Automobile Mag: 2010 BMW 760Li, MB S63 AMG, Porsche Panamera Turbo Comparison

7-series | January 21st, 2010 by 54
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Okay, maybe not the most appropriate review since the Porsche Panamera was thrown in there with the “big boys”, but our buddy Jason at Automobile …

Okay, maybe not the most appropriate review since the Porsche Panamera was thrown in there with the “big boys”, but our buddy Jason at Automobile Mag puts up a good show and a funny, but still informative review.

Let’s have a look.

“The BMW 760Li, the Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG, and the Porsche Panamera Turbo each enter the saloon with at least 500 horses of firepower tucked away beneath a façade of formality. They look benign enough, but when the dust starts flying, there are few steeds that can match their speed. They may all hail from Germany, but there’s something distinctly Wild West about these three sedans. And so we took them to Palm Springs, their natural habitat, for a gunslinging showdown.

The idea that a luxury sedan should be able to dice with a sports car is a relatively new one. Acceleration is relatively easy to achieve – just add more engine – but getting a big, cushy, heavy car to dance through the corners like a light sports car isn’t. And the very essence of a sports car – the lovely sounds, the tight body control, the connected steering – is exactly the opposite of a luxury sedan. Or so you’d think.
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Thanks to computer-controlled suspensions, brilliant engineering, and colossal powertrains, these three Germans break all the rules. They’re do-everything machines – large, gilded cruisers with first-class interiors and all the latest techno-gizmos, and yet they can pull off sports car moves with almost no penalty to comfort. On the surface, the BMW, the Mercedes, and the Porsche are very similar: They cost the same. They’re all similarly powerful – and have so much brute force at their disposal that they start out in second gear unless you request otherwise. And yet, in the details, they couldn’t be more different.



You could describe the BMW 760Li as angelic. If ever there was a divine luxury sedan, this would be it.

It may not be the most visually stunning car in the world, but nothing about the 7-series’ design will offend you, either. In fact, the 7-series seems as though it were designed to be the least offensive car on the planet. That’s really no surprise: BMW certainly knew where it stood as far as the last 7-series was concerned – its design and user interface generated almost ceaseless commentary. And although its creators denied any and all wrongdoing, they obviously listened very closely, because they addressed every complaint. In stark contrast to its predecessor, the new 7-series is subtle and understated in every way. Except, of course, for its exceptional performance.

With a curb weight of more than 5000 pounds, the 760Li is no lightweight, but a number of factors conspire to hide that mass. First among them is the absolutely ludicrous thrust provided by the 6.0-liter twin-turbocharged V-12 under the hood. At peak, 535 horses trample the pavement, but far more impressive than what this engine does at its pinnacle is what it can sustain: 550 lb-ft of torque available from 1500 rpm all the way to 5000 rpm. That means warp-speed acceleration is easily available with a twitch of a right toe; no big downshifts needed, no big revs required. And no notice given – the V-12 is barely audible from either inside or outside the car.

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54 responses to “Automobile Mag: 2010 BMW 760Li, MB S63 AMG, Porsche Panamera Turbo Comparison”

  1. James says:

    That guy was a terrible host. Not funny, not informed, sounds like he’s doing a cold reading from a bad script. He doesn’t have what it takes to do well in front of a camera. By the way, Automobile Mag, The N74B60 makes 544hp, NOT 535.

    • James says:

      I made that last comment before watching the whole thing, now that I’ve gotten to the end, I’m convinced I want to beat that guy with a stick. STOP MAKING FACTS UP!

    • lennardt says:

      normally i really don’t like people who do statements like you, but that guy from the video really annoys me so f”’ing much that i can just agree with you.
      is he just stupid or trying to be funny?

  2. auday says:

    I got offended right away when he threw the plastic cup of coffee on the road,… good that he got back to it at the end but still a cheap way to look cool and an inapropriate thing to do on TV.
    One positive thing, there is a 3.0cs in the background at 4:45.

  3. Horatiu B. says:

    Tough crowd here :) I actually know Jason personally and he’s pretty funny. In a previous article, he used a Lamborghini to deliver Domino’s pizza. Somehow managed to get the pizza franchise to hire him :)

    • Babken says:

      Horatiu B.,
      If you know Jason then tell him that the S63 amg handling doesn’t even come close to that of BMW 760Li. By saying that the S63 AMG is better on twisty roads than BMW 760Li Jason proves how ignorant and Mercedes-biased he is.

