the gearbox is left to its own devices. However, the 535i serves up solid in-gear acceleration the instant you plant the throttle, thanks to its 295 lb-ft of torque, which can be tapped at just 1,200 rpm.

The new electro-mechanical steering system with rear-wheel steer makes the 535i even more maneuverable around town than before. With optional adjustable suspension in comfort mode, the low-speed ride is sufficiently supple to soak up broken surfaces with authority. This car is terrifically composed with great stability, a nice tied-down feel and hugely impressive refinement at higher speeds.”

Full detailed review here

5 responses to “AutoWeek drives the 2011 BMW 535i”

  1. viper says:

    it seems they like it….they didnt comment the looks which are the biggest low point on this car everything else seems ok

  2. ArtVandelay says:

    As all BMW’s I am sure the care is technically sound but the styling is flat boring. Hopefully the M5 livens the looks up a bit. With how well Bangle’s 5 sold we’ll see soon enough if the same sausage different length strategy was smart.

  3. joe says:

    they didnt comment on the looks because it does not need it unlike mercedes e class, you better hope that mercedes marketing team for e class does better than their engineers

  4. samy truro says:

    Thumbs up for interior design,drivability and handling. Yes the looks are retro design borrowed from the NOW OLD E90 rear and the current 7 series front. 5 series is supposed to be the pioneer for BMW dynamism in design by bringing in new shapes and futuristic ideas. Now they took us back in time, just thank Heavens the E Class ran out of ideas and borrowed tail lights straight from a Hyundai, but watch out for Audi. time for a facelift F10 and pliz talk to Chris Bangle

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