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Many of you might have already noticed the changes on here. Along with a more lean and mean code, which has significantly decreased the page …

Many of you might have already noticed the changes on here. Along with a more lean and mean code, which has significantly decreased the page load times, we have also rolled out an interesting feature.

The top section receives one of those uber fancy photo carousels that allows us to “manipulate” the way we display the news to you. Some of you might be asking yourselves: what does it really do?

Well, for starters, it allows us to select the news we would like to display there, from breaking news to some fairly recent articles that may have moved down the page or even on the second or third page. Those articles could be real masterpieces or they could simply relate useful information. Therefore, bringing them to your attention, increases the quality of our homepage and news reporting.

For now, we’re starting with the articles in the photo carousel, but that may change based on your input.

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To the right of the featured/latest news carousel, we will continue to display the latest news, so those familiar with the format, will enjoy the continuity.

Furthermore, we made some minor tweaks to the social media features. The Twitter banner from the sidebar moves at the top, next to the RSS news and the newsletter, all displayed in a much more appealing and linear format. A subtle move one might say, but we love the outcome.

Now, onto the big news.

The other websites part of our network and leaders in their market, and, undergo a major overhaul. Both online publications follow the same design path with a similar layout, but minor tweaks are included to continue to differentiate themselves.

The idea of a similar design came from the statistics we have gathered over the last 12 months. We have noticed that many of our readers are bi-lingual or even tri-lingual or even more, and therefore, they tend to jump from one publication to another in search for the best and latest BMW news, in their language of choice.

So, we made it easy for them by offering a familiar design with the same browsing and reading structure that require no time to adjust.

We care about your time and patience, so the decision was a no-brainer on our part.

With a network delivering millions of pages every month, we like to believe we bring a lot of value to you, the BMW community and we will continue to do so with your appreciated support.


bmwblog homepage 01 655x2007 with a Winter Campaign from a local BMW dealership


6 responses to “BMWBLOG, BimmerToday & get a design facelift”

  1. _Auday_ says:

    excellent job! thanks for making a very good blog even better!

    One thing I would like to request is to have the photos changing in the same page instead of requesting a new page, kina like how AutoBlog does it.

  2. Brookside says:

    I like the update- cleaner looking and easy to navigate.

    I’ve always wished I could go back in and edit posts for typos, etc.

    One thing I look forward to is when all internet users can see the entire screen being used rather than the central column and 2 empty “gutters” that run along the sides-
    I know it must be some kind of computer format….everyone from the New York Times to BMWBLOG is stuck with it- but it’s a limitation and starting to feel like a complete overhaul of the internet on screen presentation is overdue.

    • Horatiu B. says:

      Thanks Jim.

      Maybe in the near future we can add the edit function, it’s on the list.

      Studies shown that this a good way to display content, centered and with some more content on the side. Now, what we did different last year and started a fairly new trend, was to make the center column very wide, went from 500 to 655px wide. Many other sites are starting to do the same. We also increased the font size for visibility.

  3. Charles says:

    Hm, shouldn’t it say: Decrease the page load time, instead of increase? Because increase of load time wouldn’t be such a nice feature.

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