  4. auday says:

    I wouldn’t judge if he is funny or not…it’s not something I would comment on.
    But the cup of coffee thing…. oh man that was something really bad. Imagine that he runs over a little kid then at the end he shows that the kid is actually a fake ragdoll would that be appropriate not to mention funny? I dont think so. Littering this way is also not a subject for a joke… I’m surprised how Automobile let him do it.

  5. :p says:

    They should have used the S600 instead of the AMG

  6. viper says:

    that guy’s got to get his facts right, the bmw 760li was the best their.

    • Jordan says:

      confused child… why did you comment many times on an article a few weeks ago comparing the BMW and mercedes, saying that the mercedes was obviously better?

      the exact same models being compared and now the reviewer has “to get his facts right” and the BMW “was the best”? regardless of what the reviewer needs to do, you can’t fool anyone by writing a positive comment about a BMW in 1% of your comments.

    • plaxico says:

      there is NO WAY vip’ said that

      • viper says:

        of course not , somebody is trying hard to make my name sound better , to make me write good stuff and positive about bmw , whoever it is I got two words for you.

  7. Jordan says:

    just watched the review… it was quite decent. the cup tossing might have been a bit off but if u watched until the end it was a joke.

    James im sure you went to wikipedia to quote the HP numbers it gives for the BMW. you should also know that many sources quote the BMW having 535hp and only a few say 544hp. I believe wikipedia is actually wrong as they probably took the PS value of 544PS(535HP) thinking it was the HP value. I’m sure BMW would put the correct HP output of it’s engine on its site and if you can believe this, BMW actually quoted 535hp on it’s BMW USA website. it sucks when you’re wrong, especially when you’re outright bashing someone!

    • James says:

      Yes, I did go to that page, and read the article specifically for the engine, which read “552 PS (406 kW; 544 hp) @ 5250 rpm”. Indeed I did go to BMW USAs site, and it does in fact say 535HP, however, what you seem to fail to realize is that it has already been proven that the N54 in the 335i makes considerably more power than 300hp on a dyno, despite BMWs claim of only 300hp. Had you considered the possibility that BMW intentionally underrates its engines online for insurance purposes?

      • Jordan says:

        everyone who knows BMW, knows they underrate their engines. that was not what you had chastised the reporter for. the reporter gave a fact and you acknowledged the fact by saying it was a false fact, in which case you were wrong. there was really no need for your quick retort.

        now if you want to talk about what the engine actually makes, thats a different story and I’d make a bet that it makes even more than 544hp, whatever the equivalent would be at the wheel.

        • James says:

          Christ, as I live and breathe, ok, fine, I’ll admit, that I was wrong and he was right. I could sit here and just go on and split hairs, but I’m just going to bite my tongue. Can we both agree that he’s a terrible host though? That would make me happy.

          • Jordan says:

            Him being a terrible host or not is a matter of personal opinion and not really fact. I personally think he does a decent/good job and i think it’s refreshing from the nauseating used-car-sales-man style reviews of cars you would see at some major sites like for example.

            I have very decided opinions about things as well and i respect yours and I’m sure there are others who share your point of view as well.

          • James says:

            I think I’ve simply become spoiled by presenters like the Top Gear crew.

          • :p says:

            I have not seen Top gear on TV before. My cable services don’t have BBC..

          • James says:

            I watch it online. BBC on TV is usually a season behind.

          • Jordan says:


            if you go to you can download Top Gear and other shows… i find its the best torrent site around

    • :p says:

      American versions of BMW normally have less power than the European counterparts. Such as the E46 M3. While you guys get 340hp, we get 330hp.

  8. Joe says:

    Nice review. Goes back to how much more involved NA engines are and will always be regardless of the great turbo charging technologies available. I wonder how an ///M badged 7 would do against these cars.

    • Joe says:

      Sorry just thought of it.. they should have put the Alpina B7 in this review :)

    • :p says:

      if there was a M7, there would be no compitittion since M cars are normally >25% more powerful than the highest rated normal car. Meaning the M7 would have more than 130 hp than the 760Li or at least 670 hp

  9. Alex says:

    Putting a V12 in a 7 series, insanity? Nowhere close buddy, that “insanity” is what real enthusiasts call “@#$%ing awesome”

  10. Horatiu B. says:

    You guys are funny and as long as no swearing or personal attacks go on, it’s all fun. Jason is alright, but I’ll make sure to tell him next time we meet LOL

  11. plaxico says:

    how funny is that …….BENZ won ,again
    nice end to my day

    • lennardt says:

      if jasons opinion is important to you, your the winner, ok.
      but if you compare facts, there can only be bmw in this review:
      pricing, power (5000nm at 1500rpm!!! out of 6 litres, mercs have an amgversion of a 6.3litre-enginge, still with less power), interior and consumption..

    • Babken says:

      The reviewer said his opinion which is highly biased. The best car of the bunch is BMW 760Li.

  12. Elgee says:

    I think the panamera is not a competitor for the 7 or the S, the cls63 and the M5 would be more appropriate. Then the 760li competes with the s600 not the s63.
    However this review was entertaining!!!

    • viper says:

      cls is, M5 not , since bmw dont have a car in that class , they should not be included.
      760 and ok….which bmw will you put against s63 and s65 then?

  13. Most guys here don’t even know about cars..lool

    European cars have 7 hp (or there about) more than the USA versions.

  14. Babken says:

    I’ve to say that something was wrong with the guys who did that testing.
    First, 0-60mph acceleration time of 4.8 seconds for BMW 760i. Very funny. BMW 760i can do 0-100kmh in 4.6 seconds.
    Second, they say that the s63 amg takes twisty roads better than BMW 760i. This stupid statement alone proves that they are Mercedes-Benz-biased. I can advice them to watch the Top Gear review comparing BMW 760i vs to Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG and see how BMW ruins the S63 AMG in performance.
    As for Porsche Panamera, I can’t understand why they bring this useless car into this comparison since it has nothing in common with this segment.

    • viper says:

      I knew u were a one sick freak….4.6 instead of 4.8 makes u pissed? u drove the car? seriously your comments are so pathetic , you are making a very piss poor bad example of yourself every time you write bullshit like that..Panamera is an excellent car , you have a problem with Stuttgart I see…please continue bab…

      • Babken says:

        The word “pathetic” is your description. As for Stuttgart I don’t have any problem, but as I see you have a serious one with Munich. But the bitter truth for you is that BMW is always one step ahead of Mercedes-Benz want it or not. And the bright example is BMW 760i which I wouldn’t change for the whole S Class line-up including S65 AMG.

    • nick says:

      the acceleration time is wrong… the BM can do 4.4!!!!

  15. Aaron Bates says:

    The V12 was very exciting to see. Thats on my list of things to get when I move out of my parents house.

  16. seanscott19 says:

    hey james shut up and relax its a video. i watched it and i got the main point. also did you design and build the 760li? because you sure seem to know a lot about it. how do you know your facts arent just a little bit off?

  17. JakeM says:

    This Babken guy is hilarious. He’s so BMW biased it’s not even funny.

    The S63 AMG has a sport suspension is a damn good handler by all accounts. Just because the S63 is an AMG doesn’t mean it was designed for the track. Most people who buy S63’s want a sportier S550. The folks who go for S65 AMG’s want a sportier S600. Nobody with a half a brain will really buy an S class AMG to take unto the track for competitive driving. Nobody. These cars are far to heavy for such driving styles.

    Oh, and nobody will take a 760Li unto a racetrack either. The 760Li might shine on twisty roads present in this video, but on a racetrack with highs and lows and even tighter turns this overweight behemoth will be completely at its limits.

    • Babken says:

      Kid, of course nobody says that these cars are designed for the race track. But in the real world driving drivers expect not only straight line acceleration but superb handling as well. But anyway what can such a pointless person like you understand anything in automobiles? Your foolish comment testifies to your unawareness.

  18. seanscott19 says:

    um, i would have to agree with JakeM in saying that, Babken your a loser.

  19. jason says:

    I hope they use a different guy nexdt time. I do love the picture of the cars. Looks racy

  20. rolex says:

    Jason is ok in front of the camera. It was just the litter stunt that could do without

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